Impact Wrestling Results – 7/5/19




Impact Wrestling Results – 7/5/19
New York City, New York
Melrose Ballroom
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Don Callis


Ace with a Headscissors and a flex, but TJ with a handstand escapes, TJ with a folding pin for a 2 count, Figure Four Deathlock then converts into a Muta Lock, but Ace makes it to the rope, Ace avoids a Wrecking Ball Dropkick and pounds TJ on the apron, Ace with a Fosbury Flop then sends TJ back in & gets a 1 count, Kneeling Fujiwara Armbar, playing card in hand & gives a TJ a paper-cut between the fingers, Surfboard, TJ fights out with a Mule Kick, Ace with a Standing Double Stomp for a near fall, TJ with a Hurricanrana then a Wrecking Ball Dropkick followed by a Frog Crossbody, Detonation Kick blocked, Ace with a Flash Kick for a near fall, Ace with a Running Tornado Kick then a Leaping Somersault Senton, but TJ avoids it, Ace blocks The Detonation Kick, Rolling Prawn Hold, Ace grabs the rope, but the ref catches him, TJ with a Dropkick to the knee, Death From Above for a near fall, TJ continues to target the knee, he drops down, but Ace counters with a Leaping Legdrop, he measures TJ for the kill, but TJ counters The Fold and grabs the leg, Kneebar, the legs are crossed, The TJP Clutch is on & Ace taps out


Video package for Cage/Elgin

Melissa asks Johnny Impact if he plans on facing Swann & Mack with Bravo as his partner. Johnny asks if they look like a joke, Melissa just wants to know what that is on the top of Bravo’s head, Johnny says it’s called a man-bun. Johnny compares him and Bravo to The Mega Powers & says they’re taking Mack & Swann to Slam Town asks what they’re going to do when Team Johnny runs wild on them, then they pose (because Team Johnny must pose, I guess)


Rayne with a rollup for a 2 count, Ranei for a 2 count, Firewoman flash pin for a 2 count, Kiera drags Rayne to the floor, she blasts Madison then sends her back in before jawing with Jordynne Grace & piefaces her, back in the ring, Hesitation Dropkick for a 2 count, she taunts Grace some more with a double bicep pose after a Snap Suplex and only gets a 2 count, Rayne blocks Face the Music & hits a Step-Up Enzugiri, Rayne blocks a Superkick, Chance of Rayne for a near fall, Kiera with a rollup and her feet on the rope for a near fall, that brought Grace out as she has words with Kiera over her shortcuts, Cross Rayne blocked, Kiera pulls at Rayne’s hair, Superkick then hits Face the Music for the win


Kiera is continuing to taunt Grace then when she gets in the ring Kiera runs for higher ground, Jordynne goes to help up Rayne & she slaps Grace’s hand away

Gamma Singh has a special surprise for Rohit Raju, the Singh Family tea set, Raj says this is special, while Gamma is showing him the teacup, The Deaners sneak up from behind & dump the tea out of the teapot & replaces it with beer, Gamma says he’s going to pour some tea for himself & Rohit & they will celebrate, they get a taste of it then spit it out, Raj realizes it’s beer & they vow to make The Deaners pay for this, after they all left, Rohit comes back and gets another sip & says it’s not bad

James Mitchell has to stop Havok & Su Yung from tearing each other apart, he asks them to please play nice, he knows things got a little out of hand last week, but he needs them to keep their eye on the prize, they’re only days away from the ppv where things will get really out of hand & what he needs from them is some solidarity, a little patience and understanding. From Havok patience, he asks her to please not jump the gun, he promised he would make her the Knockouts Champion and he’s a man of his word. From Su he needs understanding as if it weren’t for Havok she’d still be attached to the demon collar being dragged around by Rosemary like a dog, he says Havok did them a solid favor and they need to return it. Their goal at the ppv is for Havok to walk out of Monster’s Ball as the Knockouts Champion

Impact Plus Moment of the week: Jade vs Rosemary in a Monster’s Ball from Impact in 2017

Video package for the Monster’s Ball

Video Package for Callihan/Tessa


Rohit with a Lariat for a 2 count, Kid with a Michinoku Driver II, he looks for a Moonsault off the bottom rope, but the entire bottom rope falls off on him, he recovers and hits a Moonsault off the second rope for a 2 count, Springboard Crossbody for a 2 count, Rohit with a Spinning Neckbreaker, he holds on & hits a Sit-Out Gourdbuster for a 2 count, Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Kid with a Superkick sends Rohit to the floor & Kid follows with a Tope Suicida, back in & gets a 2 count, Gama & Raj are up on the apron, Kid takes out Raj & hits a Corkscrew Moonsault, but Rohit avoids it, Jumping Knee Strike sends Kid into the corner, Cannonball, up top, Double Stomp to the back gets the win


