Impact Wrestling Results – 6/28/19




Impact Wrestling Results – 6/28/19
New York City, New York
Melrose Ballroom
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Don Callis


Jake sends Alexander back in with a Lariat, Cody into a cover for a 2 count, Jake slams Ethan ribs first onto Cody’s knee for a 2 count, Josh has been busted open & is not happy about it, North looks for the kill, but Jake blocks it, Cody wipes out Ethan with a Tope Suicida, Josh takes out Jake with a Crossbody, Cody pulls Josh back in, North with an Elevated Implant DDT for a near fall, Josh with a Chop-Block and an Ankle Lock, but Jake throws him off, Michinoku Driver II, Cody up top with a Diving Headbutt for a near fall, Jake with a Superman Spear, Deaners look for the kill, but Ethan grabs Cody, Josh with a rollup on Josh for a near fall, Josh with a Deadlift German Suplex, but Jake is right back up & hits a Lariat for a near fall, Cody with The Deaner DDT, up to the second, but Ethan grabs his leg, North with a Double Vanity Search (Straightjacket Iconoclasm) then finish Cody with The Double Gotch-Style Netutralizer for the win


Taya meets with Rosemary in her lair, Taya complains about things leaking on her forehead and she never agreed to this Monster’s Ball Match & says she has a 30 day, Rosemary’s heard enough and smothers her with a hand over mouth & tells Taya the only contract she needs to be concerned with is the verbal one she signed with them stating if they protect Taya then they get a shot at the belt. They’ve kept up their end and they don’t want to remind Taya what happens if she doesn’t keep her end of the bargain. Taya didn’t realize she was signing a deal with the devil, Rosemary says that deal will work in her favor because they’ve been tasked with a partnership with Taya against the goblins. Taya says she’s just pissed off, she doesn’t want to do the match at the ppv, she’s not looking forward to it & she better not get messed up & the title better still be with her, Rosemary says it’s under contract they’ll protect her tonight and make sure she makes it to the ppv & about the Monster’s Ball they promise it will be fun, trust them

Rolando Menendez says the word on the street is that Brian Cage is here tonight then sees Cage’s doctor walking by and tries to get the scoop. The doc says Cage’s actions last week put his health in jeopardy & he’s going to personally see to it that Cage doesn’t put himself or the company in jeopardy tonight

Moose jumped Tommy Dreamer at House of Hardcore and broke him in half with a Hit-Stick then continued the beatdown & tells RVD that this is all his fault

Tessa Blanchard has accepted Sami Callihan’s challenge and they’ll face off in a singles match at the ppv

Also Eddie apparently didn’t turn cannibal last week or at least entirely as he & Killer Kross will meet at the ppv in a First Blood Match


Havok runs down both Taya & Rosemary, Su puts the glove on, but Havok makes a blind tag, Havok goes to squash Taya, but she avoids it, Havok blocks an Exploder Suplex, but Rosemary Dropkicks the knee, she jumps into a Muta Lock, but Su breaks it up, Rosemary with a Tope Suicida, but Havok blasts her out of the air, Havok asks if Taya is Rosemary’s new buddy and asks if she’s going to get Taya killed too which sets Rosemary off and she sends Havok into a chair, Havok grabs the chair, but Rosemary kicks it in Havok’s face, Su grabs the chair and slams it into Rosemary’s back to cause a dq


Taya runs for it, but Su is in hot pursuit and goes right after The Champ, she has the glove and locks in The Purge, Havok charges Rosemary, but Rosemary sends her into the post then slides into the ring to break The Purge with a Spear and beats down Su, Havok loaad the ring with chairs, Taya stomps the chair into Havok’s face then Rosemary grabs a bag of thumbtacks, they drag Su up and look for a Double Suplex, but Havok saves Su, Havok holds Rosemary, Su goes for a Shotei, but Rosemary ducks and Su hits Havok & she’s not thrilled about it, goozle, Su goes for The Purge, but she doesn’t have her glove

