Impact Wrestling Results – 7/21/20







Impact Wrestling Results – 7/21/20
Nashville, Tennessee
Skyway Studios
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

A video promo for ECIII he talks about finding your purpose & controlling your narrative, he says to live in this moment, because tonight he’s living in this moment. We have been warned.

X Division Championship

Bey with a John Woo Dropkick for a 2 count, Bey sends Mack throat first into the rope, Mack rolls to the floor, Bey with a Slingshot, but Mack catches him & slams him on the floor, back in the ring, Mack with a Slingshot Senton Atomico, Bey avoids the MDX (trust me you don’t want to know what that stands for) Bey with an Inverted Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Bey takes out the knee & hits the SWAG SURF, Mack avoids the Standing Monsault & hits one of his own, Bey blocks the Stunner, Mack wtih a Pop-Up Punch, Bey avoids the Six-Star Frog Splash, Bey finishes Mack with The Art of Finesse to retain


The Good Brothers are here

Anderson says that for months the rumors were circulating where they were going to end up. They’re the best tag team in the world, the best big man & the best wrestler in the world. These days they don’t even need a too sweet, they just need a couple of drinks, they get tossed a couple of beers when Ace Austin & Madman Fulton comes out

Ace says they haven’t formally been introduced so he’s going to forgive them for what happened at the ppv & gives them a chance to apologize. Ace slaps the beer out of Anderson’s hand as a brawl break out, Gallows takes Fulton to the floor with a Lariat then they toss Ace to the floor

Heath is talking to someone that is name is on the list, they ask for a last name, Heath says he has a last name, but he can’t use it anymore, they don’t see him listed so he calls someone as Rhino & Hernandez are still arguing over the other half of the money from the arm wrestling challenge

Bey is backstage trying to impress a couple of ladies when Rohit Raju comes in, he tells Bey that he has a bullseye on his back and offers to watch his back since Swinger is no longer around Bey says he’ll consider it then goes back to his ladies


Nevaeh with a Football Kick followed by a Crucifix Pin for a 2 count, Havok with a Lariat on Kiera for a 2 count, Kiera with a Football Kick to Nevaeh for a 2 count, Steelz with a Pump Kick for a 2 count, Nevaeh blocks the punch, Havock with a Face Wash then a Butt-Butt, Havock blocks a Headscissors and looks for the kill, Steelz with a chair to the back to cause a dq


It didn’t even phase Havok, Nevaeh with a chair to Steelz ribs then Havok drops Kiera with a Jumping Tombstone

Flashback moment of the week, Eddie Edwards vs Bobby Lashley, Eddies’s first Impact World Championship victory

Sami Callihan is looking for Shamrock, he blames the loss on Shamrock, Ken tells him to shut up & says he knows it was his fault, he’s harder than himself then Sami could ever be & tells him to meet him in the ring

Rob Van Dam says there’s been a lot of changes recently, mostly for the better, Katie Forbes says she was tired of wearing clothes as part of Cancel Culture & plugs her new website then says she’ll be showing more of her body on next week’s show


Rhino hits the Gore in a few seconds to win all the money


The North wants to know when they get to celebrate, they’ve decimated every team & are in the record books as the longest reigning champions, Page says they’ve decimated everyone until Slammiversary when Motor City Machine Guns walked back into the company, if they want the belts back then they can try and take them

We get a look at someone new in a mask, hard to tell who that was exactly

Deonna Purrazzo says it looks like Jordynne Grace’s shoulder is separated so she has no one to compete agains so she’s going to enjoy time off when Kylie Rae introduces herself as the number one contender, Deonna goes to shake her hand and goes right to rip her arm out of it’s socket, she blocks part of it, they have to be pulled apart by Alisha & ODB

Eddie Edwards says it feels right that he can once again call himself World Champion, his long journey brought him back to the belt, that journey is now over & it’s time for a new journey to begin, he says the past few years stability has been missing from Impact, he wants to be a Champ that the company & the fans can be proud of, he says the last title defense was 5 months ago, but that’s all going to change, he’s going to defend it each & every week & be a fighting champion, he’s living proof that anything is possible and his new journey is to bring credibility & stability back to the belt

Eric Young is here, Eddie says he doesn’t know what EY thinks he deserves after what he did to Rich Swann & the only thing he deserves is an ass kicking & he’s proud to give it to him. EY says Eddie doesn’t have any say in what happens, what happened to Swann is what happens to anyone that gets in his way & everything that happens is because he made it so.

Eddie with a Tope Suicida as the refs hold him back EY gets a cheap shot in before running off

Moose says that his tile is the most prestigious belt & says the only one that gets title shots is who he sends an invitations, they bring up former World Champions Chris Sabin, Eric Young & ECIII. He balks at ECIII saying he’s much too busy trying to control his narrative & instead offers the shot to Fallah Bahh

Eddie says he’s prepared to defend against anybody that wants a shot, Trey asks or the shot next week, Eddie says if he wants it then he’s got it

(Forgot to mention on the ppv, they’ve now added a white strap to the TNA World Title)

TNA World Championship

Bahh with a Butt-Butt, Samoan Drop, but Moose digs into the eyes then hits The Lights Out Spear to retain


ECIII grabs Moose & hits an Inverted DDT then marches out

Ace & Fulton try and bait The Good Brothers into an attack as Reno Scum jumps then, they fight off Scum then go after Ace, but they drive off before Anderson & Gallows could get their hands on them

Rosemary with John E Bravo, they are still after Bravo’s soul, when Taya shows up, they say since Taya loves a good party start teleporting in people in: (demon magic, Rosemary is Satan’s daughter afterall so they have certain powers) Kylie Rae, The Deaners, XXXL, Crazzy Steve, Susie & Johnny Swinger. Taya has no clue what is going on, Steve looks around and says it’s the craziest reality show ever and apparently will continue next week in what they’re calling Wrestle House

Impact World Tag Team Championship

Page avoids a Superkick from Shelley, Shelley with a Crossbody on Page for a 2 count, Josh blocks a Border City Stretch attempt and counters into a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker for a 2 count, North with a Chokebreaker/Sidewalk Backbreaker combo, but Sabin makes the save, Josh up top, but Shelley avoids the Moonsault, Sabin with the Around the World Tornado DDT and another Tornado DDT gets a 2 count, Tope Suicida takes down Josh, Shelley up top, Page avoids the Double Stomp, Shelley with a Shiranui, but only gets a near fall, Shell Shock bets a near fall, but Shelley floats right into The Border City Stretch, Sabin with a Cloverleaf, Page turns it into a pin, but Sabin release the hold to break the pin, North with the CGC, but Shelley makes the save, Murder Go Round, they look for the kill, Northern Assault, but Sabin counters into a Small Package to win the Tag Titles