Elimination Chamber Results – 2/17/19







Elimination Chamber Results – 2/17/19
Houston, Texas
Toyota Center
Commentary Team: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Beth Phoenix, Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Cory Graves, Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness & Aiden English

Cruiserweight Championship

Murphy goes for a Chop, but Tozawa ducks & Murphy hits the post, back in the ring, Murphy with a Pop-Up Faceplant, Tozawa sends him to the floor, Bullet Tope, but Murphy catches him with a Running Vertical Suplex, Tozawa back in at 8, Tozawa with a La Christo, but Murphy turns it into a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker for a 2 count, Abdominal Stretch, Tozawa turns it around, Murphy reverses it back, Akira sends Murphy to the floor, Murphy back in, Tozawa with a Superkick, Missile Dropkick, Pump Yakuza Kick, Backdrop Driver, Shining Wizard, but only a near fall, he looks for the kill, up top, Murphy back up, Murphy looks for an Avalanche Pop-Up Faceplant, but Tozawa counters with an Avalanche Hurricanrana for a near fall, Diving Crossbody, but Murpy rolls through, TKO on the knee, Knee Stirke then a Suplex for a near fall, Murphy with CQC Strikes, Tozawa with a right hand, Murphy blocks the Deadlift German, Tozawa hits it on a second attempt for a near fall, he wants to go up, but Murphy grabs his leg, Murphy looked for the Cheeky Nandos Kick, but Tozawa wiht an Avalanche Poisoned Frankensteiner then a pair of Bullet Topes, back in, Murphy goes to the apron, Akira knocks him back down, Senton Bomb in the rope, but only gets a near fall, Murphy with a Jumping Knee, Murphy’s Law countered into a Victory Roll for a near fall, Tilt-a-Whirl into La Christo, but Murphy powers out & hits Murphy’s Law to retain


Elimination Chamber Match to Crown the first WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

Sliding Knee/Basement Meteora combo on Rose & Deville for a 2 count, Sasha with a Crossbody on both of Fire & Desire, Bayley covers Sonya for a 2 count, Sonya with a Concrete Slam on Sasha, but Bayley makes the save, Rose with a cover on Sasha for a 2 count, Sasha ducks a Square-Up Kick and Mandy’s ankle is caught in the chains, Bayley with an Elevated Neckbreaker

Riott Squad are out next

Rose finally frees herself, Logan slams Sasah’s arm into the the pod then hits a Pop-Up Headbutt on Bayley, Liv with a rollup on Sonya for a 2 count, Deville with a Knee Strike, Bayley into a cover on Liv for a near fall, Tower of Doom

IIconics are out, they try to pin everyone for 2 counts, Double Gourdbuster on Sonya, Royce with a Knee Strike on Bayley, but Sasha makes the save, Sick Knee from Sydney then a Spinning Heel Kick on Sasha for a near fall, they grind Sasha & Bayley’s faces into the chains, Slingshot Legdrop, they go for another cover for a near fall, they send Rose & Deville into the chains, then Logan & Morgan

Fabulous Glow are out, Double Running Seated Sentons into all 4 corners, Kay looks for a Powerbomb on Carmella but she counters into a Hurricanrana into a pod, Princess Kick on Logan, Split-Legged Moonsault, but Morgan makes the save, Shades of Kay on Bayley, Spinal Shock on Sasha, Jersey Codebreaker on Royce, Magic Lace on Liv, Princess Kick on Mandy, Spear on Carmella, Code of Silence, but Rose breaks it up, Springboard Rear View on Rose, IIconics with a Springboard Sunset Flip/Jackknife Pin combo for the first elimination

Fabulous Glow are eliminated

Samaoan Slaughterhouse are in

IIconics have barricaded themselves into a pod, they pry them open and sling the IIconcis into the chains, Double Samoan Drops for the elimination

The IIconics are eliminated

Squad with an Assisted Diamond Dust, but Tamina breaks the pin, Fire & Desire try for a pin for a near fall, Sasha & Bayley with a Double Cradle Sidewalk Slam for a near fall on Squad, they set up Fire & Desire for he Slingshot Meteora for a near fall, Squad goes to the top of a pod and hits Diving Crossbodies for a 2 count on Sonya, Jax with an Avalanche Samoan Drop on Liv then Tamina with a Superfly Splash onto both of Squad for the elimination

