EVOLVE 10th Anniversary Show Results – 7/13/19








EVOLVE 10th Anniversary Show Results – 7/13/19
Philadelphia, Pennslyvania
2300 Arena
Commentary Team: Lenny Leonard &

We open with a video showcasing the guys that came through EVOLVE: Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson, Ricochet & Drew Galloway.

Claudio talks about how EVOLVE helped a lot of the guys get on the NXT radar and eventually get signed saying it was a very good springboard for young indy talent to get to WWE & get noticed.

Tony Nese says he owes it to EVOLVE that helped develop him into a better pro wrestler.

Uhaa Nation says he feels EVOLVE is different because it focuses so much on the wrestling & letting guys go out there and kill it in the ring.

Bryan Danielson reveals what most of us knew that he was the one that came up with the name EVOLVE for the company, he looked around at the wrestling industry and said for it to remain popular there needed to be an evolution they should name it EVOLVE and that’s what the company represents.

Ricochet says being in the ring with those guys & being out there with all the talent really shaped him as a performer & made him what he is today.

Tommy End says EVOLVE allowed him to work with some of the highest calibur athletes around the world and it helped shape him in his path to becoming a WWE Superstar

Drew Galloway says his time in EVOLVE was significant for him personally both career wise & at an important time for the company becoming the training ground for the Drew McIntyre we know today

Josh Briggs says tonight is about opportunity & tonight he’s taking his, he tells Anthony Greene to get in the ring so they can get the show started


Briggs with a Backbreaker followed by a Jumping Splash for a 2 count, Big Boot on the apron, Lauren grabs his foot from the floor, Greene with an Inverted Dragon Screw, he sends Briggs to the floor, Tope Suicida, but Briggs goozles him & Chokeslams Greene on the apron, back in the ring, Greene with a Diving Crossbody for a 2 count, Greene distracts the ref as Lauren blasts Briggs with a right hand, Greene into a cover for a 2 count, Inverted Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Briggs with a pair of Backbreaker for a 2 count, Running Big Boot, he scoops Greene up in an Inverted Razor’s Edge position & drops him with a Fire Thunder Driver for a near fall, Greene with a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a 2 count then into a Half Crab, but Briggs makes it to the rope, Greene up top, Briggs avoids the 450, but Greene rolls through, Briggs looks for an Avalanche Fire Thunder Driver, Lauren grabs Greene’s ankle and gets caught, the ref ejects Brandi Lauren, Greene with an Avalanche Victory Roll for a near fall, pair of Superkicks, Briggs blocks the third & hits Go to Hell, Greene blocks the kill, Briggs wants to finish, Greene, but he keeps blocking, Briggs won’t be deterred and has the goozle, M-6 connects & Briggs gets the win



Stallion with a Standing Double Stomp on Maluta for a 2 count, Wolfe wipes out Bravado with a Tope con Hilo, Maulta wipes them both out with a Corkscrew Moonsault to the floor, Stallion with a Fosbury Flop, back in the ring, Snap German Suplex on Maluta for a near fall, Bravado with a DDT/Complete Shot combo on Wolfe & Stallion for a 2 count, Back Suplex on Wolfe for a 2 count, Maluta wipes everyone out with Superkicks, a cover on Wolfe for a 2 count, stereo covers, but both Maluta & Bravado kick out at 2, Stallion with the Ode to Luigi on Bravado, Wolfe with a Blue Thunder Driver on Maluta, up top, but Bravado crotches him, Bravado hits Straight Cash Homey on Stallion, but Wolfe with a Shooting Star Press on Bravado for the win



Ruas goes after the arm, Henry makes it to the rope, Henry with a Takedown tries the Juji-Gatame, but Ruas blocks, Ruas with a single leg, ground and pound, Henry back to the arm, but Ruas with the monkey grip and he powers out and hits a one arm Powerbomb, ground and pound and gets a near fall, Henry with a Missile Dropkick, nip up, Back Suplex, holds on, Northern Lights Suplex and floats into a Juji-Gatame, but Ruas counters into a flash pin for a near fall, Ruas goes to the floor, but Henry with a Flying Knee off the apron, back in, up top, Ruas avoids the Double Stomp, Ruas with a Knee Strike then a Sliding Kick for a near fall, Henry with a Sleeper, but Ruas back him into the corner, Henry tries again and gets the same result, Ruas with Roundhouse Kick then a Bridging German Suplex for a near fall, Henry blocks the Knee Strike and kicks Ruas in the leg then a Buzzsaw Kick, up top, but Ruas cuts him off, Henry fights him off, Double Stomp to the back, Tornado DDT, up top & hits the Double Stomp, but only gets a near fall, Ankle Lock, Ruas counters into a Kneebar, they trade Shoteis while tied up, they trade strikes, Ruas dims Henry’s lights with a Spinning Heel Kick for the win



