Impact Wrestling Results – 7/14/20







Impact Wrestling Results – 7/14/20
Nashville, Tennessee
Skyway Studios
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne


Alisha tells Havok to throw her like a dart onto the pile on the floor, then Havok with a Tope Suicida, Kylie looks for a dive, but Taya takes her down with a Lariat, Rosemary with The Upside Down, Taya into a cover for a 2 count, Pump Kick/German Suplex cover, Rosemary into a cover, but they only get a 2 count, Taya with a Butt-Butt followed by a Meteora for a 2 count, Lee with a Football Kick for a 2 count, Lee with a Snap Suplex and floats over for a 2 count on Kylie, Susie with a Shoryuken followed by an Arachnorana, but Steel makes the save, Havok with a Catatonic on Kiera, Rosemary & Taya with a Double Speer, Kylie with a Superkick on Lee then Susie finishes Kimber Lee with The Panic Switch for the win


Susie starts twitching, it appears a metamorphosis was going to take place, but Rosemary & Taya attack her, before she could transform to Su Yung, Kylie fights them off with a pair of Superikicks and checks on Susie

They run down the Slammiversary card

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton cruising in Datyon, Fulton is not happy being back in Dayton, Ace says sometimes you have to go back to where you started, to your roots

The Rhino/Hernandez arm wrestling contest has been going on for a week

Moose tries to recruit them both, Rhino uses the distraction & beats Hernandez, he refutes and says they’re taking it outside

Flashback moment of the week: Chris Sabin vs Suicide vs Kenny King in Ultimate X from Slammiversary XI


Jake with Body Slam on D then a Big Nasty Spear, he slams Cody on top of D for a 2 count, Acey with a Rollin Lariat, Snake Eyes then a Running Crossbody, but Jake makes the save, Acey Pounces Jake, Jody sends Acey to the floor, D with a Curb Stomp then a Sit-Out Powerbomb, but Jake with a blind tag & traps D in a Crucifix Pin for the win


XXXL are not happy of being caught in that flash pin & assault The Deaners & hit a Demolition Decapitation to leave them laying

Moose goes to Rohit Raju as a last resort, Rohit is not happy about being asked last, he says Moose just assumes he’s going to say yes, which he does, then says Moose could of hyped him up first before walking off, Moose says to bring that anger to the ring

Johnny Swinger is trying to hype up Chris Bey and tells him he’s going to straighten things out, he goes to the ref, he goes to the ref that banned him from ringside and says he’s been speaking with Cancel Culture and says if he isn’t allowed at ringside he’s going to sue the ref and he’ll be back to selling encyclopedias.

Chris Bey is shown chatting up a chick saying he’s going to be the next X Division Champion because he has that old fool Swinger running errands for him, Swinger of course overhears this, he says the ref won’t budge & tells Bey that he’s on his own at the ppv

Video package on Deonna Purrazzo/Jordynne Grace feud

Jimmy Jacobs mediates a contract signing, Deonna says when Grace steps into the ring, she’s looking at class, Grace says she thins she’s classy, but wants to give her a taste of what she’s dealing with and slams Deonna’s face into the wooden table, Jacobs forces them apart, Grace asks what he’s going to do about it and then walks off

Video package on The North/Shamrock & Callihan feud


Dreamer slams Steve on top of Raju for a 2 count, Moose with a Fallaway Slam then a nip up, Steve avoids the Spear, Dreamer with a low-bridge then one on Rohit, Moose catches Steve, but Dreamer with a Baseball Slide, Rohit with a Lariat, he drags Dreamer to the corner, Moose goes for a Double Ax Handle, but Dreamer blocks & hits a Dreamer DDT, Steve with a Russian Legsweep into a Juji-Gatame, but Moose breaks it, ROhit with a rollup for a near fall, Moose & Dreamer battle on the floor, Steve up top & hits The King Kill 33 on Rohit for the win


Rhino & Hernandez in a cinematic parking lot fight over cash

Rhino says he didn’t want it to come to this, but says that’s his cash, Hernandez tries to strangle Rhino with a bandana & now Rhino returns the favor, Rhino takes the cash as Hernandez throws a traffic cone at him, Rhino grabs a trash can while Hernandez drives 2 cones to the nuts then uses one like a megaphone & tells Rhino it’s his cash & calls him a punk, Rhino is back up, ground and pound views for both guys, GOre into the mesh fence, they both reach for the cash & agree to split it and shake on it

Video package on the World Title being vacated and runs down the challengers & the mystery man

Video package of Ace training with Fulton, one year ago he wasn’t even booked on the card, now Impact’s Gambit is in the main event, other names that he’s gone by are The Wife Banger & The Mom Doer & has a chance to become the youngest World Champion in Impact history.

Video package on ‘Die Hard’ Eddie Edwards, from Sweet & Sour Inc, to The American Wolves, to the ROH World Champion, to The Wolves, to the implosion with Davey Richards, to winning the Impact World Title, to the war with Callihan, every step has taken him to the ppv & he looks to win back the belt

Josh mentions that he & Don Callis will be back on the call for the ppv

Trey is saying he hates mysteries. He hated mystery books, he hated Scooby-Doo & he hates mystery opponents, then sees Ace is working out in the Dayton gym and takes off

Trey & Wentz are shown sneaking around the gym

Ace is talking someone when Wentz smashes Fulton with a trash can & tricks him into a closet & blocks the door, but he breaks out while Trey goes after Ace in our second cinematic fight tonight

Trey sends Ace over the guardrail, but Ace with a Sabu-style chair shot and steps on Trey, but he powrs out, he tackles Ace into a wall, but Ace with a Flapjack on the wall & chokes Trey with a broom handle & levels Trey with a Forearm then a chair to the back, he chokes out Trey, but Trey grabs his purple hair, Ace with some chops, Trey ducks & Ace chops a post, he crotches Ace & hits a Superkick, Ace with a Backdrop on a raised platform, Trey avoids a Double Stomp & flips a table over, he tosses Ace off, but Fulton catches him, Fulton goes after Trey, but Wentz runs him off with a steel chair

The mystery man is shown sending something via FedEx, Scott D’Amore receives it, laughs and says the ppv just got even more exciting as the show ends