James Mitchell is in to try and calm his monsters & tells them what they need is unity

Melissa standing by with Ace Austin asking about his first loss in Impact, he doesn’t like that question and instead asks her one, he asks if prior to one week ago was she aware that TJP worked here, she doesn’t say anything, Ace says that sounds like a no, neither did he, so how was he supposed to prepare for something he didn’t even know was going to be there, he studied the X Division & TJP wasn’t part of any of that and the only reason TJP got the better of him was because he wasn’t ready, it’s unfair, unjust & he wouldn’t really consider it a loss

TJP walks in and says it’s nice to meet Ace, he’s sorry to barge in on him because he know that he had something important to say, but TJ really had to stretch his legs because he’s been chained up in a basement for the last 3 years (referencing the whole of his WWE run) and says prior to a week ago he didn’t know that he was going to be there either, so they can do it again, next week he takes Ace to school again, but this time Ace should study because there’s a test

Cousin Jake is drowning their loss in alcohol, Cody says he was talking to Uncle Zeb and says they need to turn up the good & turn off the suck because they don’t suck

When the Desi Hit Squad comes in, Raj says they’re celebrating another loss, Rohit makes fun of the Deaners, Raj says he enjoyed watching The North whip The Deaners’ ass, Cody has to hold Jake back, Raj says they’re not there to fight, Rohit calls them a bunch of savages and says that’s why Deaners are trash & Desis are class, even Cody is getting perturbed at this and nearly crushes a bottle with his bare hand

Impact Plus Moment of the week: SANADA, Manik, Tigre Uno, Crazzy Steve, Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards in a Ladder Match for the X Division Title from Slammiversary XII

We go to a church in Boston as Eddie Edwards is praying, one of the priests puts his hand on Eddie’s shoulder and asks how long it’s been since his last confession, Eddie says longer than he’d like to admit & says there’s things happening in his life, he’s lost friends, he almost lost his career & he’s pretty sure he’s lost his wife & if he’s being honest he doesn’t think he cares because he’s constantly being pulled in this direction, he’s constantly hearing voices in his head that’s constantly trying to get him to do bad things and he wants to do bad things and says he’s a sinner.

Suddenly the priest is replaced by Killer Kross who teleported or meta-morphed & Kross says in the eyes of God we’re all sinners Mr Edwards. The voice immediately makes Eddie jump and he grabs Kross. Kross says holy grounds Mr Edwards, holy grounds & Eddie releases him. Kross says that’s what he thought, those are Eddie’s rules not his & asks what he’s going to do, start a fight in a church it’s not a good look. He says what’s amazing is Eddie is constantly searching for forgiveness in all the wrong places and asks what he’s so afraid of. Losing himself? Or finding himself? Eddie says there may be rules in here, but out there are no rules & he’ll be waiting for Kross. Kross just laughs and tells Eddie he’ll be waiting for a long time, he finds it rather peaceful in the church & thinks he’ll make himself comfortable.

Kross sets down and the priest asks him the same question he did Eddie, Kross says he confesses his sins everyday, the priest asks what he means by that, Kross says he would like to confess his sins to the priest, but just a question first, how much time does the priest have and laughs

Johnny Bravo is seen bragging to refs backstage, he says him and Johnny Impact are a team, on of the other refs says he’s just a stooge, Bravo says he & Impact are close as the other ref just start laughing at this claim, Bravo says if Rich Swann was standing right in front of him he would grab him by the neck, on cue Swann shows up and back Bravo into a corner, Impact pulls Swann off Bravo as officials separate them, Bravo is still talking trash saying they could take on Swann, Rich proposes he & Mack vs both of the Johnnys, Impact asks if Swann thinks they’re stupid, at least one of them must be because Bravo accepts the challenge much to Impact’s chagrin


