Hell in a Cell Results – 10/6/19








Hell in a Cell Results – 10/6/19
Sacramento, California
Golden 1 Center
Commentary Team: Vic Joseph, Dio Maddin, Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole & Corey Graves


Nattie with a Juji-Gatame, but Lacey rolls to the rope, Lacey with a rollup for a 2 count, Nattie with a takedown, she looks for the kill, but Lacey scurries to the rope and the floor, she sends Nattie into the steps, Slingshot Elbow Drop for a 2 count, Handstand Seated Senton for a 2 count, Slding Dropkick for a 2 count, she tries her shitty Sasori-Gatame, but Natttie answers back with a slap to the face, Lacey tries it again, but Nattie kicks her off to the floor, she goes for the Handstand, but Nattie kicks her off, Lacey counters Nattie by Nature with a Lariat, Double Jump Turnaround Moonsault, but Nattie evades & locks in The Sharpshooter & Lacey taps


Lacey gets to her feet & Nattie blasts her with her own Woman’s Right

Raw Women’s Championship

Sasha blasts Lynch with a Forearm as the Cell comes down, outside while the cell is being completely lowered, she sends Lynch into the steel, Cone forces Sasha into the Cell, Becky back up & kicks the Cell door into Sasha’s face, both are in the Cell, Lynch sends Sasha into the ring, door is shut, Becky takes the chain off the door and delivers some chain-aided punches to Sasha’s ribs, she grinds Sasha’s face into the Cell, and now Becky is going to padlock the door shut, Sasha sends Lynch into the Cell, Lynch takes it then sends Sasha into the steps and pulls out a table & a ladder, but Sasha delivers a chair shot to the back, Sasha sets up the ladder & nearly gets her head taken off with a chair and then a hard chair to the back, Sasha with a Small Package for a 2 count, rollup for a 2 count, another rollup for another 2 count, Backslide for a 2 count, Lynch sends Sasha face first into a chair repeatedly, Dis-Arm-Her blocked, Sasha with a Sliding Knee through the chair for a near fall, Lynch ducks a chair shot, Bexploder on the chair, Baseball Slide into the cell wall twice, Sasha with a Meteora off the apron into a ladder, then sends the ladder into Lynch, back in the ring for a 2 count, she puts Lynch’s left arm in the opening of the door and slams it repeatedly, back in the ring for a 2 count, she slams the chair on the left hand for a 2 count, she sets Lynch in a chair, flurry of Forearms, up to the second, Diving Meteora, but only gets a near fall, Sasha puts a chair in the mesh of the cell and swings at Lynch, Becky with a rollup for a 2 count, then Spinkicks the chair into Sasha, Running dropkick drives Sasha off the apron into the cell, Bexploder into the cell wall, back in the ring, Lynch with a Droptoehold on the bar of the chair legs then a Bulldog into the bar of the chair legs for a near fall, up top, but Sasha crotches her, Becky tosses a chair at Sasha then Missile Dropkicks it into her face for a near fall, Sasha goes under the ring, Sasha with a kendo stick and canes the hell out of Lynch, she puts a pair of canes into the cell wall, she goes to sends Lynch throat first into the them, but she reverses, Lynch puts a chair on top of the canes and adds a third cane, she sets Sasha int the chair & climbs on the apron, Missile Dropkick off the apron sends Sasha hard into the cell wall, back in the ring, up top, Dublin Jam connects, but only gets a near fall, she goes for the table, Sasha with a Lungblower, she sets Lynch up top, Becky slides out of the bottom, but Sasha fights out & hits a Diving Meteora through the table, but only gets a near fall, Sasha grabs another cane, cane assisted Bank Statement, but Lynch slides out of the ring, she grabs the cane & wears Sasha out with the cane, Sasha sends her into the chair she set up very early in the match, back in the ring, Sasha loads the ring with chair after chair, repeated chair shots, up to the second, but Lynch with a chair to the ribs, Avalanche Bexploder onto a pile of chairs, Dis-Arm-Her, Sasha tries to grab Lynch’s hair, but taps out on one of the chairs, Becky has retained her belt



Bryan with a Tope Suicida on Harper, Superman Punch off the steps onto Rowan, Rowan with a Dropkick, Roman avoids the Big Splash and hits a Samoan Drop for a 2 count, he looks for the kill, but Harper with a Superkick for a near fall, Rowan with a Elbow Drop for a 2 count, Rowan with the Freight Train Crossbody on Roman on the floor, Harper sends Roman into the steps held by Rowan, back in the ring, Rowan with the Spinkick of Doom on Bryan for a 2 count, Doomsday, but Bryan with a Victory Roll for a near fall, LeBell Lock, but Harper breaks the hold, Rowan with a Powerslam for a 2 count, The Bludgeoning blocked, Harper with a Michinoku Driver II, but Roman breaks the pin, Never-Ending Story on Harper, Rowan low-bridges Roman, Bryan lights up Harper with Shoot Kicks, Dropkick to the knee, more Shoot Kicks, Buzzsaw Kick ducked, Drive-By to Rowan, Harper with a Tope Suicida to Roman, and all 4 men are down, Harper & Rowan take apart the tables, and the ring aprong, Double Face Eraser on the apron on Bryan, Rowan slams Harper on top of Roman, Rowan ripped apart a piece of the barricade and slams it into Roman, they try the Bludgeoning, but Bryan counters into a Hurricanrana, Roman breaks Rowan in half with a Spear through the announce table, Bryan with a trifecta of Running Dropkicks, he sets Harper up top, Harper counters an Avalanche Hurricanrana with a Superbomb for a near fall, Half & Half, a second, Harper goes for a third, but Roman with a Superman Punch, Busaiku Knee, Roman cuts Harper in half with a Spear for the win


