AEW Double or Nothing Results – 5/25/19







AEW Double or Nothing Results – 5/25/19
Las Vegas, Nevada
MGM Grand
Commentary Team: Alex Marvez, Excalibur, Jim Ross & Allie


First is the Clubs – Dustin Thomas, MJF, Michael Nakazawa, Sunny Daze & Brandon Cutler

Daze sends out Cutler, but he hangs on

The Diamonds are out next – Brian Pillman Jr, Isiah Kassidy, Joey Janela, Jimmy Havoc & Shawn Spears

Spears with an Ushi-Goroshi on MJF

Next is the Hearts – Billy Gunn, Glacier, Jungle Boy, Marq Quen & Ace Romero

Daze sends out Nakazawa for the first elimination

Glacier with 2 shots of Frozen Mist then eliminates him, MJF dumps out Glacier for the next elimination, Havoc staples a lit cigarette to Janela’s forehead,

Next is the Spades – Luchasaurus, Marco Stunt, Sonny Kiss, Tommy Dreamer

Tommy throws in a trash can and unleases the plunder, Ace Crusher on Havoc,

The Joker – Hangman Page

Page with the former Rite of Passage now he calls it The Deadeye on Janela, Romero Pounces Stunt out of the ring for the elimination, Jungle Boy dumps out Romero, Thomas with a Suplex over the rope on Spears for the elimination, he goes for a Slingshot, but MJF shoves him to the floor, Cutler throws out Billy Gunn, then MJF dumps out Cutler, Luchasaurus with a Chokeslam over the rope through a table to eliminate Janela, Kiss with the Locomotion Butt-Butts on Dreamer, but Tommy shoves him to the floor for the elimination

Orange Cassidy in as the 22nd man, Tommy tosses him out, Havoc with a staple gun to the head then the nuts on Tommy and then eliminates Dreamer, MJF sends out Jungle Boy but he holds on, until Havoc bites his fingers to breaks his grip, Acid Rainmaer on Luchasaurus, Rolling Death Valley Bomb then a Penalty Kick, Page ducks another Acid Rainmaker, Havoc lands on the apron, but Luchasaurus with the elimination, Tombstone Faceplant, he tries to eliminate Page, but Hangman low-bridges him, MJF like a thief in the night tosses out Page, but he holds on, Buckshot Lariat, then dumps out MJF & Hangman will face the winner of Jericho/Omega for the AEW World Title


Kylie Rae’s interview is interrupted by The Librarians Peter Avalon & ‘The Cosplay Queen’ Leva Bates and they each try to shush the other


Sabian fakes Guevara with a Somersault Senton, Guevara answers back with a Tope Suicida, back in the ring, Sabian counters a Roundhouse into a Dragon Screw, La Crucianas Clutch, but Guevara makes it to the rope, he charges, but Sammy counters into a Powerslam, Sabian avoids both a Moonsault and a Standing Moonsault, but Guevara with a Standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall, Sabian with a Leaping Enzugiri then a Springboard Missile Dropkick, Leaping Gamen-Giri then a Penalty Kick for a near fall, Guevara with a Superman Forearm, then a Suplex over the rope to the floor, they hold on and Sammy lands on his feet and Suplexes him on the floor, he drapes Sabian across the barricade and hits a Shooting Star Press off the apron to the back of Sabian, back in the ring and up top, 630, but Sabian gets the knees and hits hits the Argentine Rack into a Sit-Out Facebuster, he calls it The Deadly Hallows, for the win


Hype video for Sadie Gibbs

Cody, Brandi & their dog Pharoah are shown arriving

Matt Jackson is introduced to Michael Nakazawa and they don’t seem to get along all ready, the backstage attendant asks The Bucks for their credentials for which he gets Superkicked

The Bucks, Cody, Brandi & Omega come out for the start to hype up the crowd, they take a shot at WWE over-inflating the attendance numbers by saying they set the MGM Grand record at 20,000 when the building only holds 13,000


T-Hawk counters a leapfrog with a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a 2 count, Lindaman with a Standing Frog Splash for a 2 count, Kaz with a Shotgun Dropkick on Lindaman for a 2 count, Leaping Swinging Neckbreaker, Daniels into the cover for a 2 count, Hawk with a Kneeling STF, but Scorpio makes the save, Daniels with the STO and makes the tag, Lindaman with Deadlift German Suplex, but only a near fall, Body Slam, up top, Diving Sunset Flip, but Sky rolls through and hits a Dropkick, Kaz with an O’Connor Roll/Northern Lights Suplex combo for a near fall, Daniels with a Tope USicida on Lindaman, Perfect Driver on Daniels, Angle Wings on Hawk, but Lindaman made the blind tag, Deadlift German for a near fall, CIMA with a Diving Meteora, Kaz makes the save, Scorpio wipes out CIMA & Hawk with a Tope con Hilo, SCU with The Best Meltzer Ever on Lindaman for the win



