AEW Fyter Fest Results – 6/29/19







AEW Fyter Fest Results – 6/29/19
Daytona Beach, Florida
Ocean Center
Commentary Team: Goldenboy, Excalibur & Jim Ross


Kaz with a Handstand into a Dropkick on Trent for a 2 count, Best Friends take SCU to the floor, Rocket Launcher into an Ace Crusher on Kassady for a near fall, Chuckie with a Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Trent with a Northern Lights Suplex for a 2 count, Chuckie with a Dropkick for a 2 count, Sole Food, Kasady with a Pinwheel Kick, Kaz with a Slingshot Ace Crusher on Kasady then Scorpio with one on Chuckie, Quen with a blind tag, Shooting Star Press on Trent, but only a near fall, Chuckie with a Belly to Belly on Quen into Kasady then a Short Piledriver, Basement Dropkick, but SCU makes the save, SCU with a Tomikaze/Double Stomp combo on Kasady, but only a near fall, Kaz gets crotched, Quen meets him, but Trent with an Avalanche German Suplex, but Quen lands on his feet, Pele, Leaping Hurricanrana into an Ace Crusher, but Scorpio makes the save, Sexy Chuckie Knee then they finish Kassidy with Strong Zero for the win


Best Friends celebrate when they’re interrupted by The Dark Order, Evil Uno says they’ve chosen them to be their first, Stu Grayson promises to deliver a beating, the lights go out, their minions have surrounded the ring, lights out again, and the minions have

Leva puts down games, comics & manga for books (kind of ironic considering Leva is best known as The Cosplay Queen)


Leva goes to shush Allie and Allie grabs the finger and stomps it, Allie with a Russian Legsweep into a Crucifix for a 2 count, Avalon grabs Allie’s leg from the floor & Leva sends Allie to the floor with a Dropkick, Leva with a Northern Lights Suplex for a 2 count, Allie with a rollup for a 2 count, Leva with a Rings of Saturn & shushes Allie while grabbing the hair and she breaks the hold, Leva with a Handstand Meteora for a near fall, Allie with a Sliding D for a near fall, AVB blocked, BSE blocked, Leva with a Lungblower then a Pedigree she calls the Limit Break for a near fall, she covers again for a near fall, Avalon throws the book, but Allie catches it and tosses it to Leva, then connects with The Best Superkick Ever for the win



Nakazawa goes after the left leg that was injured the previous year, Jebailey tries a German Suplex, but Nakazawa with the baby oil slips out then both Jebailey & the ref slips in the oil puddle, Nakazawa with a Double Stomp Senton for a 2 count, Jebailey breaks a clipboard over Nakazawa head then slams a fightstick into Nakazawa he’s trying to drown him in the pool, Nakazawa spits water in his face then beats him with a flamingo, Jebailey slams Nakazawa into the pool and sends him back into the ring and starts grabbing plunder, Nakazawa with a Gamecube controller off Jebailey’s head then tries to strangle him with the wire, he bites Jebailey then hits a Spear Suicida through a table to the floor, back in the ring, but he pulls up Jebailey and grabs a kendo stick and canes Jebailey, Jebailey with a Release German Suplex then grabs a CEO bag of arcade push buttons, Nakazawa was looking for a praying Powerbomb, but Jebailey backdrops him on the buttons and then canes Jebailey, Nakazawa with a thong claw on Bryce Remsburg, Jebailey with a La Magistral, Nakazawa counters and has the thong claw on his head for the win



CIMA with a Baseball Slide, he sends Daniels back in, Slingshot Senton Atomico, variation of The Spider Twist, but Daniels makes it to the rope, Daniels with a STO for a 2 count, Arabian Press and then right into a Crossface, but CIMA makes it to the rope, Daniels up top, but CIMA with the Venus Hammer followed by an Iconoclasm for a near fall, Daniels with a Blue Thunder Driver, but CIMA back up, Angel’s Wings connects, but only gets a near fall, CIMA blocks the Sambo Suplex, Enzugiri, CIMA with a Ligerbomb out of the corner then The Perfect Driver for a near fall, Schwein connects, up top & hits a Diving Meteora for the win