Bryan offers a handshake then pulls back, he wants a hug instead, then they shake hands

(Either this was a legit face turn by Bryan afterall, or he’s really playing an even longer game than what I originally thought)


Ali up top, but Orton dumps him to the floor, Gourdbuster on the announce table, Release Back Suplex on the table, back in the ring, a series of sinister Stomps to the ribs, back to the floor, Ali blocks another Back Suplex and hits a Dropkick, Orton posts Ali, back in the ring for a 2 count, Body Scissors, Ali with a Pop-Up Dropkick, Orton rolls to the floor, Tope Suicida sends Orton over the table, Orton sends him back in, Ali with a Barrel Roll Sit-Out Facebuster for a near fall, Orton with a Snap Powerslam for a 2 count, Ali with a Spinning Wheel Kick, up top, 450 avoided, Ali rolls through, RKO blocked, Imploding Tornado DDT, up top, Orton avoids the 450, Elevated DDT, he looks for the kill, RKO, but Ali does a handstand before the impact, Crucifix pin for a near fall, he goes for another Barrel Roll, but Orton catches him mid-roll with a RKO for the win


Women’s Tag Team Championship

Asuka with a Billiken to Bliss then a Sliding Knee to Cross for a 2 count, Nodowa Otoshi followed by Insult to Injury, Forearm for a 2 count, Cross with a Snapmare for a 2 count, she blocks a Uraken, Cross catches Asuka in the apron, Bliss with a Baseball Slide, Asuka escapes the apron and takes Bliss’ head off with a Roundhouse Kick, back in the ring for a 2 count, Bliss with a rollup for a 2 count, Kairi with a Ax Kick, Billiken in the corner, Manji-Gatame in the rope, Asuka with an Ankle Lock she pulls Bliss back to the center & grapevines the leg, she switches to a Half Crab, Bliss tries to fight out, but Asuka slams her to the mat, Kairi pokes Cross in the eye, Sliding D, but Cross distracts the ref, Asuka back to the Ankle Lock, Bliss kicks her off & sends Asuka into the rope, Cross with a Running Bulldog, up top, Diving Crossbody, but only a near fall, Cyclone Neckbreaker blocked, Tokyo Slam, up top, InSane Elbow, but Cross gets the knees up, Super Cyclone Neckbreaker, but Asuka makes the save, she lights up Cross with Shoot Kicks, Kawada Kicks, Cross blocks the Buzzsaw, Asuka with a slap, Bliss with a Cannonball takes Kairi down, Asuka spits Poison Mist (in this case it was the traditional Green Mist) & hits a Buzzsaw kick on Cross to win the belts



Rowe with Shotgun Knees to Gallows, Exploder Suplex, he looks for a dive, but AJ with a knee strike, AJ with a Pele for a near fall, Anderson with a Spinebuster for a near fall, Braun is heading to the floor, Shoulder Block Express is on the tracks, back in the ring, he charges, but AJ evades & Braun hits the post, Chop-Block, AJ with The Calf Crusher, Rowe makes the save, Hanson with a Cartwheel Lariat on Anderson, Phenomenal Forearm to Hanson, Braun goes for the Powerslam, but The OC are in for a beatdown, they’re ignoring the ref causing a dq


Hanson & Rowe drives off Anderson & Gallows then hit stereo Tope Suicidas, AJ goes after Braun, he goes for the Forearm, but Braun blasts him out of the air with a right hand, warming up for Fury I suppose

Carmella & Truth run into the Street Profits, Tamina rolls up carmella to win the 24/7 belt then runs off


(It’s Gable against this Game of Thrones reject, the man that is now & will forever be known simply as King Shithead)