In case your wondering yes Baker really is a licensed Dentist

Brandi Rhodes this could’ve been a great match, but says she didn’t want a great match, she wanted an awesome match & Awesome Kong is in AEW

They try to triple team Kong, but she shrugs them off then wipes out Rose with a Uraken, she slams Kylie then throws Baker on top of Rae, they both avoid a Running Splash, Kylie with a rollup on Baker for a near fall, Baker ducks the Superkick and rolls up Kylie for a 2 count, Baker tries a Crossbody but Kong catches her Kylie wipes them both out with a Tope Suicida, Rose sends Kylie back in for a 2 count, Body Slam followed by a Jumping Legdrop for a near fall, Kylie blocks a Chokeslam, but Nyla catches her with a Spinebuster for a near fall, Baker with a Slingblade on Rose for a 2 count, Rose with a Forearm to Baker then a Samoan Drop, Kylie counters a Powerbomb into a Sunset Flip, but Baker breaks the pin, Nyla up top, Baker cuts her off, Kylie joins her, but Kong’s back in, Tower of Doom, Uraken to Baker on the floor, she looks for the Awesome Bomb on the apron, but Baker blocks and hits a Superkick & Nyla Spears Kong into the steps, Baker with a rollup for a near fall, Kylie with a Superkick, German Suplex blocked, Forearm, Baker with The Golden Gate Spin for a near fall, Kylie with an O’Connor Roll into a Deadlift German Suplex for a near fall, Baker with a Superkick then The Kneecap Brainbuster, shades of her boyfriend Adam Cole, for the win



Angelico with a boost for Evans on a Standing 450 Splash on Trent for a 2 count, Angelico with a Dropkick for a 2 count, Tequila Sunrise, Taylor breaks the hold, Taylor with a Falcon Arrow, but only a near fall, Standing Shiranui on Angelico then a Double Stomp, Trent wit The Dudebuster DDT, Taylor follows with a Double Stomp on Evans for a near fall, Sole Food/Half & Half Combo on Angelico, Best Friends with a Crucifix Toss into an Ace Crusher for a near fall, Trent looked for The Dudebuster, but Angelico blocks and reverses the motion and Jack floats into a Yoshi Tonic, Tornado Kick off the back, then Angelico Suplexes Jack into a Splash on Trent, but only a near fall, Gueros with Ode to the Bulldogs as Jack wipes out Taylor on the floor, Angelico with Fall of the Angels, Evans up top & hits the 630, but Taylor makes the save, Angelico sends Taylor to the floor, Trent with a Small Package on Evans for a near fall, Angelico goes for the Pescado, but Taylor avoids it and Angelico hits the floor, Doomsday Sexy Chucky Knee, then Taylor wipes out Angelico with a Tope con Hilo, Trent looks for Crunchy, Crunchy/Double Stomp Combo on Evans for the win


Both teams shake hands and then they go to hug when the lights go out

When they come back on Evil Uno & Stupified – The Super Smash Bros are in the ring then the lights go out again

A barrage of minions drag Gueros & Best Friends and beat them down, Uno with a Ripcord Complete Shot on Evans, Stupified with the Argentine Rack into a Backbreaker on Angelico, SSB with a Gory Bomb/Blockbuster combo on Trent, the Minions make a human throne for Uno and then they fade away into the darkness

Hype video for the follow up to All In, All Out 8/31/19 in Chicago


Riho with a Tilt-a-Whirl into a flash pin on Sakura for a near fall, Sakazaki with a Dropkick, but Riho bridges out of the pin, Kong with a Jumping Elbow Drop on Riho for a 2 count, Jumping Piledriver, but Shida & Mizunami make the save, Sakazaki goes for the pin for a near fall, Riho with the 702, she goes for the dive, but Kong countered with a Roundhouse Kick then a Backdrop Driver for a near fall, Back Elbow off the second rope, but Riho avoids it, Kong has a metal can & Shida grabs a kendo stick, Kong with the metal can to the ribs then the head, Shida with a Superplex on Sakura then Mizunami with a Guillotine Legdrop, but Sakazaki makes the save, Yuka wipes out Mizunami and Riho, Aja with a Brainbuster then Sakura with a Moonsault for a near fall, Emi holds Shida for Kong, Shida ducks and Kong hits Sakura with The Uraken, Riho wipes out Kong with a Flying Crossbody and Shida finishes Sakura with a Flying Knee Strike, she calls it the Ōhōri no Tamashii, for the win


