Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Cuatro Results – 10/31/18 & 11/7/18










Lucha Underground S04 Finale: Ultima Lucha Cuatro
Los Angeles, California
El Rey Network
Commentary Team: Matt Striker and Vampiro

We start at the LAPD in Captain Vasquez’s office, Aerostar says a millennia ago he met a girl who was going to save the world, he told her dying father to use this magic amulet to give her immortality. He told her that it only worked on females, a necessary lie, otherwise his tribe would have made him keep the amulet for himself. Star tells Vasquez that she’s done well with the extra life she was given, but he was wrong. Vasquez has been instrumental in this war, but it is not Vasquez that can save them. The future was cloudy, but now it is clear to Star. He needs her half. Her father & her daughter are both waiting for Vasquez beyond the Cosmos. The the 2 halves of the amulet are re-united as Vasquez fades away to dust.

Lucha Underground Trios Championship

Rabbit with a Doomsday Saito Suplex on Lishus then puts the glove on, but eats 6 boots to the face, Guevara with a Spanish Fly on Kobra off the balcony to the floor, Rabbit with the Mandible Claw & hurls Sammy back in & tells London to get in there and finish it, he also pushes Bunny in, but London trips over Bunny & Guevara pins London to eliminate the Rabbits & White Rabbit is pissed


London is begging for forgiveness then Rabbit with a Mandible Claw STO on Sammy, Guevara is bleeding internally & he spits blood in the face of Rabbit & Rabbit just laughs before leaving, Ivelisse calls for a medic for Sammy

Ivelisse with a Crucifix Bomb on Kobra, but Snake breaks the pin, XO with a Wheelbarrow Stunner on Snake, but Daga & Kobra makes the save, Decavitator on XO, Ivelisse with a Scorpion Kick then Code Huntress on Snake, but Daga makes the save, The Reptiles stalk XO, Triple Superkick, Get Out of Here, Basement Hurricanrana then Daga into the Juji-Gatame, Ivelisse tries to make the save, but Kobra grounds her & Snake breaks XO’s grip, Ivelisse can do nothing but watch as XO is forced to tap as The Reptiles retain



Taya cuts Ricky in half with a Spear before the bell even rings, Running Meteora for a near fall, then slaps the shit out of Ricky, Ricky with a Nitro Blast then grinds his forearm into Taya’s face, Ricky pulls out a table, Taya with a Crossbody off the announce table when he tried to stab her with a pen, Backdrop Driver & a second for a near fall, Taya ducks Flash Point then Curb Stomps him, STF/Crossface combo & Ricky taps out


Taya’s not done she says Ricky put his hands on her friends, her family & he ruined her fucking wedding, she goozles him then Chokeslams Ricky through the table to the floor & she’s going to take his doll with her


Havoc goes for the Slingshot Lariat, but Kill catches him with a Knee, up top & hits The Kill Stomp for a near fall, Kill brings out the stretcher from the Hell of War match, Havoc brings out a table, Kill was looking to go in the balcony, but Havoc goes up as well, he kicks Kill in the face then punches him down onto the table, & Havoc is going up even higher & hits a Splash out of the balcony through the table to the floor, he sends Kill back in, but only gets a near fall, he looks to go up, but Kill crotches him, he looked to be going for an Avalanche Tiger Driver, but Havoc counters into an Avalanche Urbanizer then back up & hits The Shooting Star Over the Open Road, but only gets a near fall, he puts Kill on the stretcher then goes back up, but Kill with a Leaping Enzugiri, Superplex on the stretcher, up top, Kill Stomp, Storm Cradle Driver, but only a near fall, Havoc with an Open Road Cutter then a Piledriver on the stretcher, he straps Kill to the stretcher & goes back up, Shooting Star Over the Open Road on the stretcher for the win


Kill takes the mic: His name is Lt Jermaine ‘Killshot’ Strickland & for the past few years he’s been trying to erase & escape his true identity and the fact that he left his brothers for dead which means that Dante Fox was telling the truth last season, he throws the mic then takes his mask off to reveal the former MLW World CHampion, he hands Havoc his mask

As Strickland is leaving the Temple he’s stopped by Dante Fox in his uniform. Strickland asks why Fox went M.I.A., Dante said he had a mission, one that he couldn’t ignore, but it’s good to finally see Strickland’s face again. Strickland says it’s the last time he’s ever going to see it and says sorry for everything. He asks Fox for permission to be relieved of duty. Dante says permission granted, solider & salutes him, Strickland salutes back & then walks out of the Temple

