Impact Wrestling Results – 6/14/19 & 6/21/19




Impact Wrestling Results – 6/14/19 & 6/21/19
New York City, New York
Melrose Ballroom
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Don Callis


(The North are the former PWG World Tag Team Champions Ethan Page & Josh Alexander there they were known as Monster Mafia, while the Super Genie is indy wrestler Melissa Coates and she’s a real powerhouse in her own right)

Sabu with a Lariat for a 2 count, RVD with a Suplex and floats into a cover for a 2 count, RVD scissors the legs for a pin on Page for a 2 count, Rolling Thunder, then Sabu locks in The Camel Clutch, Genie tosses a chair to Sabu and he throws it at Page, Double Team Legdrop for a 2 count, RVD with a Spinning Heel Kick for a 2 count, Page with The Tanned Sheamus (Pump Kick, Page’s whole deal is his moves are all mocking other moves and/or wreslter’s names) then drops Sabu, Sidwalk Backbreaker, Alexander with a Suplex and floats over, but Sabu breaks it up, Sabu with a trifecta of flying chair shots, Air Sabu, RVD with a Monkey Flip, Camel Clutch and holds him for a RVD Dropkick, they bring out a table, and set Alexander on it, Moose shoves RVD off the top, Sabu with an Arabian Facebuster through the table, the slight distraction before the cover allows Page to make the save, Sabu with a Leaping DDT, Flying Crossbody, but Alexander catches him with a Backbreaker then The North with a Double Team Gotch-Style Neutralizer for the win to get a Tag Title shot


Moose mocks RVD’s double thumb taunt, but Tommy Dreamer sends him into RVD & Sabu, Sabu with a flying chair shot, they hold it in place, but Moose escapes before RVD could hit The Van Terminator

Moose wants to know where The North were and called them disrespectful Canadians, Page says Moose is lucky he doesn’t let Josh knock his teeth out. Moose says he’s going to take out the ECW era starting with Tommy Dreamer tonight


(Masha is from Victory Pro Wrestling in Deer Park NY)

Havok with crossfaces, pair of Backbreakers, Snap Suplex, she Biels Masha out of the corner, Havok catches a Spinning Heel Kick and shoves her down, Sit-Out Catatonic, goozle, Death From Above then finishes Masha with a Tombstone for the win


Mitchell grabs a mic: he Rosemary needs to get her emotions under control, because every time she acts on them she leaves collateral damage in her wake, he went to her twice after she had enslaved Su and tried to be a reasonable man in the midst of which he pointed out the hand in which Rosemary played in Allie’s death and then she put her hands on him & that’s when he sent his secret weapon ‘The Kaiju Queen’ (a kaiju is your basic giant monsters like Godzilla, Mothra etc for those who don’t know) Havok & she flattened Rosemary like Godzilla stomping on Tokyo in doing so she broke the spell of the demon collar & Taya Valkyrie was caught in the shockwave, he has made it his personal mission that Havok becomes the next Knockouts Champion and on her way she’ll use Rosemary’s broken twisted carcass as a launching pad


Cody wipes out Raj with a Tope Suicida, back in the ring, Raj with an Elevated Ace Crusher for a near fall, Gama with a right hand behind the ref’s back, Raj with a Dropkick to the back for a 2 count, Cody with a plethora of punches then the Deaner DDT, Jake stops Rohit then then grabs Gama, Gama grabs his heart, Rohit with a Jumping Knee then wipes out Jake with a Baseball Slide, Raj scissors the arm and hit what looked like MsChif’s Desecrator (an arm scissored DDT) for the win as Gama is fine and just faked the whole thing


Melissa is backstage with Michael Elgin, Elgin says he hates stubborn people & Mack is stubborn because he Powerbombed him into a ring truck and had his number in a tag match and wants him one-on-one, well there’s an ambulance waiting for him

That’s when the Johnny Impact & Johnny Bravo come in, Impact says he checked with hospital and they haven’t seen Mack and they checked twice, Elgin says he’s real funny, but to save the number he’s going to need it, Impact says if he needs help all he has to do is ask, Elgin says he doesn’t need either of the Jonny’s help and tells them to keep their noses out of his business. Impact called him a narcissist because he didn’t say anything about his hair, Bravo says the highlights look really good.