There’s a large throne with skulls adorning it, Cody comes out in a colonial jacket very much like Geoge Washington and looks at the throne as Brandi is standing by it, then he walks away from it, Brandi reaches under the ring and hands Cody a sledgehammer, he accepts it and them marches back up the stage to the throne and smashes it with the hammer to massive cheers. (Well that couldn’t have been any more on the nose)


Cody sends Dustin to the floor and follows with a Tope Suicida, Dustin with a Flipping Senton off the apron, back in the ring with The Lonestar State of Mind then corner punches, he mocks the Stardust hand gesture, Jabs, Cody rolls to the floor, Cody with a distraction, Brandi hits Dustin behind Hebner’s back, Cody with a Kneeling Rib Breaker for a 2 count, Snap Powerslam for a near fall, Dustin looks to set up for Shattered Dreams, Cody takes off the middle turnbuckle pad and sends Dustin face first into the steel turnbuckle when he charges for the nut kick, Brandi with the Bionic Spear on Dustin, Earl Hebner’s seen enough and ejects Brandi from ringside, Diamond Dallas Page comes down the ramp and carries Brandi to the back and Dustin is bleeding badly from the turnbuckle shot earlier, Cody has Dustin’s blood on his hands and he tastes his brother’s blood, Cody with a Dropkick for a 2 count, Cody with a Curb Stomp for a near fall as blood continues to pour out of Dustin’s head, this one’s a blood bath, Cody up to the 2nd Rope, Double Ax Handle, up top this time, Dustin evades the dive, Dustin with The Director’s Cut for a near fall, Cody with a Figure 4, Dustin reverses the pressure and then rolls into the rope, Cody takes off his weight lifting belt, Hebner takes it away, Dustin pulls down Cody’s tights and whips him with his own belt, Dustin with a Yoshi Tonic for a near fall, Superplex, Final Cut, but only a near fall, Dustin looked for the Curtain Call, Cody with knees, then a mule kick to the nuts, Disaster Kick, Cross Rhodes, but only gets a near fall, blood pours down Dustin’s nose, Dustin with a Headbutt and then hits Cross Rhodes on Cody, but only gets a near fall, Cody hits Din’s Fire, no one gets up from a Kudo Driver, but he doesn’t go for the cover, Cody doesn’t want to win with the Kudome Valentine and brings Dustin up for one final Cross Rhodes for the win


Cody asks for the mic, he says Dustin doesn’t get to retire here because he has to ask his brother a favor, before AEW was a thing, when it was just The Elite he put his name down on a piece of paper for next month’s Fight for the Fallen event, it was himself and a partner of his choosing against The Young Bucks, but he doesn’t need a partner, he doesn’t need a friend, he needs his older brother, as both Rhodes are in tears and hug. Dustin hands Cody his belt then Cody holds the ropes open for Dustin

At Fight for the Fallen it’s The Bucks vs The Brotherhood

Jack Whitehall in the ring to unveil the AEW World Championship, presented by Bret Hart

Bret thanks AEW for giving him the chance to present the new title and then introduces Hangman Page

Before Page can say anything he’s interrupted by MJF, the fans hate MJF with a passion, he makes light of the Bret Hart attack from the Hall of Fame, so if they didn’t hate him enough already, now they really hate his guts, he says he’s the face of the company and says a horse can’t be the face of the company referring to Page, he says when a race horse has a bum leg you take them out back and blow their brains out and says Page should just relinquish his title shot then tells Bret to look at him and was going to steal Bret’s catch phrase then decides it sucks, Hangman takes a shot at MJF, but he backs away when Jungle Boy confronts him on the ramp, he says he’s too busy to deal with Jungle when Jimmy Havoc walks out and MJF wants no part of Havoc, MJF tries a cheap shot, but Havoc, Jungle Boy & Hangman all takes shots at him then Jungle Boy & Havoc chase MJF through the crowd as Bret reveals the AEW World Title to the world

