Impact Wrestling Results – 6/16/20








Impact Wrestling Results – 6/16/20
Nashville, Tennessee
Skyway Studios
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

Impact World Tag Team Championship

Rascalz with crushing kicks then a Double Stomp for a 2 count on Josh, Wentz with a Slingshot Senton Atomico, but Page breaks the pin, Josh with Crossface Strikes, Jumping Knee for a 2 count, Wentz with a Handspring Knee, Dez with a Dropkick, but Page makes the save, Josh with a Spinebuster, Page with a Jumping Knee for a 2 count, North with the Double Team Stalling Suplex, but Wentz makes the save, Page with a Pendulum Backbreaker into a submission, but Dez fights out, Page with the Fast Snap DDT, Josh into a cover for a near fall, Josh counters the Rainbow Cutter, but Dez with a Moonsault takes him down, Penalty Kick followed by a Standing Moonsault on Page, but only gets a near fall, Wentz with a Double Stomp, Dez into the cover, but only gets a near fall, Dez up top Page with a Superkick then a Roundhouse Kick, Jocay-Le then a Canadian Destroyer, but page makes the save, Dez low-bridges Page, Tope Suicida, but page catches him & tosses him into the crowd, Josh blocks the Rainbow Cutter, Torture Rack then passes him to Page for a Spinebuster, they call it The Northern Assault & The North retain


Page gets testy that no one was watching their match & says no one is going to beat them for the belts now or ever

Trey has been knocked out yet again by a mystery assailant as Dez & Wentz wants to know who is behind the assaults

Jimmy Jacobs with Ace Austin to let him know he’s one of the prime suspects in the Trey attacks, Eddie Edwards says he knows Ace did it & he’s going to get his hands on the wife banger tonight


Nevaeh with a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz are in the crowd taunting Nevaeh, Lee goes to the eye, Vertical Suplex for a 2 count, Nevaeh with a STO then a Release German Suplex, but only gets a near fall, Lee with a Spinning Heel Kick then an Enzugiri for a near fall, Nevaeh finishes Lee with the Square and Compass for the win


North ask Reno Scum if they watched their match, they instead say they were watching clips of Ken Shamrock, Page says if they aren’t watching them then they’re not watching anything and smashes the I-Pad

Cancel Culture on Jake Crist becoming Jacob Crist & their mission to rid Impact of Crazzy Steve

Steve says he’s tired of hearing no, he’s a homicidal artist that needs to paint outside the lines, he’s going to mix all the colors together and make a macabre masterpiece next week


Rohit attacks Rhino from behind & tries a pin, but the match hasn’t begun yet, bell rings & Rohit goes right after him, he sends Rhino to the floor and goes after him, Rohit posts Rhino and sends him back in, into a cover for a 2 count, Driving Elbow for a 2 count, Rhino with a Suplex, Lariat, Back Elbow, Rohit with a Jumpin Knee then a Cannonball, up top, Rhino avoids the Dragon Stomp & breaks Rohit in half with The Gore for the win


Rohit is frustrated and throws a tantrum

Moment of the week: ECIII defeating Kurt Angle to win the World Title

Michael Elgin is on the phone as Jimmy Jacobs asks if he did it, Elgin says when he attacks someone it’s not from behind as he wants the whole world to see him send guys to the hospital so he’s not the guy

Susie says she likes being good, but everyone steps on her & thinks she should be bad, Kylie says she’s fine the way she is, Taya comes in and says only losers talk like that saying they need a makeover and take off, Susie wants to go after her, but Kylie holds her back

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Moose sends Hernandez into the turnbuckle, Moose Dropkicks Hernandez off the top to the floor, Moose digs into the eyes, pair of Running Boots, make that a trifecta, tearing at the nose, he slaps Hernandez, but he answers back with a Thrust Spinebuster, Stinger Splash, Jumping Senton, Border Toss Backbreaker for a near fall, Moose blocs a Suplex, Hernandez goes for a Pop-Up, but Moose lands on his feet & hits a Mule Kick to the nuts behind the ref’s back then finishes it with The No-Jackhammer Needed Spear to retain


After the win, you can hear ECIII’s old theme music playing (a warning or a red herring)

Rascalz get into Reno Scum’s faces, Scum say they should check with TJP & Fallah Bahh as they weren’t too happy about losing to the Rascalz a few weeks ago

The Deaners & Willie Mack talk about how much they’re going to kick Swinger & Bey’s asses


Scum Clubberin D, Adam with a Standing Moonsault for a 2 count, he goes for a dive, but D counters into a World’s Strongest Slam, Acey with a Sidewalk Slam on Luster for a near fall, XXXL Crunch Luster, Luster ducks The Best Hand in the House then Scum finish D with The Scum Stomp, Adam takes down Acey as Luster pins D for the win


Chris Bey is only here for the X Division Title, Johnny Swinger is looking for a partner for them, he says he’s got the perfect guy

Video package on ‘The Virtuosa’ Deonna Purrazzo

Jordynne Grace says if Deonna wanted a title shot all she had to do was find her and ask, she didn’t have to attack-

Purrazzo strikes again and grabs the arm, Fujiwara Armabr leaves Grace laying


Eddie jumps Ace from behind, Eddie goes backstage as Ace gabs a chair, Eddie has a trash can, but Ace avoids it, Carthweel & Eddie slams it into Ace, tossing plunder into the ring, Eddie crotches Ace on the guardrail, Ace slams some sort of stick into Eddie’s head, Eddie side steps Ace, but Ace stops a dive with a trash can lid, he grabs a steel chair and his staff, he goes after Eddie’s eye with the staff, he takes a section of the guardrail, Ace goes back after the eye, he looks for The Fold, but Eddie counters into a Belly to Belly Suplex on the guardrail, Eddie with a Blue Thunder Driver for a near fall, Ace with a Springboard Tornado Kick driving the chair into Eddie’s face, but only gets a near fall, he sets up a chair & brings out a table, he sets Eddie up on the table, up top, but Eddie crotches him, Ace with the playing card into the eyes, then a Crossbody followed by a Spinning Heel Kick, but only gets a near fall, Eddie with a Tiger Driver for a near fall, Eddie has the kendo stick, Ace with a Drop Toehold sends Eddie throat first into the chair, Eddie ducks the cane shot, and grabs it and blasts Ace, he dumps the table over, Neckbreaker onto the steel leg of the table, Eddie stalks him, but Madman Fulton is here, Chokeslam to Eddie & another one, he helps up Ace & holds Eddie for Ace to hit The Fold for the win