AEW Fight for the Fallen Results – 7/15/20






AEW Fight for the Fallen Results – 7/15/20
Jacksonville, Florida
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Commentary Team: Jim Ross, Excalibur, Taz & Chris Jericho

They mention Tony is awaiting his COVID tests, so Taz is joining the announce team for right now

AEW TNT Championship

Cody with The Disaster Kick for a near fall, Kiss rolls to the floor, Cody goes after him, back in, Kiss with a Rolling Elbow & sends Cody to the floor, he sends Cody back in, Enzugiri, Double Handspring, but Cody catches him with a Full Nelson, Tully is shown watching from the crowd, Kiss breaks the hold & hits an Exploder Suplex, nip up, Diving Hurricanrana, Headscissors, Cartwheel Draping Leg drop for a near fall, Cody blocks The Slice, but Kiss counters Cross Rhodes into his own Last Rites, but only gets a near fall, up top & hits a 450 Splash, but only gets a near fall, Kiss with a Headscissors, but Cody blocks and drops him on the entrance ramp, Concrete Slam on the ramp, back in, but Kiss gets his foot on the rope, Cody hits his version of the Kudome Valentine he calls Din’s Fire, but only gets a near fall, Kiss just kicked out of the Kudo Driver, Cody sets him up top & hits a Superplex for a near fall, Cody’s arging with Aubrey, Kiss with a rollup for a near fall, but Cody counters into The LeBell Lock, but Kiss makes it to the rope, Cody exposes the turnbuckle pad, Back Suplex, but Kiss turns it into a Wheelbarrow into the exposed turnbuckle, La Magistral for a near fall, Kiss looks for the Rolling Lariat, but Cody catches the arm & hits Cross Rhodes to retain



Bros with a Wheelbarrow Splash on Dax, but Cash makes the save, FTR with a Slingshot Demolition Decaptitation on Fenxi for a near fall, Bros with a Double Superkick on Csh then Fenix with a Running Dropkick to the floor on Dax, Dax with an Alley-Oop into the turnbuckle, Backdrop Driver then a Sliding Lariat for a near fall, Bros with a Skyscraper Splash then Pentagon with a Springboard Legdrop on Cash for a near fall, Cash avoids the Zero Fear attempt, FTR with a Powerbomb/Bulldog Combo, but Pentagon makes the save, Power Plex, but Pentagon gets the knees up on the splash, then Dax gets the knees up on Fenix’s splash, Fenix takes Dax to the floor, Pentagon with a Slingblade, Cash blocks Fear Factor on the apron, Cash with a Suicidal Tornado DDT then Fenix with the Escolera Splash on Cash, Fenix with the Rewind Spinning Heel Kick, he tries another, but Dax takes his mask off & rolls Fenix up in a Small Package for the win


Butcher & Blade taunt FTR with the keys to their truck, but The Bucks Superkick them & take the keys, Omega comes down with a cooler as a peace offering & goes to toast them when FTR dump their beers out on Kenny’s head! The Bucks have to hold him back!

Inner Circle make their entrance, jugs of orange juice in hand.

Chris Jericho gets on the mic and says last week he had one of the best matches in AEW history against Orange Cassidy, and what’s more he won the ratings war like he does each and every week. He claims he’s never, ever been beaten in the 18-49 demo. Sigh. He goes on to brag about how everybody told him he elevated Orange, and everybody and their cousin wants a rematch.

He polls the crowd before pulling the rug out from under us and saying that he’s not doing a rematch because Cassidy had his chance and didn’t do good enough. Orange took him to the edge and he did a great job but he’s not scared of him, so he’s not getting a rematch. They pour out the juice for him and “his dead career.”

Enter Orange Cassidy.

Jericho says he gets it, Orange wants to hear it face-to-face, so he’s gonna tell him what he really thinks. He showed the world he can really go, but he’s lazy, he’s got a bad attitude, he’s a sloth, he’s entitled, so he’ll say it one more time— there will never be a rematch. So take those sunglasses, fold ‘em up, shove ‘em straight up your ass, and get the hell out of his arena.

Y2J calls him a piece of shit but Orange just gives him the lazy thumbs up… BEFORE THUMBS DOWNING HIM! ORANGE JUICE RAINS FROM THE CEILING! The Inner Circle are apoplectic, and even moreso when Jericho only has an Orange Cassidy towel to clean up with!