Johnny is shown playing air guitar with the Gauntlet, he says it’s going to look so sweet mounted on the wall of his dojo. Taya says yeah if he ever takes it off & reminds him that it’s THEIR dojo. Johnnny says totally their dojo then says the gauntlet will look even sweeter when it’s covered in that turd monster’s blood. He’s going to warm up & maybe test it out again, electricity crackles from the Gauntlet & in Johnny’s eyes, he asks if she’ll be there in case he need her right. Taya says she wouldn’t miss it for the Mundo. He kisses her on the cheek & gets ready to leave then stops and says if tonight he somehow ends up being sacrificed to the Gods never to be seen again just know that he loves her. He leaves and Ricky’s doll says she loves Taya too & says she’s so pretty. Taya is taken aback & says thank you & is puzzled that she didn’t even pull the doll’s string. The doll says Taya is the the perfect woman & the perfect host as it appears that the doll is possessing Taya’s body.


Azteca with a Yoshi Tonic for a 2 count, up top, but Fenix with a Barrel Roll Shotei then hits The Black Fire Driver to take the first fall


Fenix wedges a chair in the corner then sets up a table on the floor, Dragon with a Leaping Thrust Kick for a 2 count, Dragon with the DDTJ takes the second fall to tie it up


Antonio says to hold, this match has been something else to watch eh, but he thinks they should take it to the next level, after-all this is Ultima Lucha so he’s making the final fall: Falls Count Anywhere

Fenix looks to Suplex Dragon from the ring through the table, but Dragon blocks & hangs Fenix in the rope, chair to Fenix’s head, Dragon sends Fenix into the announce table, then brings out a table, Fenix with a Bridging German Suplex on the floor for a 2 count, Fenix bring out another table, Fenix charges, but Dragon evades as Fenix hits the post, Dragon with a Leaping Enzugiri then a Dropkick, DDTJ on the floor, Dragon re-positions the table, they battle in the balcony, Dragon with a Leaping Hurricanrana off the balcony on the table, but it doesn’t break for a near fall, Fenix puts Dragon on the table & hits Senton Atomico on the table, still the table doesn’t break, Fenix tries the Black Fire Driver on the floor, but Dragon blocks, they battle on the top, Dragon with an Avalanche Victory Roll through the table, but only a near fall, Dragon brings in a pair of chairs, he measures Fenix, Melissa tells him that they’re friends, Dragon is distracted and Fenix clocks Dragon with a chair then Spears Dragon through the table, Melissa wants them to stop, Fenix with The Black Fire Driver wins it


Melissa tries to get through to Fenix, but he still can’t hear her, she’s too emotional and walks off

Antonio is back out: He says love make you do strange things eh, but he’s been informed that Melissa Santos has left The Temple, fortunately he’s been in intense negotiations over the past few months & he’s pleased to announce that as of just a few minutes ago he has made a blockbuster deal with an incredible talent. This person is lucha libre royalty, may he present their guest ring announcer for the rest of the night: Shaul Guerrero (Eddie & Vickie’s oldest daughter & the wife of Aiden English, she had a few brief runs in NXT under the name Raquel Diaz)

Shaul says she’s so honored to be here & thanks them for having her

Famous B interrupts her and says he’s the only guest ring announcer the Temple wants to see, he tells her to get, then give her his card, he doesn’t know who she is or her family to call him she wants to be famous. Shaul says EXCUSE ME! (Channeling her mother) She doesn’t know who the hell B thinks he is, but she’s here to straighten him out, the Guerreros are Lucha Libre and runs off her family’s names. The Guerreros are Lucha Libre, but more importantly warriors and one that would kick his ass before he even knew what him, famous bitch! Then she throws his card right back in his face. He says if she’s too stupid to leave the ring on his own then he’ll just have to make her, Chavo Guerrero Jr is in for the distraction, Shaul pokes B in the eyes then hits Three Amigas, then Chavo up top and hits a Frog Splash on B then Chavo & Shaul throw him out of the ring


