Impact Wrestling Results – 7/26/18




Impact Wrestling – 7/26/18
Rebel Complex
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Commentary Team: Josh Mathews and Don Callis

We start with highlights from Slammiversary

Then The Champ makes is way down to the ring, A Double comes out holding the World Title. He thanks the fans, but he knows his name & he said Impact delivered what people are calling ppv of the year, Slammiversary, they put on what people are calling the greatest ppv in Impact’s history, Slammiversary and from the opening match each & every man and woman set the bar higher than the match that came before that came to a point that people were asking how Aries & Moose go out and top that? But they did, they delivered, because that’s what he does he delivers & they gave us a main event of what a professional wrestling match should be, and when it was said and done he did exactly what he said he would, he beat Moose & is still the World Champion.

What does it mean for Aries to hold the title, it means there’s nobody better than him. There’s lots of guys claiming they’re the best, but if your setting in some bubble waiting for somebody to hand you a piece of paper of what you’re going to say, if you’re setting there in your comfort zone who’s being told what you can & can’t do when you step into the ring then you can’t call yourself the best. (Nice subtle little dig at WWE right there) On the other hand if your going from promotion to promotion from country to continents and you’re winning belts all over & you’re doing outside the bubble, outside the comfort zone from every region of the world THEN you can call yourself the best. That’s what the title represents because Impact are doing it differently, this is a platform where if you think that you’re the absolute best then you can come down and prove it. A Double doesn’t care what company they work for, what station they’re on, he doesn’t care what day or time it is, they have an open invitation. You want to prove you’re the best then you’ve got to step in the ring with the best. If you want a shot then you know where to find him, every Thursday he’ll be right in the ring

Eddie Edwards appears behind him with Singapore cane in hand, Aries turns around and takes a cane to the ribs, Snap DDT then he holds up the World Title & has sent a message to A Double


Ishimori with a rollup for a 2 count, Oh Canada Nut Stomp, Ishimori takedown into a Bully Choke, but Petey goes to the rope, Petey with a Tilt-a-Whirl Russian Legsweep into a Crucifix Pin for a 2 count, Complete Shot, Ishimori with a Handspring Enzugiri for a 2 count, Shotgun Dropkick, Running Meteora, he goes up top, Petey avoids the 450, but Ishimori lands on his feet, Ishimori counters the Canadian Destroyer into the Tombstone Inverted Lungblower for a near fall, Petey with a Powerbomb, holds on Canadian Destroyer, countered into a Small Package, Petey rolls through, Sharpshooter blocked, Ishimori with a Jumping Knee, then the Single Underhook DDT onto the the knee, he calls it The Bloody Cross for the win


Handshake between Petey & Ishimori, but Desi Hit Squad attacks them: Rohit with a Pump Kick for Ishimori, Gursinder with a Jumping Complete Shot on Petey then an Olympic Slam on Ishimori, they throw Ishimori to the floor, Gursinder with a Ripcord as Raju hits a Jumping Knee on Petey then Gursinder plants Petey with a Rydeen Bomb as Gama looks on very pleased

Alicia Atout is joined by Anthony Carelli (the former Santino Marella, he’s dropped the Italian accent as well) he says he misses being in the ring, but he’s not medically cleared and lives vicariously through his students & introduces Dustin Cameron one of his top students when The Champ confronts him. Aries says he’s not having a good day & tells Carelli to go, Carelli says he was a big fan of Aries, but then he opened his mouth & he’s not so much a fan now. Aries says unlike some of the over-the hill men that Carelli has dealt with A Double doesn’t slap like a bitch (pretty sure that’s a reference to Cornette slapping Carelli in OVW for laughing at Boogeyman) and offers to step in the ring, he reiterates he’d love to but due to medical issues with his neck he can’t, Aries offers the spot to Cameron, Dustin says he’ll do it & is pumped he got himself a title match. Carelli turns to Alicia and says at least Dustin paid for his membership in advance


