Impact Wrestling Results – 4/14/20








Impact Wrestling Results – 4/14/20
Atlanta, Georgia
Coca-Cola Roxy
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

Johnny Swinger says everyone’s talking about The Young Bucks, he got one of the Bucks, he’s got one of the Jacksons, he’s fighting M Jackson

Out walks Mike Jackson from Mid-Atlantic, UWF & other promotions

Jackson rips apart Swinger for the way he acts & says he’s not a Young Buck he’s an Old Buck, 70 years old & he’s here to thrash Swinger


Swinger decks Jackson, Swinger looks for the kill, but Jackson blocks & hits a Tope Suicida, Divorce Court, he grabs the arm & walks all the way around the ring on the top rope, Swinger with a Vertical Suplex for a 20 count, Swinger with a Forearm for a 2 count, Jackson with a Swinging Neckbreaker for a 2 count, straps down, 10 Punch in the corner, Swinger stacks up Jackson & uses the ropes for leverage to steal the win


Ace Austin says he makes his own luck, people walk around and call him a piece of garbage & a scumbag, Trey Miguel walks in & says he knows the games Ace is playing, it’s the same games Ace played with Trey’s mom, Ace asks Trey how is his mom, that sets Trey off & he beats down the mom doer

Ken Shamrock is stopped by Scott D’Amore he reminds Shamrock that if he puts his hands on Sami Callihan tonight then the match with Sami is off at Rebellion


D with a Butt-Butt to Adam for a 2 count, Wentz with a Sunset Flip on Adam for a 2 count, Scum clubberin Wentz, Adam with a Standing Moonsault on Wentz for a 2 count, Scum with The Sick Knee from Sydnes for a near fall, Rascalz with a Double Stomp/Sit-Out Powerbomb combo, but Luster makes the save, Rainbow Cutter on TJP, Jocay-le to Bahh, Thrust Spinebuster to Dez, Acey with a Running Senton on Adam, XXXL with Stereo Tope Suicidas on the Rascalz & Bahh, Samoan Drop/Frog Splash combo on Adam for the win


The North get in TJP & Bahh’s face

Impact+ Moment of the week: Tessa Blanchard vs Gail Kim from Rebellion 2019

Rohit Raju is talking to Gama Singh, he says he needs to be in the X Division, he doesn’t need to be in there with some muscle-head from the past like Hernandez, Gama tells him to think of the team & not himself then slaps Rohit before storming off yelling about young guys

Video package on Cancel Culture wanting to cancel The Deaners from Impact

Joseph Ryan tells the production truck to play the video he gave them, RVD & Katie Forbes say they couldn’t be there and are happy to practice social distancing to stay away from The Deaners, Katie doesn’t want to expose herself… to the Deaners masculinity then RVD & Kaite end up making out in a hot tub


Rohit charges, but Hernandez Pounces him out of his boots then finishes Rohit with The Border Toss for the win


Madison Rayne’s Locker Room Talk she introduces Kylie Rae, she’s thrilled to make her ppv debut against Kiera Hogan, Rayne keeps pushing & proddeing her to say something mean, but Kylie won’t do it, Kiera says she’s going to humiliate Kylie and show her there’s no friends in this division, Kylie didn’t want to say it, but Kiera pushed her too far & tells Kiera that she’s not very nice & walks off

We go to Qatar Pro Wrestling for a Michael Elgin/Eddie Edwards match


Trey with a Tiger Feint Kick into a Hurricanrana on the floor, Ace with an Electric Chair Face Eraser on the apron, back in the ring, Straightjacket Crash Landing for a 2 count, Ace with a Snap Suplex into a Grounded Abdominal Stretch, but Trey fights out, Trey with a Hook Kick/Inverted Neckbreaker combo, Missile Dropkick, nip up, Tidal Wave blocked, Ace with a Tidal Wave, Trey avoids The Fold, Trey sets up Ace, Cheeky Nandos Kick, Tiger Feint Kick, Ace avoids the Standing Double Stomp, he hooks Trey in a rollup & grabs the tights for the win


Willie Mack tells Ace he shouldn’t play mind games who’s used to playing, it’s not even about the belt, it’s about beating some respect into the wife banger & mom doer, he promises to beat the hell out of Ace


Tenille up top, Taya distracts the ref as Bravo crotches Tenille, Taya with a Superplex for a 2 count, Taya with a Running Butt-Butt then a Running Meteora for a 2 count, Half Crab, Tenille turns it into a flash pin for a 2 count, Tenille with a Running Knee then a Taste of Tenille for a 2 count, Butterfly Suplex for a 2 count, O’Connor Roll blocked, Taya with a Spear for a 2 count, Taya with the Double Chickenwing & hits The Road to Valhalla, but Tenille grabs the rope, Bravo hands Taya a steel chair, ref takes it away, Taya with a Firewoman Carry, but Tenille counters into a Sunset Flip for the win


Taya drives the chair into Tenille’s ribs then a chair shot to the back, trash can to the skull of Tenille, she piles up chairs on top of Tenille & slams a trash can lid repeatedly onto all the chairs, Bravo tries to back her off & Taya just shoves him down, more chairs onto Tenille, up to the second, but Jordynne Grace makes the save & canes the shit out of Taya then breaks the kendo stick over Bravo, Grace sends Taya scurrying & helps up Tenille

Tommy Dreamer says he’s been going to war with oVe for a very long time & next week they’re going to end it, he & Rhino are going to find a partner & Rhino just might Gore all 3 of them in half

Next week Rebellion Night 1: Ace Austin vs Willie Mack for the X Division Title, Kylie Rae vs Kiera Hogan & Ken Shamrock vs Sami Callihan

Video package on ICU & the reveal that Sami brought his Solomon Crowe hacker character to Impact then threw a fireball in Shamrock’s face

Sami tells them to cut his damn music & Josh to get out of the ring, the man that lit a fire on Shamrock’s face & he can’t do nothing about it because if he does he’s not going to get the match, then runs down Shamrock’s accolades and tells Ken that this match is going to give him more buzz just by stepping into the ring with Sami & asks Ken what he has to say

Shamrock stands up & slams the table, Sami says he makes stars, him hitting Eddie in the face with a baseball bat was the best thing that ever happened to him as now he’s having the best run of his career, he warns Ken that everyone will learn with a touch of a button bad things happen, so if he knows what’s best for him he’ll stand there like the World’s Most Dangerous Bitch, Shamrock flips the table over, Sami hits the button multiple times, each time another person with the ICU face appears

Shamrock eventually chases one, D’Amore says he’ll take care of it as Shamrock chases after him, he hops in a vehicle & to follow the car, Ken gets a call from Sami & tells him to be sure to tip his driver, the drivers are ICU, multiple ICU members surround the car as Shamrock says to let him out as the show ends