Impact Wrestling Results – 5/17/18

Impact Wrestling – 5/17/18
Orlando, Florida
Pop TV
Commentary: Josh Mathews

Josh Mathews is flying solo for the second week as his broadcast partner, Don Callis is still recovering from the assault he suffered from Sami Callihan.


IMPACT Wrestling World Tag Team Title Match

Mathews goes down the list of Scott Steiner’s tag team championship in New Japan, WCW and the WWF. Steiner with a Belly to Belly Suplex on Z for a 2 count, but he breaks the hold as Scott isn’t done yet, Drake looks for the Gravy Train on Z, but E with a Codebreaker then Z with a Yoshi Tonic on Eli for a near fall, Steiner has a chair and doesn’t see who he’s aiming at & hits Drake, E with a Standing Shooting Star Press for the win.

Winners: Z&E – NEW IMPACT Tag Team Champions

We return from commercial break and Z & E are celebrating backstage. Z talks about overcoming the injuries they’ve overcome. Petey Williams runs in and hugs them both.

Josh Mathews in the studio with his wife Madison Rayne. She’s making it sound like this is something she’s going to do more often



Tessa with a Running Dropkick to the back while Kiera’s in the rope for a 2 count, Hogan with a Leaping Legdrop for a 2 count, Tessa with an Ace Crusher then the Devil-Lock DDT for the win (Blanchard over Hogan? There’s something you never would have typed in the 80’s).


Tessa is back on the attack after the match! Madison Rayne is leaving commentary, makes her way to the ring, and tosses Blanchard off Kiera! When Tessa goes to grab her, Madison quickly turns and Tessa immediately retreats!

Backstage, Grado, with Katarina (formerly Winter) at his side, accuses Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong for these backstage attacks. Jimmy said he’s not a bad guy. He’s a good guy. He doesn’t care about Joseph Park. If Grado wants to keep making accusations, then they’re going to make him pay. Looks like Grado is going to let it go until Katarina says that they can’t talk to him like that. Poor Grado is going to have to fight Kongo Kong now

Video recap of the Sami/Eddie situation up to now

Pentagon cuts a promo saying he’s got a surprise for us tonight – he’s teaming with Pure Chocolate – which is the nickname for El Hijo de Fantasma



Kong with an Overhead Belly to Belly for a 2 count, Body Slam then the Diving Splash finishes Grado.


Katarina looks like she’s leaving Grado when he’s about to get a beating. Yeah, she just leaves. Meanwhile, Kongo tosses Grado shoulder first into the steel steps. They set up the ring steps on the apron like when they lawn darted Johnny Impact. He picks up Grado…

But here comes Moose! Strikes to Kongo! But when Jimmy distracts Moose, Kongo knees Moose in the gut and tosses him into the ring. But a big kick to Kongo as soon as he gets into the ring. Moose clotheslines over the ring. Jimmy Jacobs grabs his charge and leads him to the back

LAX are backstage on the phone trying to find out what is going on. The Cult of Lee decide this is the best time to mock them. Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley make the point that when LAX beat them, they had Konnan. They don’t have him any more

Earlier today, Tommy Dreamer is telling Eddie that after he wins tonight, this is over. Edwards isn’t hearing it because it’s far from over for him


Hardcore Match
(Courtesy of House of Hardcore)

Sami has a steel spike, but Eddie stops it & rips at Callihan’s eye, Sami with a Death Valley Bomb on the entrance stage, Eddie with a can of soda off the head then DDTs Sami on the apron, we have a lead pipe battle, Edwards with the pipe into the ribs then to the face, Eddie has a Singapore cane, cane to the knee then the other knee, Sami spits right in the face of Edwards, Eddie goes for a cane shot, but Sami counters with a Low Blow then hits The Get Out of Here for a near fall, Callihan sets up a pair of chairs, Edwards with a nut shot, but Callihan with a Falcon Arrow on the chairs for a near fall, Eddie spits into Callihan’s face & Sami grabs the bat, but Edwards pulls the trigger first & hits The Boston Knee Party for the win.


But Eddie’s right back on the attack. He grabs the bat and starts choking Sami with it! Security has to pry Eddie off. Tommy Dreamer makes his way to the ring as security removes Callihan from the area


(Courtesy of Destiny Wrestling)

Same Facade that was one of the guy’s Bully attacked on the last ROH show, he’s known as The Neon Ninja): Cage with a Bucklebomb into the ring post, Cage with a Spinning Full Nelson Slam for a near fall, GMSI (Pumphandle Sit-Out Facebuster), but Facade gets his foot on the rope, Sit-Out Waterwheel Slam for a near fall, Gorilla Press Snake Eyes then finishes it with Weapon X (Gory Special into a Reverse STO) for the win.