Mil is pushing a coffin to the ring, Mack with a Tope con Hilo, Mil with a DDT on the ring apron, then brings out another coffin, Kneeling Facebuster on the coffin, back in the ring, Never-Ending Story, Mack with a Pump Kick then an Inverted Neck/Backbreaker followed by a Cannonball for a 2 count, Mack opens one of the coffins & it’s full of weapons including an ax, ax handle, a brick & sickle Mil with a Tope Suicida, Mil grabs the ax, but Mack blocks it and grabs it, Mil ducks a ax swing then breaks Mack in half with a Spear and grabs an ice pick and jams it into Mack’s head, needless to say the blood is flowing tonight, Mack with a Spinning Wheel Kick, then grabs a chain & delivers a chain added punch and throws in a rusted trash can & sets it on Mil, Mack goes Coast to Coast for a near fall, Mil with a Chokeslam, Mack evades a charge, Mack tears at Mil’s mask then delivers a cane shot to the head, he sends Mil back in the ring, Mil is busted open, Mack with a Leaping DDT for a near fall, Mil with a Short-Arm Lariat for a 2 count, Mack with an Air Raid Crash, nip up, Standing Moonsault for a near fall, Mil with a Snap Powerslam for a 2 count, Flatliner, but only a near fall, Mil looks for another, but Mack fights out of Mil’s grip, Chokeslam, but Mack counters into a Stunner, another Stunner, but Mil refuses to go down, Mack grabs a brick & smashes it over Mil’s head, he flips Mil off saying ‘go to hell you motherfucker’ then hits one final Stunner for the win


Mack opens a coffin and rolls Mil into it, Mack’s going to have a couple of beers and pour some on Mil then closes Mil in and drinks some more beers on top of Mil’s coffin

Antonio sees the Gauntlet & is furious he says that Gauntlet doesn’t belong to Johnny, he doesn’t know where he got it, but won’t be returning to Slam Town with it, but he’ll be left in a pool of his own blood in the middle of the ring on the Aztec seal when he becomes the next Sacrifice To the Gods


Johnny with a Choke then pushes Matanza off with the Gauntlet, Matanza ducks a punch and takes the Gauntlet off, Johnny slides through his legs and tries to get out to the Gauntlet, but Matanza catches him with The Axis of the World, then a Running Argentine Rack Slam, Release German Suplex, Regalplex for a near fall, Wrath of the Gods, but Johnny rolls through in a Crucifix, pair of Nitro Blasts, Moonlight Drive, he sets him in place & hits The End of the World for a near fall, Johnny tries to out to get the Gauntlet, but Matanza with an Avalanche Backdrop Driver, Matanza is going for the Gauntlet, Johnny slides under the ring, he baited Matanza into searching for him & grabs the Gauntlet, but he couldn’t get it on, Matanza grabs the Gauntlet then chucks it high above the freezer, Johnny with a Nitro Blast and runs up to the very top of the arena, Matanza is stalking him, Johnny flips him off & Parkours his way across the wall to the freezer, but before he could get back on solid ground, Matanza catches him in an Electric Chair and slams him into the wall, he looks to Powerbomb him over the balcony, but Johnny climbs up the freezer, Matanza climbs a ladder to get to him, Johnny’s got the Gauntlet and puts it on, Matanza shoves him through the roof of the freezer, but Johhnny emergers from the freezer with Gauntlet & punches through a chair of Matanza, Matanza ducks a punch, Johnny hits the post, but it doesn’t affect him at all & now Johnny stalks Matanza, Matanza hits Wrath of the Gods, but it’s only a near fall, Gauntelet punch to the ribs then to the head, Superman Punch knocks him down, Johnny climbs up to the turnbuckle to flip off Antonio then delivers a Diving Superman Punch for the win


Johnny is shown walking backstage when Aerostar appears, Johnny asks if he’s seen Taya. Star says now they are even. Johnny says he thinks he’s going to hang on to the Gauntlet for a little while. Star says the POWER that Johnny feels is not ENHANCING him, but DESTROYING him. Johnny says Star would say anything to get the Gauntlet back. Star says only the TRUTH & the TRUTH is the GAUNTLET OF THE GODS helped Johnny defeat Matanza, but if he wears it any longer he’ll be nothing but a SHELL. As a GOD INHABITS HIS BODY! Energy crackles from the Gauntlet again, Johnny says nobody inhabits his perfect body, but him. Star asks him please before it is too late. Johnny takes the Gauntlet off & tosses it to Star. Star says Johnny’s a good man. Johnny says he isn’t & now if Star will excuse him he’s going to go celebrate with his wife