Riott Squad are eliminated

Sasha with a Knee to Tamina, but Jax makes the save, Nia charges Bayley, but she avoids it & Jax crashes through the pod, they gang up on Tamina, Diving Meteora, then Bayley with a Elbow Drop, all 4 pile on Tamina for the elimination

Samoan Slaughterhouse are eliminated

Bed of Roses blocked & Bayley sends Rose into a Knee Strike from Sasha, Sonya with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall, Lungblower/Bayley to Belly on Sonya, but Rose makes the save, Mandy goes to the top of the pod, Sasha up there and so is Bayley, they slam Rose into the glass from behind as Sonya tries to get up, Sonya knocked down, Rose knocks Bayley down, Sonya Spears Bayley into the pod, Sasha checks on Bayley, Mandy attacks Banks, Bed of Roses but only a near fall, another cover for a near fall, Rose posts Sasha, Goddess Falls/Spear combo, but Sasha evades and sends Sonya into Rose, Sasha locks in The Bank Statement using her legs & Sonya taps out, Sasha Banks & Bayley are the first Women’s Tag Team Champions


Miz & Maryse are having another kid apparently as Maryse announced it before the match

Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Shane with a Sunset Flip on Jey for a 2 count, Usos with a Double Stungun on Miz, Shane with a pair of Wrap Around DDTs for 2 counts, Coast to Coast connects on Jimmy, he goes back up, but Jey with a Superkick in mid-air, Samoan Splash, but Miz makes the save, Miz with a Springboard Double Ax Handle, he charges, but Jey hits a Samoan Drop, Miz avoids the Butt-Butt and hits a Snap DDT for a near fall, Baseball Slide, Miz takes apart the announce table, he avoids a Tope Suicida and Jimmy hits Jey, Miz sets up Jey on the announce table, Shane up top & hits The Leap of Faith on Jey, Jimmy with an O’Connor Roll for a 2 count, Jimmy reverses for a 2 count, Skull-Crushing Finale blocked, Superkick, Samoan Splash, but Miz gets his knees up, Small Package for a near fall, Skull-Crusing Finale it takes all Miz has to roll him over and he just lays on top of Jimmy, but Jimmy counters into a Crucifix Pin to win the Tag Titles


Miz helps Shane up & they head to the back

Intercontinental Championship

Balor counters a Powerbomb into a Backdrop to the floor, he chases Rush but Lashley catches him and drives him into the barricade, Lashley with a Elbow Drop for a 2 count, Lashley wipes out Finn from the apron for a 2 count, Rush with an Abdominal Stretch, Balor fights out, Lashley with a Spinebuster and looks for the kill, Rush tags himself in, Finn avoids The Final Hour, Balor corners Lio and blasts Lashley off the apron, Slingblade then sends Lashley to the floor, he sends out Rush, Tope con Hilo, he sends Lio back in, Shotgun Dropkick, up top & hits The Coup de Grace on Rush to win the IC Title


Lashley very frustrated plants Rush with a Ron Simmons style Thrust Spinebuster before leaving

Raw Women’s Championship

Ronda comes out in Sonya Blade attire from Mortal Kombat, Ushi-Goshi, Piper’s Pit then locks in The Omoplata Armbar & Ruby taps out


Charlotte gets in the ring to staredown Charlotte, Becky Lynch comes through the crowd on crutches, she makes it in the ring with the crutches, she tosses one to Charlotte then beats the dog shit out of Charlotte as Charlotte grabs her arm, she offers her up to Ronda then she beats the shit out Rousey with the other crutch, security take her out as Becky is smiling, this is Lynch telling the dinosaur to take his suspension & shove it up his ass


Corbin with some cane shots, Braun grabs it and says he doesn’t need it & breaks it over his knee, sledgehammer fist to the heart, Shoulderblock Train, Corbin launches an office chair, but Braun deflects it, Corbin with the steel steps and rams it into the shoulder and the face, he mocks Braun, he goes for a Lariat, but Braun swats him away, Strowman with a Big Boot then pulls out a table and sets it up in the corner, Running Powerslam through the table

Drew McIntyre makes his way down with a steel chair, Lashley comes from behind and they work over Braun with chairs, Murder-Death Spear, Corbin tells them to get the steps, Braun with a Double Goozle on Lashley & McIntyre, but Corbin with a chair to the back, they bring in 2 more tables, Claymore Kick, they stack up the tables, Triple Powerbomb off the steps through 2 tables & Corbin covers Braun for the win


