Impact Wrestling Results – 9/1/20







Impact Wrestling Results – 9/1/20
Nashville, Tennessee
Skyway Studios
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne


Sami takes RVD off the apron while Katie was doing her usual entrance, he sends RVD into the guardrail, Katie bounces her ass to distract Sami, he shoves her out of the way, but RVD used the distraction to get the advantage, RVD is distracted thinking about making out with Katie, Sami with a Pump Kick then a Twisting Suplex, Katie grabs Sami’s ankle, RVD with a Slingshot, Sami avoids, he charges, but Katie trips Sami, RVD posts Sami, he drapes Sami over the guardrail, Corkscrew Legdrop off the apron, back in the ring, Inverted Atomic Drop, Kneeling Facebuster, Rolling Thunder, but Sami gets the knees up, Basement Ace Crusher, Lariat, he looks for the kill, but Kaite is up on the apron, RVD with a Spinning Heel Kick, Split-Legged Moonsault gets a 2 count, Corkscrew Legdrop, he goes for the kill, but Sami cuts him off & hits a Tower of London, but only gets a near fall, Katie is in the ring bouncing her ass, RVD counters a Sunset Flip into the Bulldog counter, but Sami reverses and gets the win


Katie continues to badmouth Sami, he goes after her, but RVD attacks him, Katie slides a chair to RVD, Katie with a chair assisted Running Ass to the face then RVD with a chair assisted Dropkick

Hernandez is continuing his arm wrestle challenge, this time with Fallah Bahh, Reno Scum says they want all the of Hernandez money this time for taking out Rhino, he says if they put him out then it’s theirs

Wrestle House:

Bravo, Taya & Rosemary all hype up the finale match as everything comes to a head tonight

Johnny Swinger doesn’t want to show want Steve has put him in, Crazzy Steve says it’s his masterpiece that he’s dubbed: The Man Called Swing

They say he looks like rejected member of Insane Clown Posse

Dreamer makes Bravo the referee for Taya & Rosemary


Rhino takes it to Adam, Luster with a Bell Clap, Scum Clubberin Rhino, Adam with a Standing Moonsault for a 2 count, Luster with a Falling Headbutt for a 2 count, Cravat, he switches to a Sleeper, Rhino fights out, Rhino sends Luster to the floor, but he trips Rhino, Rhino with a Gore on the floor, Adam takes his studded belt, Heath who was posing as a camera man drops Adam with The Wake-Up Call, Rhino slides in & gets the win


Heath told Rhino that he’d have his back, Scott D’Amore comes out as Heath runs off through the crowd, Rhino has words with D’Amore

Moose is contemplating having his belt stolen when EC3 comes on screen, he says he’s always liked Moose and he knows what it’s like to have something stolen so he’s going to give Moose a chance to find him & claim what is his and if he doesn’t the TNA World Title will be send back to him piece by piece by piece. He has been warned.

Moose tells a guard to call the police that there’s a hostage situation because EC3 has his belt, the guard tells him EC3 is on the other side of the building, Moose goes off after him & again reiterates to the guard to call the police, when he leaves the guard takes off his jacket to reveal a EC3 control your narrative shirt

The Good Brothers are telling old stories when The Rascalz walk in, they’re nervous about their match with Ace & Fulton and don’t have time for games, Anderson & Gallows make fun of them saying now they want to be serious

Larry D’s been in a foul mood ever since he came out of that love spell, Deaners accuse him of swiping their beer, Acey brings up the truce, D says no truce, XXXL & The Deaners get into a brawl, Acey Body Slams Cody on the couch, COdy goes to smash the TV, but Dreamer talks him out of it, they end up in a fiece game of ping pong while D & Jake battle, Jake avoids The Best Hand in the House & D hits a mounted deer head, Acey heads down the elevator while Cody dashes down the stairs, he’s waiting for Acey and punches him in th enose, Acey says Cody broke his nose, Cody rides a bicycle, but ends up hitting a parked car, Jake measures D, D’s too blown up to move so Acey pulls him out of the way of a charging Jake, Cody with ping pong paddles, Cody finds the beer bottle under XXXL’s bed, Giver DDT, Acey Pounces Cody, Larry changed back to Laurence, Jake throws powder into Laurence’s face, Susie asks about the truce and terrifies Jake with her hidden demonic powers, she has blood on her hand, Dreamer looks inside the room and doesn’t like the looks of things and declares Susie the winner


