Impact Wrestling Results – 7/28/20







Impact Wrestling Results – 7/28/20
Nashville, Tennessee
Skyway Studios
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

Impact World Championship

(Trey has been given his full name back now apparently, perhaps Dez & Wentz will as well)

Trey with a Dropkick for a 1 count, Kimura, but Eddie’s in the ropes, Trey with a Slingshot, but Eddie catches him with a Blue Thunder Driver for a near fall, he sends Trey hard into the turnbuckle, multiple covers for 2 counts, Trey with a SUnset Flip, but Eddie rolls through, Trey with a Scorpion Kick followed by an Inverted Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Split-Legged Moonsault, but Eddie gets the knees up, they trade forearms & Trey answers with a Pele Kick, Trey with an Imploding Ace Crusher for a near fall, up top, Eddie avoids the Meteora, Trey counters the Tiger Driver into a Hurricanrana for a near fall, Eddie with a Lariat, Tiger Driver connects, but only gets a near fall, knee pad down, Trey with a Jumping Knee, but Eddie rebounds and connects with The Boston Knee Party to retain


Eric Young comes down, Eddie wants him, EY says it will be on his time & that time is not tonight

Taya’s not happy with all the people Rosemary has brought in & decides to leave, she opens a door an old shot of Abyss with a bag of thumbtacks. The Deaners want to know just whose house this is. The Deaners think they’re on Duck Dynasty, it’s revealed this is Tommy Dreamer’s house that he bought before his ECW checks bounced. Taya wants to know how long this is going to take since she’s not being allowed to leave. Rosemary just tells her as long as it takes as they’re still looking for souls for their father

Deaners & XXXL almost get into a fight when Susie tells them that arguments are bad and they should call a truce. XXXL says no way jose, Deaners say Impact didn’t sign him, they finally mediatate and come to an agreement. Tommy says they were pall picked for a chance to win one million dollars. Rosemary isn’t happy & they tell Dreamer that he knows that’s not true. They all pair up to find their rooms & Tommy calls for a match between Crazzy Steve & Acey Romero with Kylie Rae as the ref and the winner gets to sleepe in the ring

Steve avoids a Pounce and tires Acey out, Acey with a Full Nelson Bomb into a Rear Naked Choke & Steve is out so Acey gets the ring

Rohit Raju runs into Fallah Bahh & TJP they want to know where his mask is & give them a pair of them, he’s looking for X Division challengers for Chris Bey & convinces TJP to go after Bey, then runs back to Bey to tell him TJP is coming for the belt & because Bahh will be at ringside Bey is going to Rohit to watch his back, Bey seems to buy it and agrees

We get a commercial for Gallows & Anderson’s Talk-n-hop-a-Mania ppv featuring The Boner-Yard Match (well Gallows did say this was going to be for mature audiences only, also safe to say this is the cinematic match that they taped during Slammiversary weekend)

Ace Austin says he has a problem with 2 new guys showing up & cheap-shotting him in Gallows & Anderson, they got his attention and tonight they have to face Ace’s old friends Reno Scum

Video package on The Motor City Machine Guns

The North are standing by, but Ethan Page has nothing to say, Josh says they’re missing their belts & they have their rematch & it’s only a matter of time before they get those belts back, Page still get find his voice and leaves

Flashback Moment of the week, Victory Road 2010: Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money

Rob Van Dam is backstage with Katie Forbes looking over their photos, Forbes say the pics are going to break the internet & RVD says they’re going to blow people’s minds

ECIII runs down his accolades and says who cares. He has to go down his road and destroy it piece by piece. The story is wrote by winners, but the winners are pathological liars, this isn’t about being buried, or being used incorrectly, he’s here to destroy his past, to take back his power he has to take back his past & control his narrative. We’ve been warned.

Moose talks about how impressive he was against Fallah Bahh, he’s not ready to talk about ECII and goes to give an opportunity to someone else a chance when Heath comes up, he says he’s been given a contract by TNA Championship committee. Moose says there is no damn Championship committee, Heath says that means there is no TNA Wrld Title then, Moose says next week Heath gets his shot.

Scott D’Amore likes how Heath just conned Moose & says if he wins next week they could open up a roster spot for him


Lee with a Pump Kick for a 2 count, Lotus Lock, but Deonna turns it into a pin, Lee switches to a Body Scissors, Deonna goes to the ankle then switches to the arm and stomps the elbow, PK to the arm, stomp to the arm, Legdrop to the arm, Scissor Stomp, Lee with a Tarantula, Step-Up Enzguri for a 2 count, Deonna ducks the Spinkick of Doom, Mr Wrestling II Kneelift, she goes for the kill, but Lee counters into a Bridging German Suplex for a near fall, up to the second rop, but Deonna takes her down, Hammerlock Armbreaker then locks in The Fujiwara Armbar & Lee taps out


Jordynne Grace comes down with her arm in a sling, she takes it off and takes Deonna down, ground and pound, Deonna rolls to the floor, Grace tosses the belt at her to let her know she’ll be coming for it soon

Katie Forbes runs into Sami Callihan and calls for security, he tells her that he’s a former World Champion, she doesn’t care and tell him if he wants to see her then Sami can look at her website, he laughs and says the site may be about to be hacked

Video vignette for Brian Myers

Deaners get into an argument over Jake’s snoring so Dreamer makes a match between them in the morning to determine who gets the bed, Cody with, the Sleepy Boy technique? ok sure, and a Small Package, Jake takes Cody’s hat, Jake with a Sidewlk Slam and tells Cody that he’s sorry. Cody walks out and sees a RV and says he’ll guess that will do

Sami says he’s waited a week and wants his explanation from Shamrock, Ken says he can’t even think, he’s got to go and is unsure when he’s coming back. Katie comes back with RVD and tells him that Sami was the guy that’s been creeping on her, he tells Sami he can look all he wants, but to keep his business to himself. Sami says they’ll never see him coming

Rob Van Dam & Katie Forbes come down and says her clothes are covering too much & tells the parents to put their kids to bed and this is for adults only, they put some pictures up on the tron, with Sami having hacked it replacing her face with his & his voice over in the video

Katie is having a meltdown over it

The Rascalz are there with Suicide (not sure who this is as Wentz had been playing Suicide lately) we see smoke coming from his mask, Wentz dashes off to find Acey Romero

Rich Swann says he waited 7 months to come back, he got the title shot & then EY went off the rail and took away his opportunity, he’ll be on the show next week to update everyone


Gallows with a trifecta of Elbow Drops for a 2 count, Anderson with The Baddest Kick in the World for a 2 count, Ace comes to set up on the stage to see the match, Adam with a Standing Moonsault for a 2 count, Scum Clubberin Anderson, Anderson counters the Implant DDT into a Spinebuster, Doc with a RUnning Big Boot, Pump Kick, they finish Adam with The Magic Killer for the win


Ace with a distraction, Luster comes from behind, but they were ready for him, Fulton is here, Good Brothers fight off Ace & Fulton to the back, in the backstage, Anderson sends Ace into a pile of boxes, Fulton sends Doc into a garage door, they take the fight to the parking lot, Doc levels Fulton with a Big Boot then sends him crashing into the camera man as the show ends