Rose stacks them in the corner, but Riho & Yuka avoids the Avalanche, Double Basement Dropkick, she blocks a Double Boston Crab and slams them down, Double Splash, but they bridge out at 2, they’re clubberin Rose, Rose with a Double Suplex, she stacks the joshi duo and locks in a Double Camel Clutch, but Riho makes it to the rope, Yuka sends Rose to the floor with a Running Hurricanrana then wipes out both Rose and Riho with a Plancha, she sends Riho back in, Missile Dropkick, but only gets a near fall, Riho with a Jumping Knee then Drop Toehold on Rose, Tiger Feint Kick, Double Stomp, Victory Roll on Yuka and rolls through with a Standing Double Stomp, Yuka with a Sliding Lariat, but Rose breaks the pin, Yuka tries a Sliding Lariat, but Rose counters with a Sit-out Sambo Suplex and a very cocky cover only get s a near fall, she hangs Riho on the top rope & hits a Diving Knee Drop, but chooses not to go for a cover, instead drags her to the corner, back up, but Yuka grabs Rose’s foot, Nyla fights her off, Riho avoids the Senton Atomico, up top, Diving Crossbody, but Rose catches her, Yuka with one, but Rose catches her, they both take Rose down, but only a near fall, Yuka with the Magical Girl Splash, but Riho gets the knees up, Rose with a Release German Suplex on Yuka, Beast Bomb on Yuka, Riho with a Busaiku Knee turn the pin around then breaks up Yuka’s pin, Rose with a Death Valley Bomb on Riho, but only gets a near fall, Nyla looks for the kill on Riho, Beast Bomb countered into a Ranei for the win


Rose with a cheap shot on Riho & looked for another Beast Bomb, but Yuka makes the save & the joshi duo drive off Nyla, Riho shoves of Yuka & Sakazaki looks crushed by that


Havoc with a Falcon Arrow on Boy, but MJF with a Crucifix on Havoc for a 2 count then tries to pin Boy for a near fall, MJF slips out of a Deadeye attempt, Page with a Pescado wipes out MJF, then Havoc with a Running Senton wipes out Page, Boy with a Cannonball Moonsault wipes out everyone on the floor, Sunset Flip on MJF for a 2 count, Boy up top, but Havoc with a Shotei, Tower of Doom and MJF gets flattened by everyone, MJF with a rollup on Page for a 2 count, Page with a Rolling Elbow, MJF rolls to the floor, Boy ducks the Acid Rainmaker, Poison Frankensteiner, Rolling Lariat, then Page with a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Boy, but MJF puts Boy’s foot on the rope to break the count, MJF with a cover on Havoc, but Page pulls out Havoc, Page with the snot rocket on MJF, MJF with a Chop-Block on Page and now he goes for a Sharpshooter, but Page blocks and locks it on MJF instead, MJF makes it to the rope, MJF with The Heatseeker and his feet on the rope, but Boy breaks the cover, Luchasaurus keeps Boy from falling, Havoc with a DVB on Boy onto Saurus, Havoc with a Forearm to MJF then a Double Stomp for a near fall, Acid Rainmaker countered with a thumb to the eye, Buckshot Lariat, but MJF ducks & Page hits Havoc, page dumps MJF to the floor & hits The Deadeye on Havoc for the win



Darby is dragging a body bag that reads Cody 1-1 to the ring

Darby with a La Magistral for a 2 count, Cody with the Rhodes Drop Down Uppercut, he sends Darby into the post, but Darby goes through the ropes and hits the floor, Darby back in, Cody with a Crash Landing for a 2 count, another cover for a 2 count, Cody with a Fireman Carry Drop for a 2 count, Figure 4, Darby goes to the rope, Cody sends him back to the floor, Darby grabs Cody’s arm and slams it into the post, Cody with a DDT for a near fall, Cody grabs his hand, he hits Lariat for a near fall, Butterfly Lock, but he can’t keep his fingers locked, back to the Butterfly Lock, another Crash Landing, Stalling Suplex, but Darby grabs at the hand to break it, Tornillo for a near fall, Fujiwara Armbar, Cody makes it to the rope, Cody rolls to the floor & Darby follows with a Tope Suicida, he slams the hand on the steel steps, Cody takes his legs out & Darby’s back hits the steps, Cody back in & hits a Tope Suicida of his own, he sends Darby back in, Darby with a Shotgun Dropkick, Yoshi Tonic for a near fall, Darby up top, but Cody cuts him off, Cody with an Inverted Superplex, but only gets a near fall, Darby crawls to the apron, Darby bites the left hand and yanks on the elbow to bring Cody back in, he sees the position of Cody & goes for The Coffin Drop, but Cody rolls back in & Darby hits the apron hard, Darby slaps Cody, and Cody decks him, Darby falls on the body bag & zips Darby up in it, Disaster Kick, he unzips him & covers, but only gets a near fall, Cody jumps into a jackknife pin and only gets a 1 count, Cody takes his weight lifting belt off & whips him, Cross Rhodes blocked, Darby with a Flipping Stunner, he looks for The Last Supper, Cody blocks & hits Cross Rhodes, but time expires


The fans want 5 more minutes, Shawn Spears comes out with steel chair & he cracks Cody in the head with the chair, he looks at Brandi, but the ref blocks Spears, Cody is bleeding buckets from the back of his head, MJF & SCU is out there to check on Cody. Cody is on his feet, you can see the entire one side of Cody’s head is covered in blood, Dean Malenko is also out to check on Cody, they all help Cody out