Wentz with a Double Stomp on the back of Fulton for a 2 count, Ace with a Springboard Legdrop for a 2 count, Ace with the card between the fingers, Fulton chokes out Wentz, into a cover for a 2 count, Des with a Dropkick to the back of Ace, but Fulton makes the save, Wentz lowbridges Fulton, Catapult Double Stomp on Ace, stereo Tope Suicidas, Wentz with a Moonsault takes down Fulton while Des hits The Final Flash on Ace for the win


Motor City Machine Guns says The Rascalz had no idea they were going to answer their open challenge, they offer them a title shot next week, Ace & Fulton jump The Rascalz before they could answer, but The Champs make the save for their challengers

Deonna Purrazzo tries to convince Kimber Lee to attend her Black Tie Affair to take out Jordynne Grace if she shows up, Moose asks if they’ve seen EC3 they both tell him no as he continues his search

Rohit is admiring his new belt when TJP shows up, he wants to take the title shot Rohit is offering him, Chris Bey still has a rematch, unless TJP can bump him off

Wrestle House
Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary:

Taya blocks The Upside Down, Running Meteora gets a 2 count as Taya has words for Bravo, Rosemary bumrushes Taya, Skyward Suplex gets a 2 count, they hit the Spear then Taya is right back up & hits a Spear of her own, Taya avoids a charges & hits The Road to Valhalla for the win

Bravo checks on Rosemary, but they tell him he did the right thing and they lost, Bravo says there’s one more thing left to do & he proposes to them, he says he’s still Taya’s manager, but he doesn’t have to sacrifice his persoanl happiness, one’s his colleague the other he wants to be his wife & he proposes to Rosemary, they ask if he knows that they’re a demon, he does & it makes no difference, they say yes. They say now everyone can go home, we find out Crazzy Steve is the one that took The Deaners’ beer because he couldn’t read the label, they all put their hands together and teleport back to Impact

Kimber Lee introduces Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna raises a glass to herself & adds herself to artists like Michaelangelo & Donatello because she painted a masterpiece last week, Jordynne Grace is out, she says Deonna took her to the limit at both Slammiversary and last week, Grace is interrupted by Tenille Dashwood

Tenille thinks everyone gathered out there for her return & she’s coming for Deonna’s belt & Deonna has never beat her, Deonna says she’s sick of all of the clowns suddenly the Wrestle House crew teleported in, Deonna goes after Kylie, she blocks, Kimber goes after Kylie, but Susie blocks & Kylie with a Superkick and grabs the Knockouts belt

Brian Myers says he defeated Willie Mack fair and square and he’s going to offer Mack a handshake next week, Moose asks if he’s seen EC3, he tells him down the hallway to the right, Moose walks off, Myers is offended because Moose didn’t say thanks or apologize for interrupting his promo

Impact World Championship

Eddie with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex for a 2 count, EY hangs Eddie in the rope, EY with a Neckbreaker on the apron, back in the ring and gets a 2 count, Running Inverted Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Hangman Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Eddie ducks a Lariat & hits a Blue Thunder Driver, EY with a Hanging Dragon Sleeper, Eddie fights out and hits The Chin Checker for a near fall, Tiger Driver blocked, Eddie sets EY up top, EY fiths him off & hits The Showtime Elbow, but only gets a near fall, Youngblood Neckbreaker blocked, Eddie with a Yakuza Kick then a Slingshot Splash, Eddie lands hard & grabs his knee, back in, Eddie blocks the Piledriver & hits a Tiger Driver for a near fall, kneepad down, EY rolls to the floor, Eddie with a Tope Suicida and again clutches the knee, back in the ring, EY grabs the belt, when the ref takes it he blasts Eddie with his hockey mask & then hits the Spike Piledriver to win the World Title


EY’s not done, Chop-Block & puts on The Dreaded Heel Hook, security drag off the new Champion, they check on Eddie

Moose walks into where EC3 was supposed to be and it has multiple pictures of Moose all pinned to a wall, pictures from the gym, from his hotel, he notices a map & says he knows where he has to go, Moose rips down the wall and behind it is a message ‘You have been warned’ as the show ends