Rebel with a Victory Roll for a 2 count, Tess with a Dropkick to the back for a 2 count, Devil-Lock DDT countered into a rollup for a 2 count, Rebel with a Split-Legged Gourdbuster for a 2 count, Rebel goes up for the Flying Booty Guilotine, but Tess catches her up top with an Elevated DDT then finishes Rebel with The Devil-Lock DDT for the win


Bound for Glory hype video

Alicia Atout interviews Scarlett Bordeaux: She insists on being introduced as The Smoke-Show Scarlett Bordeaux she says it’s such a historic time for women not just in wrestling, but in the culture and she wants to be a part of that to empower women. She wants to be an inspiration to little girls everywhere. She wants to help women’s rights, she wants to be remembered as the greatest women activist of all time. Alicia says like Susan B Anthony, Scarlett has a disgusted look on her face & says ew, no. Like Marilyn Monroe or Cardi B. People say they empower women, no they tell them to cover up, but not her. She refuses, she will not be hot-shamed. Alicia asks what hot-shamed is, Scarlett says she wouldn’t expect Alicia to know what that is. Alicia goes to ask another question when Scarlett grabs the mic & says shut up 5 a 10 is talking then tells Alicia to get off the stage & go set in the audience where she belongs. Let it be know that the Smoke-Show is here make wrestling sexy again. Then she licks the mic then tells them to hit her music.

Sydal says what the X Division Title represents never left him, it stays right in his third eye & is confident nature will return things to it’s natural state & he’ll be a two-time champ tonight

Pentagon says Sami was going around boasting that he took his mask & bloodied him up, at Slammiversary Callihan took him to the limit. They both gladly suffered, but what Pentagon has is the ultimate prize, Sami’s horrible hair which he holds in his hands & besides that he continues to have cero miedo


Trevor with a Stungun for a 2 count, Back Suplex Backbreaker for a 2 count, Johnny with a Flying Chuck for a 2 count, he goes for the Impact Elbow Konley grabs his leg, Johnny shakes him off & still goes for it, but Trevor evades, Johnny rolls through and lands on his feet, Lee with a Leaping Mushroom Stomp for a near fall, German Suplex, but Johnny lands on his feet & hits Flash Point, he goes for the kill, but Konley drags Trevor to the floor, Johnny’s had enough and wipes them both out with The Impact Elbow to the floor, then sends Trevor back & finishes it with The End of the World for the win


Johnny with a mic: he can’t even begin how good it feels to be back on Impact Wrestling, from the day he got here he said his goal was to be World Champion, but now that he’s back there’s some business he has to take care of first. The reason he left wasn’t by choice, he had to take time off to recover from injuries from Kong Kong & while he was home he watched Kong & Jimmy Jacobs brag about how they put him on the shelf. They’re time for talking is over, Johnny will not rest until he takes Kongo to Slam Town

Alicia Atout interviews Allie: She came up short against one of the most-talented women in wrestling and she can rest knowing that, what she can’t rest on is what she let Su do to Madison Rayne, Su stuffed Rayne in the coffin & she should have been there to save her, but she wasn’t she let Tessa distact her. What happened to Allie, what happened to Rosemary, what happened to Rayne isn’t going to happen to anyone else. Allie’s making a promise right here & now, she’s going to stop Su even if she has to go at it alone. Kiera Hogan says Allie’s not doing it alone, she has Allie’s back, if she’s going after Su then Kiera’s going after Su as well. Allie says they’re going after Su and Su your time has come

GWN Match of the Week: Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me/aka The Young Bucks from No Surrender ’10

Joe Hendry gives Grado his brand new Prestigious shirt when Eli Drake comes in, he wants to let by-gones be by-gones and says they remind him of the three musketeers and he got them a little gift it’s a framed picture of Hendry & Katarina together. Kat says how dare he & asks what Drake is playing at saying it’s unbelievable. Hendry tells Grado this is some kind of sick joke & he’s going to go put it in the bin right now. Kat reiterates this as she leves with Hendry and Grado asks where he was in the picture as they leave

