Impact Wrestling Results – 4/7/20








Impact Wrestling Results – 4/7/20
Atlanta, Georgia
Coca-Cola Roxy
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

Willie Mack is marching down to the ring & he’s all business he calls Ace & Scum cowards for what they did to Rich Swann, he’s tired of their antics & is calling out Ace Austin, they don’t show, so he’s going to hold up the show until they get out here. Scum comes down Mack says he’ll take them both


Thesz Press, but Luster pulls him off, Luster tosses Adam into a Legdrop for a 2 count, Adam with a Standing Moonsault for a 2 count, Running Senton, but Mack gets his knees up, Mack with a Samoan Drop on Luster, nip up then a Standing Moonsault for a near fall, Adam with an Assisted Double Stomp in the corner, Luster into the cover for a near fall, Scum looks for the kill, but Mack kicks off Luster into Adam, Stunner to Luster then hits the Six-Star Frog Splash for the win


Mack doesn’t get a chance to celebrate as Ace appears and cracks him with a pair of Spin Kicks, Scum holds Mack, as Ace runs down the ramp & draws up Mack for The Fold

Kylie Rae is greeted by Gail Kim then she runs into Susie, they introduce themselves to each other, then Kiera Hogan says there are no friends here and she’s going to be facing her, Susie says that’s bad, Kiera asks Susie why doesn’t she do something about it, Susie will and she’s facing Kiera later


Daga blocks the Sunset Flip, they trade flash pins for 2 counts, Daga blocks the Triple C, he takes Bey to the floor, Bey back in, Bey crotches Daga & hits a Chris Kick, Bey sends Daga back in, Shoot Kicks, Vertical Suplex, but only gets a 1 count, Bey with a Running Forearm for a 2 count, Bey sweeps the legs then hits a leaping Senton for a 2 count, Abdominal Stretch, Daga fights out, but Bey lands on his feet, Bey sweeps the legs and locks in a Body Scissors, Daga gets to his feet & drives Bey into the corner then slams Bey to break it, Dragon Screw, Doctor Bomb for a near fall, Bey rolls to the floor, Daga follows, but Bey drives Daga back first into the entranc ramp, Daga back to the entrance stage & leaps off he kind of overshoots Bey and ends up going face first into the floor, he’s back up & sends Bey back in, up top with a Diving Crossbody for a near fall, Daga looks for the kill, but Bey rolls into a Sunset Flip for a near fall, Daga tries a Sunset Flip, but Bey grabs the rope, he hooks Daga into a pin and grabs the rope to steal the win


Moment of the Week from Lockdown 2011 Brian Kendrick vs Max Buck aka Matt Jackson

Se see John E Bravo covered in pillows and a football helmet as Taya batters him with a steel chair, he begs Taya not to hit him anymore she piefaces him then storms out after he says that maybe the Knockouts Title isn’t worth it anymore

The Rascalz say they need to watch the main event to figure out to beat The North then The Deaners come in & bring beer with them then Fallah Bahh & TJP come in & bring dinner for everyone, then in comes XXXL, Wentz has enough & walks out


Rayne says she’s the locker room leader & Havok literally kicks her in the ass, Choke Breaker then a Lariat nearly decapitates Rayne, Face Wash, Rayne with a Yakuza Kick & an Enzugiri she doesn’t drops Havok even though she gloats, Tree Slam places Rayne up top, Rayne fights back, Havok blocks a Northern Lights Suplex & hits a Vertical Suplex, she sends Rayne hard into the turnbuckle, Havok sets her up top, Diving Crossbody, but Havok catches her & re-positions Rayne & hits the Tombstone for the win


Tess confronts Eddie about helping her last week, he says he knows how stubborn Tessa is, he’s been there 2 against 1, tonight he’s offering his hand in their tag match she can take it or not

Ken Shamrock says Sami Callihan’s fireball did some damage to his retina, he says Sami has no respect for people trying to make a living in their craft, next week at the contract signing he’s going to try and keep his composure until Rebellion, Sami starts to hack into the feed, Shamrock says if Impact can’t control Sami then he will and darts out of the room


Fulton grabs Dreamer in an Inverted Bearhug & the ref ejects Fulton, The Crists have to force Fulton tot he back, Dreamer with Jabs then a Bionic Elbow on Jake, but Dave has the ref distracted, Jake with a Mafia Kick for a 2 count, Crists with a Double Suplex for a 2 count, Dave up top, but Dreamer meets him & hits a Superplex, Rhino with a Belly to Belly Suplex on Jake, but Dave makes the save, Dreamer with an Ace Crusher on Dave, Jake takes down Dreamer, but gets broken in half with a Gore & Rhino into the cover for the win


Fulton is back and kicks Rhino to the floor as oVe decimate Dreamer, Fulton flattens Dreamer with a Catatonic Complete Shot

Rosemary is shown looking for ‘someone’ when she runs into Johnny Swinger, he says she can have his soul if she has a nice car, he says he has one of the Young Bucks, he has one of the Jacksons, he has M Jackson & next week he’s going to show how much better he is than M Jackson


Susie with a Running Bulldog for a 2 count, Kiera with a Mat Slam for a 2 count, she chokes Susie in the corner, Running Forearm, Butt-Butt, Face Wash for a 2 count, Cravat, Susie fights out, Kiera hits a Dropkick for a 2 count, Face the Music blocked, Susie starts a Violence Party, they trade Forearms, Kiera with a Superkick, but only gets a near fall, up top, Susie with a Shoryuken then a Headscissor Takedown for a near fall, she looks for her glove, she doesn’t have it, so instead she tries The Panic Switch, but Kiera blocks & hits Face the Music for the win


The North are discussing their title defense, Elgin wants to know which one of them is going to step aside so he can soften them up, Page says they’ll soften Tess & Eddie up so he can get the World Title at Rebellion, Elgin says that will work unless one of them gets pinned tonight which really gets under Page’s skin

Tenille says Taya thinks she’s bigger than the entire division & she’s not, she’s tried to bring Taya down to earth so now she’s going to beat some sense into Taya next week

Impact World Tag Team Championship

Josh piefaces Tess, she takes him to the floor with a Lariat, Tess wants a dive, but Page blocks her, Eddie lights up Josh with Machinegun Chops now some for Page, Eddie takes Josh to the floor, Tess with a blind tag as Eddie goes for a Tope Suicida, Tess up top & takes down The North with a Diving Body Press, Josh with a Diving Knee Drop on Eddie for a 2 count, Eddie with a Double Hurricanrana on both of The North, Tess with a Double Diving Crossbody, she slaps Josh, Destino on Josh, Ace Crusher to Page, but only gets a near fall, Buzzsaw blocked, North with a Wheelbarrow Ace Crusher/Suplex combo, but only gets a near fall, they look for the kill but Eddie blocks it, Tanned Sheamus to Tess, Ace Crusher to Josh, Josh with a Rolling Elbow to Tess, Tanned Sheamus to Eddie, he charges, but Tess low-bridges page, Tiger Driver/Yoshi Tonic combo on Josh, but only gets a near fall, Magnum blocked, North with a crushing cavalcade of kicks, T Gimmick, but Eddie blockeds, Tess with a Smoand Drop on Page, Tilt-a-Whirl DDT to Josh, she could tag Eddie but she doesn’t, North drop Tess, they knock off Eddie, Torture Rack pass to Page for a Rydeen Bomb to retain


Eddie asks what happened, Tess says she knows what Eddie really wants, Elgin blasts Tess from behind, Eddie has left after Tess wouldn’t trust him & now Elgin delivers a statement with a Revolution-Style Elgin Bomb on Tess & grabs the belt as the show ends