(Courtesy of the Global Wrestling Network – GWN)
No Surrender – September 11, 2011
X Division Title Match

We join the match in progress (Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary) as Aries is in control of the match, Kendrick tries to fend Aries off with a series of forearms, Aries counters with an atomic drop into a throw down, Aries with a swinging elbow drop but Kendrick gets out of the way Aries misses and hits the mat, Kendrick with a jawbreaker, Enzugiri but misses, Aries throws Kendrick shoulder first into the turnbuckle, Aries goes to the opposite corner, and attempts his running dropkick into Kendrick, Kendrick kicks Aries as he flies into Kendrick to escape the move, Kendrick fights back with a number of dropkicks which drives Aries to the outside of the ring, Kendrick hits Aries with a suicide dive, Kendrick throws Aries back in the ring, Kendrick to the top rope and hits Aries with a missile dropkick and gets a two count, Aries pushes Kendrick to the turnbuckle, Aries is in the middle of the ring and Kendrick hits Aries with a running tornado DDT, gets a 2 count, Kendrick attempts his slice bread finisher, but Aries throws Kendrick over the top rope onto the outside, Austin attempts payback with a suicide dive, but Kendrick moves out of the way. Kendrick always seems to be one step ahead, both wrestlers are down as the referee starts the count, Aries and Kendrick make it back in the ring at the 9 count, Aries and Kendrick exchange forearm blows, Kendrick tries a running forearm but Aries sidesteps and sends Kendrick through the ropes to the outside, Aries goes for a slingshot spinning plancha to the outside, he barely hits Kendrick, Aries takes the brunt of that move, Aries recovers first, throws Kendrick back in the ring and puts him in the corner, Aries goes to the opposite corner and executes the running dropkick to Kendrick, Aries is about to lift Kendrick for his brainbuster finisher but before he can lift Kendrick counters into a small package pin and only gets the 2 count, Aries charges with a running clothesline, Kendrick counters with a backslide pin, Austin kicks out at 2, as Kendrick gets up from the pinning attempt Austin charges again with intending to boot Kendrick’s face, but Kendrick counters again into a school boy roll up and gets a 2 count, Kendrick tries a roll up pin from behind as Aries holds on to the top rope from his front, as Kendrick rolls back to his feet Aries hits him with his discuss forearm, Aries lifts Kendrick in a vertical suplex position, puts Kendricks feet on the top rope and delivers a spinning DDT to the mat, Aries goes for the pin but Kendrick kicks out at 2, Aries drags Kendrick’s body to the corner, Aries climbs to the top rope, tries for a 450 splash, Kendrick moves out of the way, Aries sees in time to land on his feet, Kendrick gets up as Aries lands on the opposite side, Aries charges at Kendrick to the other end, Kendrick throws Austin into the turnbuckle and lands upside down, Aries gets up, Kendrick is behind Aries and executes a dragon suplex pin, Aries kicks out at 2, Kendrick picks up the groggy Aries, and tries for a second time to execute his slicebread finisher, the referee is in the wrong place as he stands in the same corner where Kendrick is in the middle of applying the move on Aries, both wrestlers avoid running into the ref, Kendricks feet hit the top rope and he back flips himself behind Aries, as Kendrick lands on his feet positioned behind Aries, Aries hits Kendrick with a lowblow with the boot while blocking the referee from seeing Aries’ cheap shot, Aries sees the perfect opening, he takes Kendrick and lifts him up in the middle of the ring and drives down with his devastating brainbuster suplex, the referee counts 1 2 3! Ring announcer Christy Hemme announces Austin Aries as the new X Division Champion!



KM runs into Fallah Bahh backstage and marvels how much weight he’s lost. Now KM is giving him a makeover.

The Funeral for Rosemary: This is a video outdoors of the undead brides converging on a cemetery. We also see some clips of what happened weeks ago. The brides drop the wooden casket in the cemetery. Su Yung places dead flowers on top. Su Yung mists the coffin, which sets it on fire (For those who may not know Rosemary is injured, recovering from a torn ACL, so this whole angle was done to take her off the board for the time being)



(well these 2 certainly know how to work together, we’re looking at 2 former members of Generation Next): Pentagon looked to go for The Sacrifice, but Aries evades, Aries tries the Brainbuster, but Pentagon lands on his feet, Fantasma with The Arrow from the Depths of Hell on Sydal, Fantasma folds Aries up for Pentagon to deliver a Missile Dropkick to the nuts, Pentagon & Fantasma with a Wheelbarrow/Inverted Lungblower combo, Sydal with a Double Slice, cover on Fantasma for a near fall, Sliding Knee, Gen Next with the Catapult/Slingshot Corkscrew Elbow combo, Pentagon with a Lungblower for a near fall, Sydal with a Diving Meteora, but Pentagon breaks the cover, Sydal with a Leaping Hurricanrana, up top, Shooting Sydal Press, but Pentagon blasts him out of the air with a Superkick then Fantasma finishes Sydal with The Thrill of the Kill for the win.


The lucha duo celebrate to end the show