Natlya Markova attacks Shotzi from behind as the match begins, Spinning Sit-Out Facebuster, Shotzi with a Flash Kick on Markova, Tiger Feint Kick, Missile Dropkick, Shotzi wipes out both Markova & Brandi with a Tope Suicida, Shotzi starts bringing out the plunder, she sets up a pair of chairs on the floor, Lauren with a Baseball Slide into a chair on the floor, she sends Shotzi into the edge of the ring and re-arranges the chairs, she sends Shotzi into the post, Shotzi with a Superkick sends Lauren into a chair then a Running Dropkick, on the apron, Lauren sends Shotzi into the post then Powerbombs her on the ring apron, back in the ring she gets a 2 count, Shotzi with a Cannonball, Lauren rolls to the apron, Shotzi tries a Shiranui, but Lauren blocks, Shotzi sends Lauren into the chairs setup on the floor, then adds another chair on top of it, she puts Lauren on top of the tower, Anthony Greene is out, Shotzi takes him out, Tope Suicida, Lauren evades and Shotzi lands head first into the tower of chairs, Greene sends Shotzi into the ring, but Lauren only gets a near fall, Greene hands Lauren a kendo stick, Curt Stallion chases Greene to the back, Lauren wears out Shotzi with the kendo stick to get the win



Colby with a chest slap, he tries another, but Baba blocks it & biels Colby, Maluta checks on Colby, Baba sends Colby back to the apron & chops Colby HARD, Colby distracts the ref, Maluta with a Superkick, Colby with a Springboard Senton Atomico, but only gets a 2 count, up top, but Baba catches him, Tree Slam in the corner, Running Avalanche, Running Jumping Elbow then finishes Colby with a Big Splash for the win


Eddie Kingston says this ain’t happening and checks to see if Colby is all right, he introduces themselves as The Unwanted: The Unwanted Son Colby Corino, The Unwanted Savage Sean Maluta, The Unwanted Maniac Joe Gacy & The Unwanted King Eddie Kingston. Kingston tells Maluta & Corino to go to the back, they’ve got a beef with Baba Booey, he tells the fans to laugh it up because they still buy his merchandise and tells them to shut up, people like Baba makes them sick, they get everything handed to him because he played football & he’s 7 foot whatever he is, The Unwanted have traveled the road they did it the right way, Baba had everything handed to him on a PC, Kingston’s PC is 2 37’s & just like they did with the Street Profits they’re going to take Baba out and take his spot and call him a big goofy bastard

AR Fox & Leon Ruff along with The Skulk make the save and star the tag title match

EVOLVE Tag Team Championship

Fox takes Kingston down on the floor with a Springboard Imploding Senton, barrage of Superkicks, AR-KO, but Kingston makes the save, Diving AR-KO, Gacy with a Handspring Ace Crusher, Unwanted with Double Forearms from the front & back for a 2 count on Ruff, Kingston with an Avalanche Powerslam for a near fall, Double STO on Fox, Unwanted with a Superplex into a Gacy Sit-Out Powerbomb on Ruff for a near fall, Gacy up top, Fox saves Ruff, Ruff with a Leaping Tornado DDT on Kingston, Fox with Lo Mein Pain on Gacy for a near fall, Kingston blocks The Fox Catcher, Backfist to the Future, Unwanted with a Half-Nelson Suplex/Lariat combo on Ruff for a near fall, Gacy grabs a table, Fox wipes out Gacy with Coast to Coast, Ruff Ride on Kingston, Ruff with a Tope con Hilo drives Gacy through the table, Fox up top, 450 on Kingston & Fox & Ruff have won the EVOLVE Tag Titles


Fox & Ruff celebrate in the middle of the ring with a Skulk Party


Gulak with an Ankle Lock, but Riddle escapes, Gu-Lock countered, Riddle tries a Juji-Gatame, but Gulak goes to the rope, Gulak goes for a dive, but Riddle with a Knee Strike followed by a Bro-Ton for a 1 count, Bro-Mission, but Gulak turns it into flash pin for a 1 count, Gulak with a Snap Suplex and floats over for a 1 count, Cravat, Snapmare into a cover for a 1 count, Headscissors, Riddle escapes, Penalty Kick, Gulak ducks, Riddle with a Powerbomb float over into a Knee Strike, but Gulak counters into his own Powerbomb and floats into a Half Crab, Riddle goes to the rope, Riddle with a Ripcord Knee for a near fall, Bro-Ton to the back of Fulak, up top, but Gulak with an Avalanche Back Suplex for a near fall, Riddle with a PK for a near fall, Riddle with the Gu-Lock on Gulak, Gulak slips out, Riddle with a Triangle Choke, but Gulak makes it to the rope, Gulak with a Small Package for a near fall, Riddle with a Fisherman Buster for a near fall, Riddle with a Deadlift German Suplex from the apron back in, Riddle up top, Floating Bro, but Gulak counters into The Gu-Lock, Riddle fights out & hits The Bro-Derek for the win


