Impact Wrestling Results – 6/7/19




Impact Wrestling Results – 6/7/19
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2300 Arena
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Don Callis


Ace goes for the Fosbury Flop, but Jake catches him with a World’s Strongest Slam on the apron, back in the ring for a 2 count, Ace goes for a Double Jump, but Jake takes his head off with a Lariat, Ace avoids a charge, then uses a playing card for a papercut between Jake’s fingers, Spinning Rockerdropper off the top for a near fall, then goes to work on Jake’s fingers, Forearms to the back of the neck then goes back to the arm, version of the Cobra Clutch, but Jake just throws him off, Ace with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall, Leaping Kneeling Facebuster, he charges & Jake decapitates him with a Lariat, Jake with a Michinoku Driver II for a near fall, he throws Ace into the corner, Superman Spear, he looks for the kill when The Desi Hit Squad assaults Cody on the floor, Ace uses the distraction to hit a Running Kick to the nuts then The Running Blockbuster he calls The Fold for the win


Jake checks on Cody after the match

Rosemary is shown dragging around Su Yung by the chain attached to a dog collar

Melissa Santos with Taya Valkyrie: Taya thought she was done with Rosemary, she’s married to a movie star and living her best life & now that Rosemary has crawled her way out of a deep dark rabbit hole she’s obsessed with the Taya, but if she has to remind Rosemary who she’s messing with then Lucha Royalty doesn’t have a problem with delivering the message


Taya with a Running Butt-Butt then a Running Meteora, Rosemary with The Upside Down, up top, Taya evades the Missile Dropkick, Rosemary with an Inverted DDT for a 2 count, she cuts Taya in half with a Spear for a near fall then into The Koji Clutch as sirens blare out and James Mitchell comes down with the returning Jessicka Havok or maybe they’re just going to shorten it to just Havok again not sure yet, Havok blocks Rosemary’s punches and delivers a Headbutt to cause a dq


Havok takes Rosemary down with a Lariat then hits a Tombstone, Taya sees the situation and says hell naw, she tries to escape but runs into Mitchell then Su as she’s completely freaked out, she backs up into Havok, Havok with a goozle & plants Taya with Death From Above then Mitchell frees Su from her collar, as it appears it’s going to be an alliance of Havok, Su & Mitchell

Rascalz are preparing for their match with LAX and says it’s time to get serious and win the Tag Titles

Implact Plus Moment of the week: Great Muta vs Mr Anderson from One Night Only USA vs The World in December of 2015

Eddie Edwards tells Sandman he can’t accept his Singapore cane because it wouldn’t be fare to kenny, Sandman takes a sharpie and draws a face on the cane and says it’s kenny 2.0 & Eddie can now accept it

Video package for Cage/Elgin at Slammiversary

Elgin tells Cage it’s real cute that he wants to stay at home and have a camera crew follow him around while he lifts weights, he says he’s already proved he can out-lift Cage, he can out-wrestle him & Cage found out first-hand that he can out-fight him, while Cage is at home being a coward, Elgin is at Impact working and sending everyone that stand across from him to the hospital, he’s clearing a path that leads straight to Cage, straight to the World Championship, next week when hes steps into the ring with Willie Mack everything he does is just a small taste of what he’s going to do to Cage

MADMAN FULTON W/SAMI CALLIHAN VS MOX VENEER & MICHAEL DEBONAIRE: (don’t quote me on those names, but I think that’s what they were):

Sami fires up Fulton and he runs through both guys, Trust Spinebuster then a Standing Falcon Arrow on Debonaire to Veneer, Fulton takes a bite out of Veneer, then Chokeslams him & one for Debonaire as well, Sami gives him the kill sign & Fulton Chokeslams them both at once, Sami says it’s time to kill them, Fallaway Slam into a Complete Shot on Veneer on top of Debonaire and pins them both for the win


Sami is tired of the Knockout re-vision bullcrap, he says Scarlett and calls her a harlot wants to embarrass them, Bahh wants to embarass them? He says to hit their music & get The Crists out because oVe is kicking their asses right now


Ref ejects Sami & Fulton, Jake with an Ace Crusher on Bahh for a 2 count, Dave digs at Bahh’s eyes, Jake looked for a Sunset Flip, but bahh with a Hip Drop, Scarlett with a Deja Vu on Dave then a Butt-Butt, Deja-Vu on Jake, up top with a Diving Crossbody onto both Crists, she opens the ropes as Bahh wipes out The Crists with a Tope Suicida, Scarlett with a Somersault Legdrop to the floor, Jake with a Bodyslam on Scarlett, Crists look for the Doomsday Device, Bahh crotches Dave & Scarlett takes Jake down with a Poisoned Frankensteiner, they set up Dave, Doomsday Device on Dave, Scarlett into the cover, but only gets a near fall, Scarlett climbs on Bahh’s back as they look for the kill, Dave avoids The Manilla Sunset, Jake distracts the ref and passes Dave a roll of quarters which he uses to knockout Bahh then kicks Scarlett out of the ring and pins Bahh for the win