Lucha Underground Championship

Pentagon tosses a chair to Marty then throws Moth into a pile of chairs, Marty is busted open from a being posted & Pentagon brings out the plunder & slams a trashcan into Moth’s head, Moth is a blood mess already, Moth is sent into a pile of chairs, Superkick, Moth Hiptosses Pentagon through a table, cane shots to Pentagon, Moth brings out a lunchbox, he rips open Pentagon’s mask, he grabs a fork out of the lunchbox & drives the fork into Pentagon’s forehead, Moth brings out some chairs & piles them on top of Pentagon, then slams a chair repeated into the pile, but Pentagon is up & tosses a chair into the face of Marty, Destructor de Mexicano on the floor, back in the ring for a 2 count, Moth with a kick to the nuts, Pentagon is Tied to the Tree of Woe and placed in a trashcan then Moth grabs a barbedwire bat and slams it into the trash can over & over again, he brings out a can of gasoline, barbedwire bat to the Penatgon then covers him gasoline and grabs a lighter, but Pentagon kicks the lighter out of his hand, there’s blood and gas all over the ring, Pentagon avoids a bat shot, but it bounces back & hits Moth in the face, Pentagon with a Hiptoss over the rope through a table to the floor, Marty tries to throw Pentagon through a glass window, but he blocks, Superkick then hurls Moth through the glass window, back in the ring as Pentagon sets up some chairs, Fear Factor through the chairs to win the Lucha Underground Title


Pentagon was going to take Moth’s arm, but Reklusa stops him, Vampiro is in & drives off Reklusa & grabs the LU Title, Vamp hands Pentagon the title then kicks him in the nuts, now Pentagon & Vamp are fighting once again, Vamp’s mysterious skull master from last season’s finale comes to his aid with a steel chair to Pentagon, he takes the skull mask off & it resembles Pentagon (not entire sure, but I think that’s a wrestler called Australian Suicide) Vampiro wants to introduce Pentagon to Vamp’s Master, he gives Vamp some orders, the Master with a Shooting Star Press off the balcony, Master tells Vamp to bring Pentagon back to the ring, then Master with a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press (forget think, now I KNOW that’s Australian Suicide)

Jake Strong is out with a mic & is making his way down to the ring, Antonio made it clear that the Gift of the Gods could be cashed in whenever the holder wants, Jake hands the Gift of the Gods to the ref

Lucha Underground Championship

Ankle Lock, he snapped Pentagon’s ankle, but Pentagon refuses to tap out, he’s passed out so Strong is the second new LU Champion tonight


Aerostar, El Dragon Azteca Jr & King Cuerno meet, Cuerno says it’s too dangerous & The Gauntlet must go back into hiding. Dragon tells Cuerno that the Gods are already too strong, but if they strike now it may give them the advantage they need. Star tells Dragon to make it quick, Dragon says SHE’LL do it

Black Lotus confronts Matanza and says she now knows that El Dragon Azteca didn’t kill her parents, Matanza did. So now she’s going to finish the job that she came there to do & she has The Gauntlet, she delivers several quick shots with the Gauntlet including one to the heart then punches a hole through his chest & rips his heart out. Dragon says Lotus’ parents can finally be at peace, she takes the Gauntlet off & hands it back to him & says so can Dragon’s Master

Dragon stands around a little too long though & Jake Strong attacks him with several strikes & he tells Dragon that The Gauntlet doesn’t belong to him & grabs him in an Ankle Lock & snaps Dragon’s ankle then grabs the Gauntlet and says it belongs to US then does the Strong chest beats

Johnny asks if Taya saw it & thought she was going to be in his corner tonight, he gets it she wanted him to do it himself, well he did & revenge is theirs, now how about they get out of there & finally take that honeymoon of theirs, what do you say Mrs Mundo. Taya says Sorry Johnny, he wants to know what she’s talking about then she says that she’s not his wife, then the doll in Taya’s body throws Johnny around before saying she is a God & her eyes glow blood red

The Agent Winter says everything is coming together just as prophesied, we see Antonio & Vamp’s Master. Winter says the ascension is complete. Antonio says all the of the Gods have taken physical form, Winter says & the LU Title is back in their control, Vamp’s Master says now they destroy all 7 Tribes of the Aztecs. We see a shadowy figure smoking a cigar, then Jake Strong walks into the limbo with both the LU Title & The Gauntlet, Winter asks whose blodd is on Jake’s shirt, Jake says Matanza, Antonio mourns his son & clutches his bull, as the shadowy leader tells Antonio that his son was a worthy host & The Order will never forget his sacrifice, but now they must find a new host, Winter says yes my lord. The Shadow Ruler’s light comes into focus & asks if anyone else has any BAD NEWS? Stu Bennett/Bad News Barrett has been revealed as the leader of The Order. They all shake their heads no, Bennett says that he guesses that it’s time to take over the world.

We flash back to one year ago:

Antonio takes the keys from Dario’s body

Back in present day Aerostar visits Dario’s coffin with the immortality amulet & places it around his neck, he tells Dario to come with him as Dario’s eyes open, Dario says Aerostar? What the f

To be Continued