AAA World Tag Team Championship

Pentagon looks for The Fear Factor early, but Matt blocks, Pentagon blocks the Sharpshooter, Pentagon with the Cero Miedo right in Matt’s face before bringing Fenix in, Fenix and Nick trade kicks, but they both duck it, both go for Dropkicks and neither connects, back in the ring, they trade Shoteis, Fenix with a Dropkick, Bros with The Brain Breaker, Pentagon with a Slingblade, Quesadora Splash on Nick for a near fall, Matt with a Gorilla Press on Fenix then a Spear on Pentagon, Nick goes for a Double Stomp, but Pentagon pulls Matt to take the impact, Monkey Flip Nick into Matt, Fenix with a Barrel Roll Ace Crusher on Matt for a near fall, Matt with the Locomotion Northern Lights Suplexes into the Sharpshooter, but Pentagon breaks the hold, Nick with a Slingshot Sit-Out Facebuster on Fenix then a Moonsault off the apron to the floor on Pentagon, Bucks with stereo Sharpshooters on the Bros, but Fenix makes it to the rope, Matt elevates Fenix on the rope and Nick with a 450 Splash, but Pentagon makes the save, Bucklebomb/Enzugiri Combo, Made in Detroit taken from the Motor City Machine Guns for a near fall, Superkick Party Started, and The Bros answer back with their own, Pentagon with a Destrcutor de Mexicano on Matt on the apron, Fenix with a Destructor de Mexicano on Nick for a near fall, Fenix with a Planca off the shoulders of Pentagon, he sends teh Bucks back in, Pentagon with a Fear Factor/Gory Bomb combo, Fenix with the Senton Atomico on Nick for a near fall, Pentagon wanted to take Nick’s arm, but Matt stopped it with a Superkick, Half & Half on Pentagon, Fenix flies, but The Bucks with Stereo Superkicks, Matt with shades of El Generico with The Brainbustaaaaahhhhh!!!!!, they follow with More Bang For Your Buck, but only gets a near fall, Spike Package Piledriver shades of their former Mt Rushmore stable mate Kevin Steen, Nick wipes out Fenix with a Tope con Hilo, but Matt only gets a near fall, Meltzer Driver blocked, Fenix wipes out Nick and leaves him at the top of the stage, Pentagon breaks Matt’s arm with The Sacrifice then hits The Pentagon Driver, but only gets a near fall, Fenix with a Superkick then a Superkick to the arm, Matt with only one arm barely holds Fenix, Nick in position & The Bucks hit The Meltzer Driver to retain


There’s 3 guys that’s on the stage with some of Jericho’s older gimmicks there’s ECW & WCW Lionheart, There’s one with the List of Jericho & there’s one with Jericho’s light-up jacket

Omega comes out in a very Sephiroth esque jacket


Omega goes for a Leaping Hurricanrana, but Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho, but Omega makes it to the rope, Jericho sends Omega to the floor with a Baseball Slide, he rings the bell and declares himself the winner already, Omega looked for something off the barricade, but Jericho shoves him into the crowd, Jericho with a camera, Omega throws some sort of drink in Jericho’s face, back in the ring, You Can’t Escape, but only a 2 count, Jericho with a 2nd rope Missile Dropkick for a 2 count, Jericho with a Running Lariat for a near fall, Jericho pulls out a table, but Omega Baseball Slides into it then flies with a Tope con Hilo sending the table down on Jericho’s arm into the entrance ramp, Omega with a Springboard Double Stomps the table into Jericho on the floor, back in the ring with The Kotaro Crusher for a near fall, V-Trigger to the back of Jericho’s head, Omega looks for an Avalanche Dragon Rush, but Jericho blocks, Omega with an Avalanche Back Suplex, but only gets a near fall, Omega tires for a V-Trigger but Jericho counter into a Bulldog followed by the Lionsault, but Omega gets the knees up, V-Trigger, One-Winged Angel blocked, Jericho hits The Lionsault, but only gets a near fall, Codebreaker blocked, V-Trigger, Tiger Driver ’98 blocked, Jericho Backdrops Omega over the rope to the floor through a table, Omega blocks a Superplex and goes for a dive, but Jericho counters into a Codebreaker in mid-air, but only gets a near fall, Omega with the Dragon Rush and a 2nd one, V-Trigger, he tries again, Jericho blocks, Liontamer blocked, Omega with a Tiger Driver for a near fall, Jericho blocks the V-Trigger and goes right into The Walls of Jericho, Omega tries to get to the rope, Jericho pulls him back and converts into The Liontamer, Omega fights out & hits a V-Trigger, One-Winged Angel countered into an ugly DDT for a near fall, Lionsault countered, One-Winged Angel countered into a DDT, Jericho with a Running Codebreaker, Omega is back up, but Jericho unsheaths The Judas Effect for the win


Jericho wants the mic he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about cheers or boos, he just the crap kicked out of him, but he’s smart enough to know that it’s his time now. For months he’s been saying Jericho is AEW this isn’t a company for the fans, it’s a company for him to prove the name value of Jericho, he takes credit for the company, for selling out the venue, for the tv deal, everything. He beat Omega by the skin of his teeth, but he did and he demands one thing from AEW and that’s a thank you. He demands a thank you.

Jon Moxley is making his way through the crowd and jumps the barricade into the ring, Dirty Deeds to Jericho, Dirty Deeds to Paul Turner, he goes to Dirty Deeds on Omega, but Kenny Spears him to the floor and they fight on the ramp, Moxley throws him into the crowd, they fight by the giant poker chips, Dirty Deeds on the giant stack of poker chips, F-U off the the stack of poker chips to the floor

Moxley is free, he’s unleashed, no one to reign him in now and he’s in AEW as the show closes