Marko Stunt explains how the Inner Circle getting soaked is funny, but Luchasaurus cuts him off to be serious. After 65 million years, a dinosaur finally has a chance to wrestle the Elite, and there’s nothing funny about that


Boy counters the Slingshot Sit-Out Facebuster into a back flip, Page is shown drinking at the bar, Saurus with a Basement Tornado Kick on Matt for a 2 count, Stunt takes Matt down with a Diving Hurricanrana, Nick with a Penalty Kick to Stunt, Saurus blocks the Dragon Rush, Omega sends Saurus to the floor, Rise of the Terminators Tope con Hilo, Boy with a Lariat takes down Omega then a Leaping Torando DDT on Matt, Saurus ducsk the Double Superkick, Tail Whip on Matt, Chokeslam/Standing Moonsault Combo on Nick, but Omega makes the save, FTR joins Page at the bar, Omega with a V-Trigger, another, Dragon Rush, one for Stunt, one for Boy, Saurus blocks the V-Trigger, Stunt with a Hurricanrana, Extinction/Ace Crusher combo they call The Extinction Event, but Bucks make sthe save, Souble Superkicks, Assisted Tiger Driver ’98, Boy with an Avalanche Hurricanrana & Stunt follows with a 450 for a near fall, Stunt with a Skyscraper Destroyer on Matt, but Omega makes the save, Dragon Rush on Stunt, V-Trigger, Saurus takes the bullet for stunt and one for Stunt, Stunt counters One-Winged Angel into a rollup for a near fall, Omega with a V-Trigger then finishes Stunt with The One-Winged Angel for the win


Omega unloads forearms on Stunt but Nick Jackson pulls him off! The Elite bicker amongst themselves.

Hikaru Shida is interviewed backstage about how four of her top five contenders are out for various reasons.

She’s game to give Nyla Rose her rematch, and if she thinks she’s strong enough, tough enough, and has enough passion, she’s waiting

Jon Moxley talks about how the last couple weeks haven’t been the best but he gets to go out there and purge his feelings with the AEW World Championship match. He says Taz says he can’t hit the Paradigm Shift? Fine, he’ll just rip Brian Cage’s surgically repaired bicep clean off the bone.


Brandi with the Bionic Spear on Page then Allie finishes Jenkins with The Final Cut for the win


Allie is seen rolling her eyes during the victory celebration signaling this team will not last

Nyla Rose makes her entrance for an in-ring interview.

She isn’t telling us anything about who her manager is, because she’s going to let them say it for themselves— IT’S VICKIE GUERRERO!

Vickie refuses to tell us anything about her strategy, but when she and Nyla are ready to go after the title, it’ll be the perfect time, and she’s got a special message for the women’s locker room. From this moment on, she’s begging them to stop lying to themselves about how great they are, admit they’re too stupid to cheat to win, and to realize that Nyla is going to steal every opportunity they’ve ever dreamed of!

Brian Cage and Taz make their entrance to send us to break.

AEW World Championship

Mox is sporting a shirt in tribute to Danny Havoc

Cage with The Never-Ending Story Lariats, Mox goes for the arm, Cage with curls before the Fallaway Slam, Mox with a Missile Dropkick from the second rope, Draping Arm Breaker, Penalty Kick for a 2 count then a Juji-Gatame, but Cage fights out, Backdrop Driver, Mox posts Cage, Tope Suicida & grabs a Kimura, but Cage sends him into the guardrail, Mox works on the arm between the rails and kicks it, he brings the guardrail in, Paradigm Shift blocked, Cage with a Release German Suplex onto the guardrail, Cage with a Torture Rack into an Inverted TKO for a near fall, he looks to humble Mox in The Camel Clutch, but Mox fights out, Cage sends him to the floor, Suplex on a steel chair, back in the ring, Mox with a Small Package for a near fall, rollup for a near fall, Cage with a Powerslam, he leaps up, but Mox avoids the Moonsault, Mox with a Regal Knee, a second, Cage with a Lariat, Paradigm Shift blocked, Mox hits it, but only gets a near fall, Mox sets him up top, he hits the Superplex, but only gets a near fall, Kimura, Cage fights out, Buckle Bomb, Deadlift Superplex from the apron back in, Cage calls for the kill, Drill Claw countered, rollup into a Juji-Gatame, but Cage blocks it, he breaks Cage’s grip, but Cage tries to get it in the ropes, Mox turns it around, Cage won’t tap out, Taz throws in the towel to save Cage from himself


Cage lays out Mox with the FTW belt, he continues to pound Mox, the lights are out

Darby Allin with a diving skateboard into Cage’s throat

Taz tries to hold Cage back, a the refs also try to keep Cage from going back as the show ends