Impact Wrestling Results – 8/4/20







Impact Wrestling Results – 8/4/20
Nashville, Tennessee
Skyway Studios
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

TNA World Championship

Heath takes Moose off the apron with a Dropkick, he sends Moose into the guardrail, back in the ring, Moose with a Stungun, Decavitator, Dropkick gets a 2 count, Pump Kick, Moose sends him into the turnbuckle hard, Heath blocks the boot, pair of Flying Forearms, Jumping Crescent Kick gets a 2 count, rollup for a near fall, Heath avoids The Lights Out, Moose is sent into the ref, Heath hits Sweetness which he’s now calling The Wake-Up Call, but the ref is out, Moose with an uppercut to the nuts, rollup & a handful of tights to retain


Willie Mack is asked about Rich Swann’s announcement, he says Swann’s keeping it close to the vest

ECIII says he has been punished for a legacy he inherited, he is here to reclaim the TNA World Title & burn it’s legacy to the ground and warns Moose that he’s been warned

Jimmy Jacobs welcomes his old friend Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin for an interview. Shelley says he’s known both Sabin & Jacobs for half os his life, they came back to challenge themselves, he’s proud of what he did in New Japan & of Chris Sabin becoming World Champion against all odds and calls Sabin a modern miracle after all the injuries. They started training together again and noticed they still have the chemistry, the run down the current crop of teams, once they reach The North’s name that brings them out

Josh says they never got a chance to tell their story, he gives them credit that they did beat them, this sets Page off, he say they beat them at 40 maybe 60 percent, but they didn’t fight them at their best, Josh tells him to calm down and they have their rematch. Shelley says they’re ready right now, Josh says they’ll do it on their time once their at full strength at Emergence

Kimber Lee says she’ll take out Jordynne Grace for Deonna on one condition she wants the title shot, Deonna agrees and they have a deal

Wrestle House

Taya hands out personal grooming kits to the rest of the housemates, Kylie wants to know when they’re getting back to the Impact zone as she still has a title shot, Rosemary says they’ll leave once it’s time, Swinger tries to hit on Alisha, she says that she’s married and he couldn’t handle her, he says he could take both her & Susie on at once & Dreamer makes a handicap match

Swinger tries to pose with the ladies & they take him down with a Double Russian Legsweep, then a Wishbone Splitter followed by Stereo Splashes for the win

Kylie introduces herself to John E Bravo, she says they can’t leave until Bravo gets the hint, Bravo says he knows what she wants

Flashback moment of the week, Sami Callihan defeating Brian Cage to win the World Title on the AXS Debut last year

The Good Brothers find that someone has been messing with their ride and beer, Ace implicates them as booze houndes and tricks Gallows into punching a cop and now they’re being arrested, Anderson says this was clearly a setup and tells the cop to look all around

Brian Myers hype video

Impact World Championship

Rob Van Dam assaults Sami before he could accept the challenge while Katie Forbes shakes her ass during the assault

Sami says attack or none, he’s going to take this chance to try and get his belt back

Sami slaps Eddie in the face, Eddie hits a Tiger Driver for a near fall, Sami sidesteps a charge & Eddie hits the post, Sami with a Tope Suicida, he sends Eddie back in, now it’s Eddie with a Tope Suicida, Sami digs into Eddie’s eyes and hits a Cactus Special ’97 on the apron, he sends Eddie into the guardrail, back in, Running Elbow Drop for a 2 count, he rips at Eddie’s mouth, they hit Stereo Lariats, Eddie lights him up with Kobashi-Style Machinegun Chops then a Blue Thunder Driver for a near fall, Sami with a Basement Superkick then a Brainbuster for a near fall, version of Go to Sleep followed by a Sliding D for a near fall, Eddie with a Tiger Driver gets a near fall, Sami hits the Cactus Special ’97, but Eddie gets his foot on the rope, Sami brings out a chair, he thinks better of it, but Eddie strikes with a pair of Boston Knee Parties to retain


Kylie asks Bravo if he’s ok as he’s seen leaving, Taya & Rosemary confront Kylie over Bravo leaving, Rosemary is fuming & yells for Dreamer as they want a match with Kylie

Kylie can’t get a fair count due to Taya being the ref, Rosemary is distracted by Bravo coming back & Kylie catches them with a Superkick as Taya makes hte slowest count

Rosemary is still after Bravo’s soul, but Taya is still there to boss him around, Rosemary reiterates that this will continue until they get his soul

Anderson is talking to Gallows in jail, Ace is behind Anderson & he goes right after Ace, but Fulton is here, they take down Anderson as Ace drives his staff into Anderson’s ribs

Hernandez is talking to Reno Scum to help him get his money back from Rhino


Bey with a Dropkick then a ground and pound for a 2 count, Rohit with a Basement Superkick for a 2 count, Kimura, but TJ fights out, Rohit with a Running Knee for a 2 count, Bahh with an Avalanche, Rohit counters the Butt-Butt with a Jumping Knee, TJ with a Two Amigos, up top, Rohit stops him, TJ rolls through, Rohit with a Leaping Complete Shot, Bey into a cover for a near fall, TJ catches Bey in a Juji-Gatame & Bey taps out


Rich Swann is here on crutches, he talks about the injury from January, he worked hard for months, getting better, getting stronger, he saw a vacant spot at Slammiversary and he was ready to claim it, after he pinned Eric Young he got jealous after he Pillmanized his leg repeatedly and now he’s right back where he was 7 months ago. He has to think about his family and his future & he’s going to have to retire. H wants to thank everyone that comes out every single week and says he loves them all.

The locker room empties to show their support for Swann, they help him out of the ring, Eric Young attacks Swann from behind and lsma a crutch on Swann’s injured leg as the show ends