Fulton grabs the leg, the ref catches it & Fulton is ejected from ringside, Sami with a Running Elbow Drop for a 1 count, Sami digs at the eyes, Bahh with a Running Avalanche, then a Running Butt-Butt, Samoan Drop, he looks for the kill, but Sami rolls to the floor, Bahh follows and sends Sami back in, Bahh looked for a Suplex, but Sami bites his hand, Superkick then hits an Elevated Piledriver for the win


Sami grabs the mic, Sami says the fans chanting Draw is what happens when your over like only a male can be, he’s sick and tired of this Knockouts are equal bs, he has something important to say, but unlike a bitch he doesn’t do it from behind and tells Tessa to get out there, he says Tess comes out looking all tough, but she’s not going to do jack-crap to him because he’s a male, she wants to be treated like everyone else, she wants equal rights, she wants Sami to treat her like the rest of the roster as an equal, he says sometimes you get what you want, she wants to be treated as a equal well here it is

He Pump Kicks Tess in the face, Sami says that’s what happens when a Knockout gets in the ring with a male, that’s what happens when a Knockout gets in the ring with him, thumbs up, thumbs down

Tess is back up & takes Sami down and beats the hell out of Sami, The Crists come down and pull her off him and restrain her, Sami says stupid move bitch & drives the baseball bat into Tess’ ribs, he grabs he by the neck, Tess spits ins Sami’s face, Sami with a Cactus Driver on Tess, he takes a bow to massive boos


LAX has Trey in trouble with an Alley-Oop/Standing Shooting Star/Senton Bomb/Bullet Headbutt Combo, but Des makes the save, Rascalz with a Catapult/Double Stomp Combo, Des into the cover, but only gets a 2 count on Ortiz, LAX stack the Rasalz up, Kid up top with a 450 Splash on top of the pile, cover on Trey, but only a near fall, they look for the kill, but Rascalz stops it, and lay out Ortiz with multiple kicks, Trey up top & hits the Diving Meteora for the win


Melissa standing by with Madison Rayne, Rayne says her win over Jordynne Grace is clouded with controversy since Kiera interfered & feels Grace deserves a re-match, Kiera says Jordynne doesn’t deserve a damn thing over how their friendship went, she looks at Rayne and sees a lot of who she used to be, everyone sees the Knockouts as a siterhood, but Kiera says they only have one thing in common deep down every single one of them are selfish bitches, but she’s not afraid to admit that. This gets under Rayne’s skin and says the re-match with Grace can wait because if Kiera wants to pull the darkside out of the locker room then she’ll face Kiera and she’ll see just how ugly Rayne can get

The Rascalz are facing off in a 3 way next week, the loser isn’t in the Tag Title match at the ppv

The doc tries to stop Cage saying he’s not going anywhere, he’s not cleared, Cage just laughs at the doc, picks him up and moves him to the side and walks right on by

Cage says it’s taken him nearly 14 years to hold a World Title, but Elgin came out there and took that from him, he ruined the biggest win of his career and even sent him to the hospital, but he sent an injured Cage to the hospital, but here he stands & he’s not going back & Elgin can’t break this machine & in 9 days at the ppv he’s going find that out first hand

The doc comes out & Cage has had it with this doc & drops him with Metalingus, Elgin jumps Cage from behind, Bucklebomb followed by a Revolution-Style Elgin Bomb has left The Champ laying, Elgin grabs the title & says at Slammiversary the belt is his, Cage grabs Elgin’s leg & Elgin with another Revolution Elgin Bomb then pulls out a table and sets it up outside the ring, Running Elgin Bomb from the ring through the table to the floor, Mike Awesome style, Elgin has completely destroyed Cage again

Elgin says time and time again he’s proven that Cage is no machine & at the ppv he’ll be the new Champion, Elgin gets into a heated debate with Don Callis, Callis tells him to get out of here or he’s going to get fired, Elgin says if Callis wants to fire him then just decks Callis, he sends Don into the ring, he’s going to Elgin Bomb Callis, but Cage is back up & they’re trading strikes as the show ends