Impact Wrestling Emergence: Night 1 Results – 8/18/20







Impact Wrestling Emergence: Night 1 Results – 8/18/20
Nashville, Tennessee
Skyway Studios
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

X Division Championship

TJ wipes them both out with a Slingshot Plancha before the bell, TJ ducks a Basement Superkick, Bey avoids the Wrecking Ball Dropkick, TJ with a Northern Lights Suplex/Muta Lock Combo, but Bey breaks the pin, Gory Special/Curse of the Billygoat Combo then switches the second part to a Rocking Horse, he drops Rohit and focuses on Bey, but Rohit makes the save, Bey with a Jumping Knee, but TJ ducks and he hits Rohit, TJ with a Springboard Crossbody, From Dusk Till Dawin into a Tombstone, up top, but Rohit shoves him off, TJP with a Superplex then a Double Manji-Gatame, but they fight out, Crucifix Pin for a 2 count, Rohit sweeps the leg, Jumping KneeTJ avoids the Cannonball, Bey counters Death From Above into a Victory Roll for a near fall, Yokosuka Cutter for a near fall, TJ with Death From Above, Detonation Kick blocked, Bey sends him into Rohit, O’Connor Roll, but TJ counters into a Regal Stretch, Rohit stops Bey from tapping, TJ takes out Rohit, Wrecking Ball Dropkick on Bey, Bey with a Spider Belly to Belly Suplex, Bey’s been tied to the Tree of Woe, Rohit sees his chance & he takes it, Tree of Woe Dragon Stomp connects & he pins Bey to win the X Division Title


Wrestle House

Steve says they’ve been cooped up for too long & everyone is losing their mind & he’s loving every minute of it. D wearing ‘ring rust’ cologne and says at least one of the women loves the new him

Anderson says Ace & Fulton wanted to get the Good Brothers attention, now they have it, Gallows said they lit a fire under their asses & tonight after they’re done kicking Ace & Fulton’s asses they’ll say thank you for making them famous

TNA World Championship

Trey with a Northern Superkick, up top, but Moose Dropkicks him off the top to the floor, he lights up Trey, Snake Eyes on the apron, back in the ring, Moose stands on his throat then biels him across the ring, Trey with a series of strikes, but Moose comes back with a Fallaway Slam, he sends Trey hard into the turnbuckle, he picks Trey up by the ears, another biel, Trey with a flurry of Forearms, but Moose with a Dropkick gets a 2 count, another cover for a 2 count, he rips at the nose, Moose says this match was meant for Suicide not him, he goes for another biel, but Trey lands on his feet, Superkick, Pumpkick, Pele, Springboard, but Moose counters, Moose goes for a Suplex, but Trey counters into a DDT, Moose goes to the floor, Trey with a Tope con Hilo, but Moose catches him and swings him into the guardrail then a Powerbomb on the apron, Moose back in, Trey just back in before 10, Moose is looking for the kill, Trey tries a Sunset Flip, but Moose blocks and sends him into the turnbuckle & hits The Lights Out on the recoil back to retain


ECIII is in the ring & drops Moose with an Inverted DDT, he grabs the TNA World Title and walks out with the belt

Hernandez is giving Reno Scum their payoff for getting his cash back, he says he’ll have more work for Scum in the future and tells them to come see him again

Video package on Eric Young

Flashback moment of the week: Kurt Angle vs Eric Young in a Stretcher Match from Hardcore Justice 2015

Jimmy Jacobs asks Willie Mack where his head is, but Brian Myers hijacks the camera and tells them they’re coming with him, he did everything veterans told him, always doing the right thing and where did it get him, fired. He’s sick of being looked at as a good hand and being seen as a joke by a out of touch 70 year old man in creative meetings. He’s taking his career back into his hands as the most professional wrestler.

Mack didn’t appreciate Myers taking his interview and jumps him and chokes Myers out

Heath with another commercial to get fans to tweet to get him in Impact


Ace with a rollup on Anderson for a 2 count, Fulton chokes out Anderson, Ace with a Dropkick for a 2 count, Fulton with a Falcon Arrow into a Lungblower using Ace’s knees, Ace into a cover for a 2 count, Ace with the card slices between Anderson’s fingers, Anderson with a Spinebuster on Ace, Doc knocks Fulton into the camera man, Fallaway Slam on Ace, Pump Kick, Fulton stops the Magic Killer attempt, Doc drags Fulton to the floor, but Fulton sends Doc into the post, Ace with a Spinning Heel Kick on Anderson, Fulton with a Snake Eyes/Lariat combo gets a 2 count,Fulton takes Doc off the apron, but Doc ducks a kick and Fulton gets his foot stuck in the guardrail, Doc with a Heel Kick then they finish Ace with The Magic Killer for the win


Deaners are getting ready for the match tonight, and discover someone took their beer, they think Acey did it, Susie says they had a truce and breaking it is bad, D says he’s a lover not a fighter, D puts the moves on Rosemary and they play along to try to get under Bravo’s skin, Susie and Jake are cordial with each other & Cody asks if the date went bad

Kylie Rae defeats Taya after a Superkick, Rosemary counts slow, but they eventually make the count

Rosemary tells D that they’ll see him next week, D tells Acey if he wants some ring rust just to let him know, Steve says he may be blind, but even he can see that Bravo is blowing it with Rosemary & The Deaners are still out to find out who took their beer

Impact World Tag Team Championship

Sabin blocks the T Gimmick, he ducks a Forearm from Josh, they go after Josh’s knee, Half Crab, but Page makes the save, Josh with an Assisted Draping Implant DDT for a 2 count, Josh with a Sambo Backbreaker, Page follows with a Sidewalk Slam, but Sabin makes the save, Shelley with a Complete Shot into the turnbuckle, Sabin with a Penalty Kick to Josh on the floor, Missile Dropkick to Page, Tope Suicida takes out Josh, Shelley up top, Complete Shot/Missile Dropkick combo gets a near fall, Shiranui blocked, Assisted Shiranui gets a near fall, ASCS Rush blocked, Monster Mash connects, but Page with a cocky cover & only gets a near fall, Northern Assault, Sabin counters into the Small Package just like the last match, but Josh turns it back around, but only gets a near fall, Shiranui blocked, Sabin with a Around the World DDT, Guns with The Dream Sequence, Skull & Bones connects & the Guns retain