Miz is still frustrated, Shane tells him to calm down, Miz starts going on a rampage and throwing things around, Shane tells Miz to calm down and go home & he’ll see him on Tuesday

Lacey Evans comes out goes down the ramp half way then goes to the back (Ok? No idea what that was about)

Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship

It’s Joe & Bryan to start it off

Bryan tries to run out the clock, then kicks Joe’s thigh, Joe counters into a Kneebar, Bryan goes to the rope then fights out, he Chops Joe, but that doesn’t faze Joe & Joe with Chops against the chains, Joe with the Powerbomb for a 2 then switches to his Boston Crab then a STF, then a Crossface then the Rings of Saturn, Bryan turns it into a flash pin for a 2 count, Hammerlock and drives Joe into the pod, back in the ring for a 2 count, they trade chops, Joe with a Headbutt then more strikes as he blisters Bryan’s chest (not the first time, won’t be the last) Bryan with mid kicks

Kofi is out Sunrise Over Ghana on Joe for a 2 count, Bryan with a Diving Knee Drop in the rope for a 2 count, Bryan goes to the top of a pod and is going to set down and let Joe & Kofi fight it out, Kofi leaps up to the pod that Bryan is setting on, Bryan walks the Chamber wall, but Joe pulls him down, Kofi with an Imploding Senton off the chain wall onto both Bryan & Joe, cover on Bryan for a 2 count, cover on Joe for a 2 count, Spinning Back Elbow on Bryan for a 2 count, Joe with a Running Senton, Snap Suplex on Kofi for a 2 count

AJ Styles is out next

Phenomenal Blitz on Joe, AJ with a Double Stylin DDT on Bryan & Kofi, he tries covers on both of them for 2 counts, Bryan looks to go to one of the pods again, but AJ with a Phenomenal Forearm tot he back, Kofi blocks a Styles Clash, Ushi-Goroshi for a near fall, Joe with The Coquina Clutch on Joe, Kofi with the Bret Hart counter, but Joe kicks out and holds on, Kofi breaks it & Joe is dazed, AJ with a Phenomenal Forearm for the elimination

Samoa Joe is eliminated

Jeff Hardy is out

Jeff with a Basement Dropkick on AJ for a 2 count, Sit-Out Gourdbuster on Kofi, Twist of Fate countered into a Pele Kick, Bryan sends Kofi into the chains, Jeff & AJ fighting on the tunbucle and Jeff kicks out AJ’s leg, Jeff to the top of the pod, Swanton Bomb to AJ on top of the turnbuckle, Busaiku Knee to Jeff for the elimination

Jeff Hardy is eliminated

Bryan with a Superplex on Kofi & AJ with a Spider German Suplex on Bryan

Randy Orton is out

Bryan counters a RKO into a Backslide for a 2 count, AJ goes for a Phenomenal Forearm on Kofi, but with AJ on the top, Orton grabs him with a Cravat and hits the RKO for the elimination

AJ Styles is eliminated

Kofi with a Sunset Flip for a near fall, Randy ducks Trouble in Paradise, Elevated DDT, Bryan looked for the kill, but Orton with a Snap Powerslam, RKO countered into Trouble in Paradise for the elimination

Randy Orton is eliminated

Ode to Takayama, they trade kicks, Bryan ducks Trouble in Paradise and Dropkicks the knee, Shoot Kicks, Kofi ducks the Roundhouse Kick, S.O.S. for a near fall, Bryan avoids the Stinger Splash, Mid Kicks, Running Corner Dropkicks, Kofi with a Leaping Mushroom Stomp for a near fall, Kofi sends Bryan into the chains, he goes for a Bulldog, but Bryan sends him into the pod, Bryan stalks Kofi, Busaiku Knee connects, but only a near fall, Bryan with the You’re Going to Get Your Fucking Head Kicked In Stomps, but only a near fall, he stalks Kofi again, Trouble in Paradise connects, the cover is countered into a Small Package, but only a near fall, LeBell Lock, Kofi makes it to the rope, Bryan up top, but Kofi with a Leaping Enzugiri, Bryan up to the top of the pod, Kofi right after him & rams Bryan’s head into the chamber, Bryan rams Kofi’s head into chamber, Kofi kicks Bryan off the tunbuckle, Diving Splash, but Bryan evades, Busaiku Knee connects & Bryan retains


Fans give Kofi a standing ovation, Xavier & E come out to help Kofi up & say that 2019 is going to be his year and he will be WWE Champion before the year is done