Video package for RVD/Moose

Moose says he’d be lying through his teeth if he said as a kid that he didn’t love RVD, he used to watch his greatest matches in ECW, but that was 20 years ago & things have changed, he realized in Philly he couldn’t be a fan of RVD because he’s just plain better, they’ve both been all around the world, they’ve both made millions of dollars, RVD has a supermodel girlfriend, Moose has supermodel girlfriend, RVD is a Hall of Famer, Moose says in 6 years he’s already a Hall of Famer, RVD was the Whole F’N Show, now Moose is, he then says RVD has one more name & he thinks it’s borderline false that being Mr Pay Per View, Moose says it’s been a few years since RVD’s been on ppv so he’s going to give him a chance to validate it, he knows RVD’s in the back, but on his clock every hour is 4:20 so he probably doesn’t understand the words coming out of his mouth so instead he has a visual, it’s Sabu laid out in the back & he asks if he has RVD’s attention now, he says at the ppv he’s going to kick his ass & retire him calling RVD an old man

RVD comes flying down the ramp and is on Moose as security pulls them apart


they try a barrage of flash pins for 2 counts, Wentz with a Corkscrew Plancha on Trey for a 2 count, Wentz uses Dez as a launching pad to take out Trey, Dez sends Wentz back in, Final Flash, but Trey breaks the pin, Wentz with a Standing Shooting Star on Dez for a near fall, Trey wipes them both out, Double Basement Ace Crusher, but goes for cocky covers and only gets near falls on both men, Trey goes up, Dez catches him with a Superkick, Rain Trigger & they’re looking to finish Trey with the last part of the combo, the Assisted Moonsault, they call this The Shooting Star, they both cover Trey & get the win


So it’s Dez & Wentz in the title match, but there’s been some changes as a ticker scrolls at the bottom of the screen that The North defeated LAX at Bash at the Brewery to win the Tag Titles so the match at the ppv is now a 3 way, The North vs LAX vs The Rascalz

Tessa Blanchard arrives and pulls out an aluminum baseball bat and marches into the arena

Video package for Kross/Edwards

Back to the church: Kross says we’re gathered here today collectively to analyze the parable of a man who lost everything, interesting enough the ending to this story is not yet written, this man was abandoned and betrayed by all of his friends, his loved ones, his family at his own hand. This man is truly in a place isolation, the total abandonment of God & love itself. The ultimate salvation for every man is to die for his sins & at Slammiversary that individual shall be granted that opportunity. Ladies and gentlemen we may now stand & kneel to the cross, for I know only true salvation. Amen Mr Edwards.

Kross then takes a drink from a goblet which appeared to contain blood which he then lets pour back out of his mouth

Video package for Swann/Johnny

TJP in an X Division Open Challenge is added to the ppv


Johnny sends Swann to the floor and drops him on the barricade, he shoves the hair bun into Swann’s mouth, Moonlight Drive on the floor, back in the ring, Bravo tags in, Johnny slams Bravo on Swann, Johnny into a cover for a 2 count, Flash Point, Bravo into a cover for a 2 count, Bravo tries a Moonlight Drive, but Swann blocks it, Johnny goes for a Spinning Razor’s Edge but Swann counters and takes Johnny down, Mack with a Jumping Meteora on Johnny, Johnny sets Mack up, Mack blocks the Spanish Fly & hits an Avalanche Neckbreaker, Cannonball, Samoan Drop followed by a Standing Moonsault, but Bravo makes the save, Johnny with The Flying Chuck, tag to Bravo, Swann takes Johnny out with a Shotgun Dropkick, they tee off on Bravo, Double Superkick on Johnny, Stunner on Bravo then Swann finishes him with The Phoenix Splash for the win


Sami Callihan & Jake Crist are outside the arena throwing a party, Sami says they normally do this after he kicks someone’s ass, but the match against Tess at the ppv is going to be so easy he thought they’d celebrate early, he wants to know where Dave is, Jake says he was locking Fulton in the basement, Sami says that was 45 minutes ago, all he had to do was put on The Little Mermaid and give him some food & everything would be fine, he figures he’s making phone calls so when he gets back there’s going to be hell to pay, Jake agrees. Just then Dave is launched across the table where all the food is, Sami turns around to see Tess standing there with a bat & she’s pissed. Tess kicks over some trash cans, Sami sends Jake after her & he just gets an aluminum bat to the ribs for his trouble, Sami begs off telling Tess to wait as she slams the bat down into what remains of their food, he tosses the food at Tess & kicks her in the gut, he says she wants this, then goes for the Cactus Special on the sidewalk, but she blocks, & decks Sami, Tess blasts him several times before he dumps her behind him, Sami says she’s crazy as you see Tess rising & asks Sami if that’s all he’s got and leaps onto him & beats him down some more, she grabs a bat & he begs off saying they can talk, he says he loves women’s wrestling, she raises the bat when Jake grabs her from behind & Sami gets cheap shot in, Sami tells Jake to get her up as he nails her in the ribs asking her if she wants to play, Sami grabs his bat, he says they could have made history at the ppv, he could’ve made her famous, but she had to go and ruin it, so now he treats her just like everyone else, it’s time to play, she breaks free from Jake’s grip & grabs her bat, she ducks Sami’s bat shot & nails him in the back of the neck with the aluminum bat, she stands over Sami as the show ends