Impact Wrestling Results – 11/5/19








Impact Wrestling Results – 11/5/19
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
St. Clair College
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Don Callis

Sami Callihan & oVe are shown celebrating his World Title win from last week, he says they’re there drinking beer like men they don’t drink a little bit of the bubbly like a bunch of bitches, they’re on top of the mountain in Impact and any company and are taking over everything. Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down!

Mr Hole in One is here after working on his golf game last week


Mack ducks The Game Breaker, Moose charges, but Mack low-bridges him and wipes out Moose with a Tope con Hilo, Moose with a Running Corner Dropkick followed by a Hesitation Dropkick, cocky one foot cover with a double bicep pose only gets a 2 count, Mack up to the second, but Moose catches him with The Go to Hell for a near fall, he calls Mack a piece of garbage and slaps him in the face, they trade chops, Moose takes his elbow pad off, while the ref was grabbing it, Moose pokes Mack in the eye, Pump Kick, Mack absorbs it and hits a Stunner, followed by a Lariat, Samoan Drop, nip up and follows with a Standing Moonsault for a near fall, Mack up top, but Moose crotches him, Moose with a Superplex, nip up, Mack also nips up, Moose with a Stungun then breaks Mack in half with The Hit-Stick for the win


Alisha Edwards is having second thoughts about her dinner date with Ace Austin, she goes to talk to him when she overhears a conversation between Ace & Reno Scum, they say Alisha is the hottest woman on the roster and that Ace is finally going to bang Eddie’s wife, Ace says it’s been a bang-a-rama for weeks now, but tonight will be the last night because the whole thing is done now as he was just trying to get in Eddie’s head and they’re way past that now, and it’s time for him to spread his wings and it’s just like his shirt says Ace Austin 3:16 Says I Just Banged Your Wife

Alisha is furious as Scum & Ace have no idea she’s overheard this whole conversation

Video promo hyping up Impact’s first ppv in 2020 in Dallas TX, the name of the show is something long time fans will get a kick out of, as critics have often joked that Impact is like a cockroach and never dies, they’re calling the show Hard to Kill

Madison Rayne asks Kiera Hogan if it was part of the plan for her to get hurt, Taya storms up and asks either of them if it was their plan to ditch her last week, then Rayne & Taya get into a verbal argument over each other’s fashion choices. Rayne says if Taya has issue with the way she handled things last week they can settle it in the ring, Taya says she’s much too busy when she runs into Jordynne Grace, Grace says since she pinned Taya last week she assumes she has a title shot tonight, but Taya has decided she does want that match with Rayne after-all so Grace will have to wait another time for her title shot


Bahh with a Corkscrew Back Headbutt for a 2 count, Elgin with a Superkick from the ring to the floor, then a Baseball Slide, back in the ring, Slingshot Double Stomp for a 2 count, Pump Kick, Lariat in the corner, Vertical Suplex for a 2 count, Superman Forearm then an Exploder Suplex, Bahh with a Hip Drop for a 2 count, Elgin with a Sliding Lariat, Running Corner Lariat, Bahh answers back with one of his own, Elgin with a Superkick then a Release German Suplex for a near fall, Elgin sets Bahh up top, Avalanche Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex, but Bahh is right back up, Elgin with a Death Valley Bomb, but only gets a 1 count, Bahh with a Samoan Drop, Running Hip Attack in the corner, Fire Thunder Driver for a near fall, he drags Elgin to the corner, Bahh up top, he’s looking for The Manilla Sunset, but Elgin pulls him off the tope rope, Double Stomp to the arm, Elgin counters the Samoan Drop and takes Bahh down and locks in The Crossface & Bahh taps out


Ace tells Alisha he has the best dinner plans, Alisha tells Ace how about they skip dinner and Ace meets her in Alisha’s room, she gives him a hotel key card

oVe and Sami Callihan walk in the building past Jimmy Jacobs and Tommy Dreamer, Sami says he just wants to keep partying

Flashback Moment of the week Moose vs Marufuji for The Grand Championship

Josh says he could’ve beat Marufuji last week, Page says they didn’t train for that, if Josh wanted to he could be the X Division Champion tomorrow, if either of them wanted it they could be the World Champion, but they’re not glory hogs, they’re a team, so he tells Marufuji to find a partner and they’ll do it the right way, they’re so confident that they’ll put the belts on the line


Joey offers a handshake, Shamrock instead opts for a hi five which Joey accepts, dueling chants for both men, Joey offers a handshake, Shamrock slaps hands instead, Shamrock with a Sunset Flip and goes right into The Dreaded Heel Hook, but Joey goes to the rope, Joey with a Dropkick, Shamrock is impressed and offers a handshake, Joey accepts and forces Shamrock’s hand to his dick, YouPorn Plex, (he just YouPorn Plexed a UFC Hall of Famer, Cornette’s going to have a coronary) Shamrock is serious now and takes Joey down with a pair of Lariats then grabs The Ankle Lock & Joey taps out



