Impact Wrestling Results – 6/30/20







Impact Wrestling Results – 6/30/20
Nashville, Tennessee
Skyway Studios
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

Josh & Madison from their home announce that the World Title is now vacant & a new Champion to be crowned at Slammiversary: Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards vs Trey vs A Mystery Opponent


Suicidi avoids the Standing Moonsault, but Bey lands on his feet, Suicide with an Atomic Drop followed by a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Suicide with an Electric Chair Slam, Quebrada, but Bey gets his knees up, Bey with a Lariat for a 2 count, Suicide with a Manji-Gatame then into a Susnet Flip for a near fall, Bey with a Draping Tornado Kick for a near fall, Back Suplex, up to the second, Moonsault, but Suicide evades, John Woo Dropkick, barrage of Shoteis, Flying FOrearm, Yakuza Kick, Basement Mushroom Stomp for a near fall, Suicide sent to the floor, Swinger in & he gets sent to the floor as well, Suicide with an Imploding Senton wipes both men out, Sunset Flip gets anear fall, Bey with a Tornado Knee, he looks for the kill, but Suicide counters into the Suicide Solution, he calls for the kill and goes up, Bey grabs his knee, ref checks on him as Swinger tosses Suicide off the top & Bey is just fine & hits The Bey-Mouser for the win


Moose says Crazzy Steve doesn’t take too much seriously, everything is fun & games to him, Moose isn’t about fun & games and Steve will find out why Moose is the World Champion

Johnny Swinger tells Chris Bey the refs are stupid & he’ll just pay him off, the ref is of course right behind him, he says he can’t be bought and the match at the ppv will be one on one because Swinger is banned from ringside


Bhh knocks Luster into a rollup for a 2 count, Bahh with a Belly to Belly Suplex, Double Splash for a 2 count, Adam with a Lariat on the floor then sends TJP back in, TJP goes to Pity City then Scum Clubberin TJP, Adam with a Jumping Stomp for a 2 count, he sends TJP into Luster’s head, Scum with The Battering Ram on TJPBahh with an Avalanche & a Butt-Butt, Samoan Drop blocked, Scum with a Skyscraper Double Stomp for a near fall, TJP with a Wreckingball Dropkick on Adam, Luster cuts off TJP, Adam with a Superkick to Bahh, TJP sends Adam into a Bahh Samoan Drop then TJP finishes Adam with The Mamba Splash for the win


Madison asks Bravo about his relationship with Rosemary when they teleport in, they don’t understand what she’s referring to between them and Bravo, Bravo & Swinger get into a shouting match, Madison asks Bravo if he’s in love with Rosemary when Taya woks in, she wants Rosemary to team with her & they agree to it

Video package on Deonna Purrazzo

The North are out to discuss their attack on Ken Shamrock, Josh says Shamrock couldn’t even make it to the ring, Ken has no friends or tag partners, Page says it’s because he’s nuts

Ken Shamrock storms down to the ring

Sami Callihan hacks in & says who needs friends when you have an enemy

He hacks in again & teleports in as Shamrock & Sami fight off The North, thumbs up, thumbs down, Sami hacks into the feed again & teleports out

Scott D’Amore is on the phone telling who he’s talking to that ‘a couple of Good Brothers like you’ will fit right in when The North comes up to complain about the attack, he says he’s not going to allow his countrymen to get jumped like that & says North will defend against Shamrock & Callihan at Slammiversary

Flashback moment of the week: Eric Young winning the World Title from Magnus

Jimmy Jacobs tries to get some words with Trey, he doesn’t care if he has to break Ace’s back first to use him as a stepping stool, he’s going to look Fulton in they eye & break his foot off in his ass

TNA World Championship

Steve low-bridges Moose, Slingshot Crossbody, but Moose catches him & slam him on the apron, Giant Swing into the steps, Steve is bleeding from the mouth & Moose is going after the ribs, he sends Steve back in, Draping Gourdbuster, Abdominal Stretch, Moose grabs the rope & ref forces a break, he threatens the ref, ref is warning him that he’s risking a dq, Steve blocks a Superplex takes a bite out of Moose, Avalanche Sunset Flip, but only gets a 1 count, rollup for a 2 count, Dropkick to the knee, Sliding Knee, Cannonball, he goes up top, he looks for King Kill 33, but Moose catches him with a Fallaway Slam then finishes Steve with the No Jackhammer Needed Spear to retain


Moose continues the attack, Josh asks Madison if she condones ‘this Ruthless Agression’ (ok I know they’re teasing former World Champions to hype the ppv, but there’s zero chance of John Cena or Prototype or whatever name they’d call him is going to show up)

Tommy Dreamer comes out to check on Steve & Moose attack Dreamer and leaves him laying

Crazzy Steve is helped to the back

Tommy Dreamer says he’s been in the business for 30 years & can count on one hand the amount of guys that has the natural talent that Moose has, Moose is just looking for a paycheck, he’s not listening to anyone that tells him, he couldn’t win a title so he grabs a defunct belt & made his own, no one paid a ticket to see Moose wrestle, he’s a footnote & Dreamer calls him a waste of talent

The Deaners are arm wrestling Hernandez, Jake lost so now Cody wants his shot, he looks like he might have it, but Hernandez shakes his head and puts him down & The Deaners pay him what they owe


Steelz with a trip, but Nevaeh takes her down, Kiera avoids a Leg Drop & hits a Basement Superkick, Sleeper, but Havok breaks it, Kiera uses her hair to choke Havok, Havok tosses her off the top, Havok with a STO Backbreaker, Running Knee Lift, Face Wash, a pair, make that a trifecta, Steelz grabs Havok’s mask, Havok with a Double Choke, Steelz tosses the mask to Kiera and she blasts Havok with it then connects with a cavalcade of crushing kicks for the win


Moose says everything Dreamer said was defamation of character and is demanding a public apology or he’s going to sue Dreamer & Impact for slander


Trey wipes out Ace with a Tope Suicida, he tires to do the same to Fulton, but he catches Trey & sends him back in, Fulton catches Trey off the ropes with a Chokeslam, One Arm Gorilla Slam, Wheelbarrow into an Inverted Suplex, Trey looks for a Jawbreaker, but Fulton counters & slams Trey down, he sends Trey’s head into the turnbuckle repeatedly, HARD chop, Trey with a Quebrada into a Sleeper, but Fulton counters into a Sidewalk Slam, but Trey still holds on during the pin, he kicks out at 2 and still holds on, Fulton finally breaks it using the turnbuckle, Trey with Facebreaker followed by a Diving Inverted Neckbreaker, Shoot Kicks, Superkick, Springboard, but Fulton counters into a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall, Runnign Avalanche, Trey grabs the stick that Ace had & slams it into Fulton to cause a dq


He grabs the chair and beats down Fulton

Our closing shot this week is a mask & cape hanging and someone grabbing the mask (for those that need help with this obscure reference, the mask and cape were in reference to Eric Young’s Super Eric character)