KM tells Fallah Bahh last week they lost to the Desi Hit Squad. He’s going to be honest with Bahh, KM calls himself a no-good dirty son of a bitch, but the way to be successful in Impact is you have to have that mean streak, they need to find Fallah’s mean streak and asks Bahh to walk with him. He says that mean streak deep down everyone has it, KM was born with it, but Fallah has it, KM rips off a pair of shades from a backstage worker and puts them on Bahh, then blows his nose on another guy’s handkerchief and throws it on the ground, he grabs a mint from another guy & tells Bahh his breath stinks a little bit and to pop that. He asks Bahh if he’s starting to feel that mean streak as KM slaps some plastic cups to the ground that a guy was holding then grabs a guy’s wallet and drops it in Fallah’s tights. KM says deep down he thinks this is going to work, they run into another guy named Morrissey, KM says no it’s not it’s garbage and throws him in a trash can. KM says next week let’s see Bahh’s mean streak

Killer Kross vignette he believes his goals are the same as everyone else: to ruin as many lives as possible & hurt as many people as he can (Sounds like a great guy)

OGz Clubhouse: King says you’d think he would be happy right now. Satisfied, maybe. Nah, nah. He’s actually a little depressed, more angry than anything because he expected more out of Konnan, he expected more out of the youngboys. LAX: What a joke. He expected them to understand the rules of this game or at least Konnan to explain it to them. No, no, no. They won the battle, but then they thought they won the war? They thought that? No, no, no. You can win a million battles, but the problem is you need to win the war. The most important part. So they went in there, they celebrated. Yeah, hooray for them, and just like he told everyone that they would do. They grabbed Konnan crucified that man in front of the world and put a slug in the back of his head because that’s what he had coming. It was Konnan’s fault not King’s, not Homicide’s, not Hernandez’s. He had this coming. You reap what you sow, but they don’t sow they reap & now look what they’re reaping as we get a close up of the Tag Titles with the OGz tag on it. The youngboys let this slip by because of their victory and the OGz know this, the people may not know this, but they do, that once you tag something it is yours forever. He hasn’t heard anything about Konnan. He’s not surprised and calls him a coward. Hasn’t heard anything about LAX. THe OGz names are echoing in the streets not theirs for a reason because blood in, blood out is dead. It’s cold-blooded. LAX 5150. Dead. OGz 730.

oVe cam as Sami says he looks stupid and asks how he could let Pentagon do that to him. Dave says there’s two pluses: he doesn’t look like an asshole & Jason Vorhees looked amazing and asks where they go from here. Sami says he’s got to take leak and the Crists do too. Sami’s standing next to a long haired guy & Sami asks what he’s looking at and asks if he’s looking at his hair as piss runs down the guy’s leg, Jake grabs him in a headlock as Sami takes his hat off & wants the guy to tell him he’s pretty, he says Sami’s pretty, Callihan isn’t satisfied and wants an example made as The Crists shave poor dude bald

X Division Championship

Sydal with a Small Package for a 2 count, Running Meteora off the apron, but Cage catches him & hits a Bucklebomb into the post, Diving Meteora on the steel ramp, Sydal with the Muta Lock, but Cage fights out, Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Cage with a Pumphandle Samoan Drop for a 2 count, Sydal with The Slice for a 2 count, Sydal with Shadows Over Hell (Frog Splash to the back, something else he borrowed from his old friend Delirious) for a 2 count, Cage with a Tiger Feint Kick for a near fall, GMSI blocked, Cage blocks Chemical Imbalance II, Powerbomb countered into a Hurricanrana for a near fall, Cage with Metalingus for a near fall, Sydal with a Jumping Knee, Heel Kick, Cage blocks a Lightning Spiral attempt and hits a Tornado Claw then finishes Sydal with The Drill Claw to retain


Cage celebrates the win as the show ends