NWA Powerrr Results – 10/8/19







NWA Powerrr Results – 10/8/19
Atlanta, Georgia
Hard Rock Cafe
Commentary Team: Joe Galli & Jim Cornette

David Marquez welcomes Nick Aldis. Aldis says he’s coming up on 1 year as World Champion & sometimes it’s hard to stay hungry and he thinks about how far the NWA has come from punchline to headline. From nothing to everything and lists all the current Champions. He says the people in the back are gunning for his belt, he respects Tim Storm, but if he thinks he busted his ass just to do the job in Atlanta Storm has another think coming & he’ll see Storm in the ring


Dawsons with a Double Slam on Our Pal Sal, Zane goes for a cover but picks up Sal, Dawsons with a Sidewalk Slam/Elbow Drop combo on Buck, Avalanche/Powerslam combo on Our Pal Sal for the win


The Dawsons say they own this place now & nobody can do anything about it, they’re the guys in the back alley you run from, they’re the ones who take your lunch money

Eli Drake says Atlanta GA is NWA country, he walks into Atlanta & there’s something different about this place, in the NWA you’ve got men, men who want to be the best, men who want to be Champions. Eli’s been up & down the roads for 16 years and anyone with a belt should keep their eyes peeled, because he’s coming for them and that’s not an insult THAT is just a fact of life


Caleb with a rollup for a 1 count, La Magistral for a 2 count, he lights up Eli with Chops, Drake blocks the Monkey Flip, Running Inverted Neckbreaker, Swinging Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Slingshot Shoulder Block for a 2 count, Caleb with a Leaping Enzugiri, Slingshot Corkscrew Splash for a near fall, Leaping Mushroom Stomp, Double Jump Turnaround Moonsault, but Eli gets his knees up then finishes Caleb with The Gravy Train for the win


Video package on Aldis/Storm

Josephus screams at the announcers that he wants Tim Storm

He’s going to get Storm. James Storm. The Cowboy says he’s the only Storm that Josephus needs to worry about, he says Josephus isn’t tough & could never walk a mile in his shoes, he tells him to go back to his desk job, quit trying to play star & leave it to the real stars & calls him a joke

Josephus & The Cowboy get into a brawl with refs having to pull them apart


Wild Cards beat White & Mims to a pulp before going for the kill, Lattimer with a Pop-Up Powerbomb, Royce finishes White with a Release German Suplex


Wild Cards says they were built for this when Eddie Kingston says he’s not here to disrespect Bram then corrects himself by Tommy, he tells Roy to show him respect before he gets slapped, they don’t speak for underdogs, they don’t speak for stray dogs or the outlaws. Homicide comes out to join Kingston as they face down The Wild Cards

as James Storm & Josephus brawl continues

Josephus & Storm run around the announcers, then the interview podium, Storm grabs Josephus & they head into the crowd, back into the ring

Josephus wants Storm’s hands behind his back, Storm turns his back as Josephus gets int he ring


Josephus charges, but Storm blasts him with The Last Call for the win


Storm with some knee strikes then another Last Call before shoving Josephus thumb in his own mouth

Storm says he thinks Aldis the best Champion in wrestling today, he didn’t have to give him a title shot, he’s given him one shot, he has one chance, one opportunity to reach out and grab what he wants the most and he can’t lose, there’s nothing more important to him than the belt, he can’t lose tonight, he can’t.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Storm sends Aldis across the ring with a hard chop, body blows, right hands, Brian Hebner pulls him out of the corner, Storm drops Aldis with a right hand, Storm tries to send Aldis into the post, but Aldis reverses it, he breaks the count then drives Storm’s back into the apron, Body Slam then a Jumping Elbow Drop for a 1 count, Jimmy Snuka style Double Chop, Aldis with a Sleeper, Storm sends him into the turnbuckle to break it, Storm coutners a Figure 4 into a Small Package for a near fall, Storm locks in a Figure 4, Aldis shoudlers are down, Storm gets a 2 count, Aldis makes it to the rope, Aldis up top, but Stomr cuts him off & hits a Superplex, but only gets a near fall, Storm goes up & hits a Diving Crossbody for a near fall, he goes up to the second, Cannonball, but Aldis avoids it, Aldis goes up top, Diving Elbow Drop to the back, Kingslynn Cloverleaf is locked on, Storm tries to make it to the rope, but Aldis pulls him back to the center, Storm makes it back to the rope to break the hold, Storm shoves Aldis into the ref, nut shot, he hits The Perfect Storm, but only gets a near fall, he goes up, but Aldis meets him, they both fall to the floor, Aldis goes for a Lariat, Storm ducks, but Aldis hits Kamille, Storm posts Aldis back in the ring, he looks for the kill, but Aldis counters into a Small Package for the win to retain the belt


Aldis says Storm is as authentic as it gets, he’s a hell of a man, he says Kamille is fine, they try to get a word with Kamille, but Aldis won’t let her, he says he’s fine and they can save the clickbait stuff for another time as the show ends