Rosemary is shown laughing and says Mitchell fancies himself as a diplomat, but they have no time for diplomacy they’re a creature of action. He sent them licking their wounds last week & took their pet, but that’s ok some people weren’t meant to be pet owners, but Mitchell has a penchant for monsters. He couldn’t control the last one so what makes him think this one will be different, but it’s all a joke as the shadow has put them on a mission to return the Knockouts Championship to the hive and promises a collision course beteen them and Havok is coming

Impact Plus Moment of the week Samoa Joe vs Lashley from Slammiversary XII

Alisha was checking on Masha when Sami Callihan stormed into the women’s locker room, he said it was much nicer than the men’s, Alisha said he doesn’t belong there, Sami said it’s 2019, equal rights, he belongs wherever he wants to be, Alisha’s not having it when she’s hushed by Tessa, Tess says she’s got this and tells Sami he doesn’t belong in there, he says kind of like when Tess stuck her nose in his business last week & jumped his guys from behind, Tess says that’s where he’s wrong, in the ring kicking his guys ass’ is exactly where she belongs, he says if she had stepped into the ring face to face it would’ve been a different story, she tells him to bring Jake Crist next week and she’ll face him on on one next week, he says he’s glad they were able to do this thing the easy way


Rayne with a Firewoman Carry into a pin for a 2 count, Grace Backdrops Madison to the floor, Grace with a Running Shoulder Block for a 2 count, Stalling Suplex for a 2 count, Rayne with a Standing Koji Clutch, they trade Sunset Flips for 1 counts, Chance of Rayne on the floor, back in the ring for a 2 count, Rayne Check blocked, Crucifix Bomb for a near fall, Rayne blocks a Muscle Buster, Grace blocks a Tornado DDT and hits a Spinning Muscle Buster for a near fall, another cover for a near fall, Grace Driver blocked, Lariat, she looks for a Vader Bomb when she’s distracted by Kiera, Death Valley Bomb blocked, Madison slips out and hits Cross Rayne for the win



Kross catches Sandman trying to get the jump on him, Sandman grabs the cane and goes to work on Kross, Kross-Jacket, Sandman tries to use the cane to break the hold, but Kross has him wrapped up tight & Sandman is out


The ref tries to pull of Kross when Eddie Edwards makes the save & sends Kross to the floor, Kross says it’s not over as he backs away

LAX Clubhouse, Konnan isn’t sure what they’re celebrating about because they almost got beat, he says they almost lost that match because they didn’t take The Rascalz seriously, they think Laredo Kid is coming in when it’s The Rascalz, Konnan said he let it slide the first time, but the next time they come into their clubhouse it’s going to be a fight, Rascalz want a rematch, Konnan says he kind of respects them, they came into their home and admires their courage and heart, Wentz says they’re the best tag team in the world and shoves Santana and tells him to respect that and shoves him as a brawl breaks out and LAX beats them down then Santana says they want their rematch they got it, Laredo Kid comes in & Santana says they just had to handle some business

The Smoke Show

Scarlett is happy to have another hot blonde and says he feels her & Taya are like sisters, Taya tells her not to touch her then Johnny Bravo introduces himself, Taya wants to hurry things up saying she has other things to be doing than wasting her time on Scarlett’s couch, Scarlett offers Taya champagne, but Taya turns her nose up at the Queen’s champagne saying in Slam Town they only drink Parisian champagne. Scarlett asks how’s life at home since Johnny lost the title and Taya is now wearing the pants, Taya says don’t ever talk about her husband and whatever happens in Slam Town stays in Slam Town. Scarlett asks where is Slam Town and wants to go there. Taya says absolutely not. Scarlett says if Taya doesn’t defend the title every 30 days she could be stripped of it, Taya says her and the word stripped in the same sentence doesn’t go together & says that’s something Scarlett is more accustomed to and she’s more worried with all the orcs following her around. Scarlett says Taya has to defend the title next week against Su Yung. Taya isn’t happy and storms off with taking the champagne with her