The Bucks come out as Street Fighter’s Ken & Ryu with Omega as Akuma

Kid wipes out Omega with a Quebrada then the Bros take down the Bucks with Stereo Tope con Hilos, Stereo Superkicks into a Poisoned Frankensteiner on Matt for a 2 count, kid with a Michinoku Driver II followed by a pair of Moonsaults on Nick for a 2 count, Omega with a Backbreaker on Kid for a 2 count, Kid blocks You Can’t Escape, up top, Diving Crossbody, but Omega with a Dropkick, Rise of the Terminator, Pentagon stops him, glove off & calls Omega a bitch then the cero miedo in the face, Omega with The Kitaro Krusher, Bucks take Fenix off the apron, Omega has Kid with You Can’t Escape, Matt with a Diving Elbow Drop, Nick follows with a Senton Atomico, Omega with a one foot cover for a 2 count, Pentagon with a Lungblower on Omega, Kid wipes out Nick with a Tope Suicida, Pentagon with an Elevated Lanza for a near fall, Pentagon wants Matt’s arm, but Matt blocks it, Matt with a Destroyer then back on his feet & hits a Spear, Omega with a piar of Dragon Rushes, V-Trigger on Kid then a Dragon Rush on Kid, Pentagon Backdrops Nick to the floor then Fenix on top of him, Kid with a Spanish Fly on Omega, Destructor de Mexicano on Matt, Nick starts a Superkick Party, Omega helps the Bucks up, but the Bros Superkicks the Elite, but The Elite come back with a Triple Hadouken, Triple Ligerbombs for a near fall, Fenix & Kid are elevated as Nick hits a 450 Splash, but Pentagon makes the save, Pentagon with a Slingblade on the floor on Nick, Kid Dropkicks Matt to the floor, V-Trigger to Kid, Fenix with a Barrel Roll Ace Crusher on Omega, Nick with a Barrel Roll Inverted Neckbreaker on Fenix, Bucks look for a Meltzer Driver on Petagon on the floor, but Fenix with a Springboard Spanish Fly, Omega with a V-Trigger followed by a Tiger Driver ’98 for a near fall, V-Trigger then The One-Winged Angel for the win



Janela piefaces Moxley, Moxley isn’t going to take that, Janela with a Tope Suicida, Mox sends Janela into the crowd and they fight through the masses, Janela takes them back to ringside and sends Mox into the post then pulls out a table, and a fan hands him a prosthetic leg which he hits Mox with, Mox decks Janela and grabs a steel chair, Chair Body Slam shades of Necro Butcher, Mox has blood above his right eye, Janela sets Mox into the chair & looks for a Senton Atomico, Mox evades & Janela hits the chair, Mox into a cover for a 2 count and then hammers Janela, Mox grabs a chair wrapped in barbedwire, he puts it on Janela and stomps it ino Janela and grinds it into him as a you sick fuck chant breaks out, to which Mox takes a bow, up top, Janela meets him and hits an Avalanche Hurricanrana on the barbedwire chair and then slams that chair into Mox’s back for a near fall & Mox has blood coming from his back, Janela brings out another table & sets it up in the corner, Mox looked to throw Janela over the top through the table to the floor, but he holds on & hits a Russian Legsweep off the apron through the table, he sends Mox back in, Mox picks up Janela & runs him through the table in the corner, Mox pulls out 2 more tables and set them up on the floor, Janela flips off Mox, Mox goes back in & beats the shit out of Janela then pulls out a barbedwire board and sets it up in the corner, Dirty Deeds blocked, Janela with a Running Death Valley Bomb into the barbedwire board, but only a near fall, Janela with a Superkick and another one, Janela pulls out a ladder & sets it up inside the ring, Janela sets Mox up on the tables and climbs to the ladder, Diving Elbow Drop from the top of the ladder through the table to the floor, only one broke, Janela pulls out a barbedwire board now sets it between the ring & guardrail, Moxley with a Dirty Deeds, F-U over the rope through the barbedwire board, Mox throws him back in the ring, Janela continues to fight, causing Mox to go ballistic with a barrage of strikes, Mox grabs a bucket with a bag of thumbtacks & dumps them out, he’s taking off Janela’s boots & socks, Cha-Ching on the the tacks then Mox picks him up in a Back Suplex and drops Janela barefoot into the tacks as they dig into his heels & Janela is begging for more, Mox brings out more tacks, then hits what’s called The Death Rider in NJPW, here it’s called The Paradigm Shift (a Butterfly Implant DDT) into the tacks for the win


Omega blasts Mox with a V-Trigger after the match then a Short Piledriver he stacks the tables on Mox and hits a Springboard Double Stomp driving the tables into Mox, he slams the micstand into Mox and continues to go to work on Mox and throws him into the drums, drum sticks to Mox then he grabs the electric guitar to the back of Mox, refs help Mox up, he shoves them off & Omega comes out with a metal trash can and slams it into Mox then hits The Paradigm Shift on the trash can on Moxley and Mox is smiling and laughing at this turn of events as the show ends