Gulak asks for the mic, he says Catch Point was founded on three things: competition, opportunity & respect. He’s the WWE Cruiserweight Champion in the middle of an EVOLVE ring & says bro, he respects him, Riddle’s a hell of a competitor & it’s always an honor and they shake hands then do the Catch Point signature taunt

They have a special ring announcer that’s said without this person EVOLVE may not be what it is today, Bryan Idol comes out and just proceeds to cough in the match for several moments, the lights go out & Paul Heyman is in the ring (and this is a pretty big deal because this show is in the 2300 Arena formerly known as the ECW Arena) a very loud ECW chant starts up, Paul bows to each of the four sides of the ring, as holy shit and welcome back chants start. Heyman says he’s honored and privileged, a thank you Heyman chant starts, Paul’s getting choked up, he tells the crowd no, thank you because he’s honored and privileged to be back home, he has for many years been offered different guest spots on different shows, he doesn’t do conventions, he doesn’t do guest appearances & to be honest he wasn’t invited to this show as the crowd starts to boo, but he explains it’s because he always turns these things down, to be very blunt with the fans, he asked to be there tonight, the reason he asked to be there tonight, one lone fan starts yelling gibberish & Paul lays into him as a fuck him up Heyman chant starts up, the reason he asked to be here is because the talent here is the future, so when he walks out he’s going to know more about the future of the industry then he did when walked in earlier, 5 years from now when you watch this match you’ll be able to say to yourself that is the moment we all knew the industry is going to EVOLVE

Winner Take All for the EVOLVE & WWN Championships

Ataxia blocked, Drill Bit blocked, Theory Backdrops Drake on the entrance ramp, back in the ring for a 1 count, Theory with a Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Cobra Clutch, but Drake fights out, Theory with a Standing Moonsault for a 2 count, Drake tells Theory that he can’t hit him harder than life has, Drake lays out Theory with a Tope Suicida, back in the ring, Body Slam, Vader Bomb, but only a near fall, he looks for another, but Theory cuts him off, Drake sends him to the mat, Diving Leg Lariat, Theory avoids a Cannonball & hits a Barrel Roll Blockbuster for a near fall, Ataxia blocked, Drake sets him up top, Theory slides out, he has Drake in the Argentine Rack, Three Seconds Around the World for a near fall, Ataxia blocked, Barrel Roll, but Drake counters into a Stunner, Cannonball & hits The Drill Bit, but only a near fall, Drake up top & hits The Moonsault, but still only a near fall, Theory with a Superkick, Ataxia blocked, Drake with a Lariat, up top, Moonsault, but Theory avoids it, Superkick, a second & hits Ataxia to retain the EVOLVE Title & win the WWN Title


Theory says everyone knows that EVOLVE is where it’s at, he throws the WWN belt down and steps on it, he says everyone will have to go through him to get to the EVOLVE Title because he’s the measuring stick of EVOLVE and the superstar

The lights go out

Josh Briggs is behind Theory & Chokeslams him and holds up the EVOLVE belt

NXT Championship

Tozawa with La Christo, but Cole makes it to the rope, up top, but Cole yanks him down, Tozawa sends Cole to the floor, Akira follows with the Bullet Tope, then a Somersault Senton off the apron, but he gets caught in the barricade, he finally frees himself, back in the ring, up top, Missile Dropkick for a near fall, Cole with an Enzugiri then a Lungblower for a near fall, Ushi-Goroshi for a 2 count, Tozawa with a right hand, he charges, but Cole catches him with a Superkick and they’re both down, Akira is up and goes up top, Cole meets him, Tozawa knocks him off, he goes for a dive, but Cole counters with a Superkick, Kneecap Brainbuster for a near fall, Cole grabs the belt, but Johnny Gargano is out, Tozawa with a rollup for a near fall, Snap German Suplex, Tornado Kick, up top, Senton Bomb, but Cole gets the knees up, Panama Sunrise & hits The Last Shot to retain


Gargano and Cole have a staredown, Johnny wants a piece of Cole right now, Cole says it will be on his time and leaves, Gargano checks on Tozawa, Johnny asks for a mic, Gargano says every time he steps back into this building he’s reminded why he loves what they do so much, he was at the very first EVOLVE and now 10 years later he’s back in the same building live on the WWE Network and that tells him 2 things: man he’s getting old & second professional wrestling in 2019 is pretty freakin cool, he thanks the fans so much for that, he says back in the day they used to close it by asking the fans if they enjoyed the show, which starts a yes chant and one very excited dude, Johnny says there would be no Tozawa, Gargano or Cole without the fans because they all started here, but tonight’s not about them, it’s about the guys and girls in the locker room, the JD Drakes, the Austin Theorys, the Josh Briggs, the Shotzi Blackhearts and Gargano wants the fans to support them as much as they supported the past stars of EVOLVE, he asks to give that for them because they deserve it, he thanks the fans for letting him live his dream and coming back here, he loves the fans & he loves EVOLVE Wrestling as the show ends