Taya with a Basement Dropkick, she takes time to pose a bit before going for a cover and only gets a 2 count, Rayne with a Sliding Lariat for a 2 count, Bravo trips up Rayne, Rayne with a La Christo, but Taya counters into a modified Air Raid Crash, Spinning Rydeen Bomb for a near fall, Rayne with a Tornado DDT for a 2 count, Chance of Rayne blocked, Taya with a Pop-Up Knee Strike for a near fall, Road to Valhalla countered into a Victory Roll for a near fall, Step-Up Enzugiri, Chance of Rayne, but Bravo up on the apron and throws a dog stuffed animal in the ring, Rayne throws it out into the crowd, Taya with a Rollup into a Knee Strike then finishes Rayne with The Road to Valhalla for the win


Jordynne Grace is there to confront Taya, Taya shoves Bravo into Grace and she drops Bravo with an Exploder Suplex

Gama is reading The Desis the riot act for losing constantly, he says that Shera went on a journey to India to find himself, he brings in a new protege and says if does well either Raj or Rohit is going to be on their way out

Ace Austin arriving at the hotel with key card in hand

Rosemary questions Susie about stuffing her in a coffin, lighting it on fire, trapping her in the undead realm and murdering Allie rings any bells. She simply responds by saying hi she’s Susie. Rosemary says they’re the ones who play mindgames in this realm and whatever Suise is up to they’re going to figure it out. Susie says it was nice meeting her. Then she runs into Havok and asks if they know each other and says she doesn’t think so and walks off leaving Havok puzzled


The ref in this match is very unique in he has no legs, he gets around the ring pretty good though

Petey with a Slingshot, but Singh catches him with a Powerbomb on the apron, trifecta of Elbow Drops for a 2 count, Sambo Backbreaker followed by a Catatonic for a near fall, Petey with a Tilt-a-Whirl Russian Legsweep, Basement Complete Shot, Canadian Destroyer blocked, Singh with a Powerslam for a near fall, Petey with a Slingshot, Singh catches him, but Petey escapes and locks in The Sharpshooter and Singh taps out


Singh threatens the referee, Cameron, but Petey makes the save and he puts Singh in place for Cam to hit a Tiger Feint Kick, Petey with a Canadian Destroyer, Cam goes up top and hits a 450 Splash

Alisa tells Ace to take a seat and get undressed and himself comfortable while she does the same, Ace starts taking off everything except his boxers and puts a blindfold on and the belt on, but Eddie is there and beats up Ace he grabs a kendo stick, but Alisha stops him, she wants to be the one cane the shit out of Ace, he runs out of the room, with Alisa continuing to cane him, she has her foot on his nuts and holding Ace at canepoint, Eddie stops her and hugs his wife and they make out on the hotel floor

Johnny Swinger told Petey good win, he’s been looking for a youngboy to carry his bag, Petey says he’s not carrying his bag, Swinger says that’s easy, he had to wash Baba’s ass, he tells Swinger he’s not carrying his bag, oVe continue their party & Sami tells Swinger he looks like a total mark and now they’re taking the party to the ring

Sami didn’t like his introduction so he has Jake Crist do it instead, he calls all the fans in Windsor dumbasses and tell them to get up and celebrate the new World Champion, he’s been partying since last week, all over the US and now they’ve brought the party to Windsor

He’s interrupted by Tommy Dreamer, Tommy wants to have an extreme celebration, Tommy brings out a ref and he’s got some friends, out comes Rich Swann, Daga & Tessa Blanchard


Tess goes after Jake, Sami with a Back Suplex on Swann, Dreamer with an Ace Crusher on Dave in a cake, Tess drives a chair into Dave, Tommy ties Jake to the Tree of Woe, Tess puts the chair in front of his face, Tommy with a Baseball Slide, Bionic Elbow to Dave, Fulton with a Claw STO on Dreamer on a chair, End of Days on Dreamer, Daga with a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT on Fulton, Missile Dropkick drops Fulton, Sami sends Daga to the floor, Sami sends Swann to the floor, but Tess is waiting for him, he piefaces Tess, Tess with an Ace Crusher to Sami then wipes everyone out with a Cannonball, Swann up, but Fulton meets him, Tess with a Tower of Doom takes out everyone, Daga takes down Dave, Fulton & Sami with a Corkscrew Press, Swann with a Double Handspring Ace Crusher on Jake & Sami, Sami looks for the Cactus Special, but Swann counters into a Victory Roll for the win


Sami’s a marked man as the show ends as he’s got Tessa, Swann & Cage all gunning for the new Champion