Mack with a Leaping Lariat for a 2 count, Elgin with a Superkick then a Baseball Slide sends Mack to the floor, Dropkick for a 2 count, Mack with a Running Legdrop for a 2 count, Rydeen Bomb for a near fall, Stunner blocked, Elgin with a Superplex for a near fall, Elgin takes off the elbow pad, but Mack avoids the charge, he looks for a Tope Suicida, but Elgin pulls Swann in front of him, Back Suplex to Swann on the apron, Lariat to Mack, Bucklebomb then follows with The Elgin Bomb for the win


Elgin’s not done, Swann stops Elgin, but Johnny Impact attacks Swann, Johnny with a Spinning Razor Edge on Swann, Elgin shakes hands with Impact then hits a Release German Suplex and takes Johnny’s shades and grabs Mack, Bucklebomb into the ring post

Elgin continues his message of destruction as the first episode ends


Tess goes aright after Jake with a barrage of Forearms, Ace Crusher then a Tope Suicida, and a second one, make that a trifecta, Tess up top, but Jake with a Superkick in mid-air, Tess comes back with more Forearms, Jake with the Spider Twist, Tess with knees and makes it to the rope, Jake with a Snap Suplex, but only gets a 1 count, Tess with a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT for a near fall, Firewoman Carry, but Jake gouges the eyes, Jake with a Death Valley Bomb, but only gets a near fall, Tess with a trifecta of kicks, up top & hits Magnum for the win


Sami comes out with Dave & Fulton, Tess retreats before they can make it there, Sami is berating Jake, Tess wants a piece of Sami

Eddie Edwards comes down to takes out oVe


Fulton with a Chokeslam on the ring apron, Tossing Suplex, Chokeslam, and yet another Chokeslam, Butterfly Suplex for a 2 count, Fulton tries to Powerbomb Eddie over the rope to the floor, but Eddie holds on and climbs back in, Blue Thunder Driver for a 2 count, (Josh takes a shot at the Bully Ray situation saying he’s surprised Sami doesn’t take a fan into a backroom and intimidate him) Eddie grabs kenny 2.0 when Killer Kross appears on the screen, he’s got Sandman bound with a black hood over his head, Kross says it’s all water under the bridge & Sandman says he’s thirsty, Kross says he’s got just thing for that & pours a water over the hood, as Sandman is being waterboarded, and screams for Eddie to come to the party & calls Eddie a son of a bitch and to lets play ball, Fulton with a Fallaway Complete Shot on Eddie for the win


Eddie grabs his kendo stick and takes off to the back

Alisha tries to stop Eddie from going after Eddie saying it’s a trap, he doesn’t care & is going after Kross


Tommy gets a drink of diet coke and spits it in Moose’s face, Moose avoids the Bionic Elbow, Tommy hits it on the second attempt, Dreamer DDT but only gets a near fall, Moose up top, but Dreamer meets him & hits a Superplex, but only a near fall, Moose blocks the Spicolli Driver & rake the eyes, Tommy blocks The Hit-Stick & hits a Spear of his own for a near fall, Tommy brings out a steel chair, Moose pulls kid ref in front of him & hits a Pump Kick then finishes Dreamer with The Hit-Stick for the win


He chokes out Dreamer with the chair and sets Tommy in the corner with the chair in front of his face & was looking for the Van Terminator when RVD makes the save and Moose runs for it

Taya & Johnny Bravo enter Rosemary’s lair, Taya completely runs it down saying it looks like where rats would live, Rosemary says they don’t remember putting a welcome mat out yet every single mortal just seems to make it like home, Taya says she has problem with Rosemary’s goblin friends and she needs to take care of it, Rosemary ask what happened to Taya she used to be a thunder goddess now she’s grovelling to them to take care of her pest problem, Taya says in Slam Town when there’s a pest problem you call an exterminator and she doesn’t know how to deal with the creatures, Rosemary says even in Taya’s world this exterminator comes at a price give a little to get a little, Taya says if she helps her exterminate the flea goblins she’ll give her a chance at the title, Rosemary says that’s intriguing, but they’ll have to see what the cards say

Johnny Impact says Elgin bit the hand that fed him last week which he probably should have seen coming, but tonight he’s got big payback & at Slammiversary he’s cashing in the X for his shot at the X Division Title & Rich Swann will leave Slammiverary with a one way ticket to Slam Town

Knockouts Championship:

Taya blocks The Panic Switch, Release German Suplex into the turnbuckle for a near fall, Running Butt, Running Meteora for a near fall, Su with a Dropkick to the ass, Headscissors Takeover for a 2 count, Lotus Lock, but Taya gets her foot on the rope, Elevated Pedigree for a near fall, Su pulls out the glove and slaps Taya with it, the glove is on, Taya blocks The Purge and hits a Curb Stomp for a near fall, Taya blocks The Purge again and hits a Double Knee Armbreaker, she drags Su to the corner, Taya up to the second, but she’s hotdoggin, Su with The Purge on Taya’s ass, you could almost say its an, nope even I’m not going that far (let’s put it like this there’s another name you could call it, but due to the name, it would have a more well-known meaning in something a bit more risque than wrestling if you catch my drift) Havok with a Forerm to Taya and that’s going to give Taya the win by dq


Mitchell tries to keep Havok & Su under control then they encircle the Taya, Rosemary is making the save

Mitchell says if it isn’t Rosemary to save the day, right on cue, but says they’re not there to incite violence and says it’s a time for celebration & says in Dallas at Slammiversary Impact will be celebrating, he says Texas is well-known for their wild parties so they’re going to up the ante this time, all 4 of the women are invited to a very prestigious ball: The Monster’s Ball, Rosemary, Su & Havok are very pleased, Taya is not happy at all about this

Ace Austin says he’s the only person in Impact that has yet to be beaten, the one true ace, he says he is so much more than just the future of the X Division and says soon the division will be known as the Ace Division and he’s throwing out an open challenge tonight

It’s being answered by TJ Perkins still simply going by TJP, a former X Division Champion in his own right as Manik


TJ with a Wreckingball Dropkick, Ace drives him into the side of the ring, Ace sends him back in, he goes for a Hurricanrana, but TJ counters with a Sit-Out Powerbomb, Frog Crossbody then finishes Ace with The Detonation Kick for the win


Eddie is looking Kross in a water pump room

Impact Plus moment of the week Bully Ray vs Ethan Carter III Texas Death Match

Eddie is still looking Kross, he finds him and they go at it in a hallway, Eddie with Forearms, Alisha tries to convince him to stop saying no more, Kross has blood pouring from his mouth and tells Eddie more, he goes back to work as we can hear Kross scream when Eddie comes back up Alisha looks on in horror as Eddie’s face is covered in Kross’ blood and Eddie is presumably chewing on a piece of Kross’ flesh before delivering a final stomp to Kross as we fade to black on that one

Sami Callihan says he’s an ice cold man and says he knows Tess wants to be looked at as a equal & he’s going to give her that chance at Slammiversary when they go one on one, let’s see if she can accept the challenge, he’s going to treat her as a equal & beat her to a bloody pulp just like he did Penatagon, Cage & Swann, he says Tessa will go down as just another name that he made famous. Thumbs up, thumbs down

It’s official not only is that 4 way Monster’s Ball happening, the Knockouts Title is on the line in it


Elgin with a Double Release German Suplex, then a barrage of Running Lariats, Swann with a Leaping Hurricanrana on Johnny landing on Elgin, cover on Elgin for a near fall, Elgin with an Air Raid Crash on Swann, Johnny with a Flash Point then a Standing Shooting Star on Swann for a near fall, Elgin with a Forearm on Johnny then a Catatonic for a near fall, Swann with a Handspring into a Double Ace Crusher, Elgin & Johnny with a Doomsday Flash Kick, but Swann hits a Poisoned Frankensteiner on Elgin on the kick, Johnny looks for Starship Pain, but Elgin evades, he takes the elbow pad off, Elgin blocks The Moonlight Drive and hits a Pump Kick, Superkick, up top, but Johnny hits a Spanish Fly, Swann up top & hits the 450 on Johnny for the win


Elgin blocks The Swann Song, but Rich hits it the second time, Swann Song to Impact, Johnny Bravo nails Swann with the Ultimate X, they choke out Swann with the X, Brian Cage is marching to the ring, Chokeslam to Bravo, Gorilla Presses Impact from the ring to the ramp, and now face to face with his former Unbreakable F’N Machines partner, he tells Elgin to bring it, Cage with a Jumping Knee, Tornado Claw, Jackknife Powerbomb on Elgin, Cage is back & has left Elgin laying as the show ends