Scarlett checks on Bahh, but The Crists grab her, Tessa Blanchard makes the save, Jake grabs her, she ducks Dave’s Superkick then decks him with a Forearm then hits a Running Kick to the nuts on Jake, Tess up top & drops Jake with Magnum

Melissa backstage with Willie Mack & Rich Swann: Mack says people are trying to make money for their families, but if they’re on the shelf they can’t make any & asks what kind of person Elgin is trying to put everyone in the hospital, so next week he’s going to put an end to Elgin’s hospital ride he’s been sending people on, Swann says that since Mack came into Impact he’s always had his back & next week he’s going to have Mack’s back

Johnny Impact & ref Johnny Bravo come in, Impact says he hopes Mack & Swann have been enjoying their good times because it’s about to get bad, it doesn’t matter who gets sent to the hospital & tells Swann he’s on the Johnny Impact diet because he’s going to be 10 pounds lighter when he takes the X Division Title to Slamtown

oVe by a dumpster, Sami is pissed that The Crists didn’t stick to the plan, he says The Knockout Division isn’t The Draw, he is, he’s got a big problem with Tess, calling her a rich diamond princess born with a silver spoon in her mouth and are sick of it, he tells The Crists they’re going to make good on this


Grace with a second rope Senton Bomb for a near fall, Stalling Suplex into a Jackhammer for a near fall, Kiera begs off, Jordan goes to accept a handshake, Kiera goes for a slap, but Grace blocks & delivers one of her own, Kiera with a Running Dropkick, she has her feet on the rope, but the ref catches her, Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Kiera chokes Grace in the rope, multiple covers, but only gets a 1 count, she wants the ref to count faster, Kiera looks for a Suplex, but Grace counters with a Snap Suplex, Kiera with a Cut-Throat Overdrive II for a near fall, Shoot Kicks, she charges, but Grace with a Spinebuster, she posts Kiera then a Running Meteora to the back of the neck, Forearm, Vader Bomb for a near fall, Superplex blocked, Kiera slides out, Cheeky Nandos Kick followed by an Elevated Inverted Neckbreaker for a near fall, Grace blocks Face the Music & hits a Hercules Cutter for a near fall, Kiera with a Pump Kick, Grace with the Half-Nelson Wrist-Clutch hooked & hits The Grace Driver for the win


LAX Clubhouse, Konnan isn’t happy with how they’re preparing for their title match, Santanna’s sleeping & Ortiz is eating, he says they should be watching tape on The Rascalz, they say it doesn’t matter who they put in front of them they always leave with the titles, Konnan says if they don’t get their head in the game the next thing they’re going to hear are ‘and new Tag Team Champions’ and tells them it’s time to go

Moose says what drives him nuts is the old ECW legends coming out of the retirement home because they need money, he mocks RVD’s double thumb taunt & says he’s the Whole F’N Show now and challenges RVD to a match at Slammiversary and he’s going to make his life a living hell until he accepts

Impact World Tag Team Championships

Ortiz with a Double Arm Flash Pin on Wentz for a 2 count, Dez with a boost for Wentz, then Dez with a No-Hands Space Flying Tiger Drop on LAX back in the ring, Seton Atomico followed by The Final Flash, but Santana makes the save, Ortiz with a Diving DDT then Santana with a Deadlift German Suplex, but Dez makes the save, Santana with a Sidewalk Backbreaker for a 2 count, Ortiz with a Jumping Splash, but Dez makes the save, Santna with a Double Stomp to Wentz’s arm, they knock Dez off the apron & he hits his head on the guard rail, Wentz with a Handspring Enzugiri on Santana, Dez tags in as Wentz rolls to the floor grabbing his wrist, Dez with a strike blitz on Santana, Ace Crusher then wipes out Ortiz with a Tope Suicida, Santana avoids The Jocay-Le, Dez hits it the second time, Ortiz with an Enzugiri, Wentz goes for The Rainbow Cutter, but Ortiz blocks it and sends Wentz into the corner, Santana with a Barrel Roll Ace Crusher on Dez then Ortiz with a Crucifix Pin on Wentz for a near fall, they trade pins back and forth, Santana with a Superkick, Ortiz back into the cover, but Dez breaks the pin, Rascalz with the Jumping Knee/Assisted Moonsault combo, but Ortiz makes the save, Ortiz with a Powerslam on Wentz then catches Trey holding his flask, Ortiz takes it back and takes a sip, Dez punches Ortiz & Ortiz ends up spitting the contents of the flask into the ref’s face, Santana with Superkick, but Wentz with The Rainbow Cutter, Trey takes off his jersey and goes up top, Diving Meteora, Kid Ref into make the count despite Trey not being in the match and they’ve won the Tag Titles?

LAX aren’t happy as the official ref and kid ref have words, he reverses the decision since Trey gets involved causing a dq, and gives the Titles back to LAX as the show ends