Gable with a Rolling Koppu Kick, takedown, crossface strikes, Ankle Lock, Corbin kicks him off, but Gable with a Basement Forearm, Sleeper Hold, Corbin tosses him off & posts Gable, back in the ring for a 2 count, Corbin hits The Dream Crusher for a near fall, Gable for a dive, but Corbin hits a Spinebuster for a 2 count, Tree Slam countered into a Hurricanrana, Basement Dropkick, Gable with a flurry of furious Forearms, Tilt-a-Whirl, Chaos Theory, but only gets a near fall, Rolling Koppu Kick, a second, he goes for a third, but Corbin counters into a Powerbomb for a near fall, Juji-Gatame over the rope, Gable wraps the leg around the post, Gable stacks Corbin up for a near fall, Deep Six, but only a near fall, End of Days blocked, Gable with a Leaping Neckbreaker, up top, Moonsault, but only a near fall, Gable back to the Ankle Lock, Corbin goes to the rope, Gable grapevines the leg, Corbin with a Chokeslam on the apron he grabs the scepter, Gable ducks & rolls up Corbin for the win


(The loser now & always the loser, King SHITHEAD)

Tamina is hiding behind Funaki, Truth strikes the crane pose, Tamina shoves Funaki into Truth, Carmella with a Princess Kick & tells Truth to cover, Truth has won his belt back as he & Carmella escape

Smackdown Women’s Championship

Bayley deflects a Queen’s Boot, Charlotte avoids a Crossbody and locks in a Boston Crab, Bayley makes it to the rope, Charlotte lights Bayley up with Chops, Bayley avoids the Scissor Stomp, Charlotte blasts her with a Forearm, Bayley drags Charlotte to the floor and slams the leg repeatedly into the ring led board, stomps to the knee for a 2 count, she goes after the left leg, she wraps Charlotte’s knee around the post, cover, but only a 1 count, Half Crab, Charlotte turns it into a flash pin for a 2 count, Bayley with an Elevated Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Bayley goes for a Figure 4, but Charlotte blocks it, rollup, but Charlotte can’t plant her leg, she wraps Bayley’s knee around the post, Chop-Block, she kicks her leg out, Charlotte with an Inverted Backbreaker, Natural Selection, but Bayley grabs the rope, Charlotte has some blood from her knuckle and mouth, up top, Moonsault, but Bayley gets her knees up, Charlotte goes to the floor & hits a Fallaway Slam, back in the ring at 7, Figure 4 countered into a Small Package for a near fall, Queen’s Boot countered, Bayley with a rollup, but has her feet on the rope, the ref catches her, she tries to talk her way out of it, Charlotte with the Figure 4 & bridges into the Figure 8, Bayley taps out & Charlotte claims her 10th Title


Bayley throws a tantrum and turns over the steps after the match, she shoves the ref away & is in tears

Universal Championship

Seth grabs a cane, and he beckons Seth to hit him, but it has zero effect on him, Rollins goes for a dive, Fiend with a Sambo Suplex, he sends Seth into the cell walls, Running Avalanche against the cell, he throws Seth into the steps, and into the other steps, Seth with the steps, twice, he pulls out a table, Tope Suicida sends Fiend into the cell, another Tope, he sends Fiend into the steps again, table set up, he tries a 3rd Tope, but Fiend catches him & hits Sister Abigail into the cell wall, Fiend looks at the table, Seth fights out of the Sambo Suplex, Avada Kedavra leaves Fiend on the table, up top, Frog Splash through the table, but The Fiend is right back up, Avada Kedavra, Blackout, he’s back up, Seth goes for another, but Fiend catches him with Sister Abigail for a near fall, Elbow Shots, he Unscrews Seth’s head circa Giant did to Hogan at Fall Brawl ’96, then sends Seth to the floor, Fiend grabs a giant hammer, ala Joker or Harley Quinn and slams it into Seth to push him into the cell, Seth with a trifecta of Avada Kedavras, Blackout on the hammer, Springboard Knee, Fiend is still up, a second Springboard Knee, another pair of Avada Kedavras, another trifecta of Blackouts to a chorus of boos, Fiend is right back up, Pedigree, Blackout to more boos, but only gets a 1 count, Avada Kedavra, Blackout, Blackout, Blackout, Blackout, Blackout to even louder boos, another Blackout, the fans have turned on Seth fully, Seth grabs a chair, the worst thing they can do tonight is have Seth retain, Seth with a chair shot, but again only a 1 count, he grabs a ladder and puts a chair on Fiend’s head, he drives the ladder into the chair, but only a near fall, Seth’s looking for more plunder, Seth pulls out a toolbox, he puts the ladder on Fiend’s head and a chair between the ladder, he slams the toolbox repeatedly on the ladder, then puts the toolbox on top of it, as you can hear nothing but boos, Seth grabs a sledgehammer, the ref talks him down & tells Seth it’s not who he is, Seth slams the hammer into the everything on top of Fiend

Ref calls for the bell


Seth is yelling that Fiend made him do it, medics are in, Seth grabs Fiend, but Fiend is back up & locks in The Mandible Claw, he takes Seth to the floor & hits Sister Abigail, as the fans are demanding the ref restarts the match, Fiend pulls up the mat, now an AEW chant breaks out, Sister Abigail on the exposed concrete, and the Mandible Claw is back in, blood starts oozing from Seth’s mouth as Fiend’s lights go off and are out again

Fiend is at the top of the stage laughing as the show ends.