Impact Wrestling Results – 10/29/19








Impact Wrestling Results – 10/29/19
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
St. Clair College
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Don Callis


Josh with a Jumping Knee Drop for a 2 count, Marufuji with a Basement Northern Superkick for a 2 count, Josh with a Finlay Roll then up to the 2nd with a Diving Knee Drop for a 2 count, Josh counters the Shiranui into a Half-Nelson Backbreaker for a 2 count, Garvin Stomp, Marufuji with a Superkick, Shiranui blocked again, Josh with a Ripcord Rolling Elbow, but both men are down, Marufuji with Hook Kick, he looks for the kill, but Josh counters into a Rack Bomb for a near fall, Ripcord Rolling Elbow blocked, Marufuji wiht a Hook Kick, Jumping Crescent Kick for a near fall then finishes Josh with The Shiranui for the win


Marufuji offers a handshake, Josh looks like he’s going to take it then blows him off

oVe arrive at the building and is greeted by security they tell Sami that The Crists & Fulton are banned tonight, Fulton tries to go after them, but Sami backs him down and says he’ll give management what they want & tells The Crists they’ve got the night off and tells them to go find Fulton some meat

The Rascalz are joined by Fallah Bahh, Elgin’s got him really pissed off, they get Bahh some kind of smokes and Bahh is wearing glasses and speaking perfect english after the smoke and says he hasn’t been true to himself until now and he’s going to beat Elgin’s ass


Kiera with a Hurricanrana on Alexia, she grabs her shoulder, docs are in to check on her, Kiera blasts Alexia then tags out as the docs still check on her so this may be a legit injury, Grace with a Leaping Mushroom Stomp, Vader Bomb, but Rayne makes the save, Grace with a Small Package on Taya gets the win


Rob Van Dam talks about himself with a barely covered Katie Forbes behind him, saying without him there’s no Kenny Omega, Daniel Bryan or The Young Bucks, he says everyone has stolen from him, he says he carried ECW by himself and no one else mattered and doesn’t apologize to Rhino while Forbes shakes her barely covered breasts behind him

Video package on Michael Elgin


Raj with an Ushi-Goroshi on Swann for a 2 count, Rohit with a DDT for a near fall, Desis with a Pendulum Backbreaker/Sliding Knee combo for a near fall, Mack with a Samoan Drop, nip up then a Standing Moonsault on Rohit for a near fall, Desis with a Wheelbarrow DDT on Swann, but Mack makes the save, Stunner to Raj, Swann with a Handspring Ace Crusher on Rohit, then they finish Rohit with an Inverted Crucifix Powerbomb/Blockbuster combo for the win


Rhino is looking for RVD, Jimmy Jacobs says he’s on vacation, Rhino says at Turning Point RVD won’t be on vacation and he’s going to beat him within an inch of his life then rip him in half with a Gore

Moose is adding another sport to his resume as he’s on the golf course, he tries to hit a hole in one then blames a guy for taking his ball out of a hole and shoves the guy down in the sand and drops the ball in the hole, another guy calls it a hole in one to avoid getting on Moose’s bad side, Moose says next week he’ll return to Impact

Ken Shamrock is here, he never thought he’d be in a wrestling ring again and then the incident with Moose happened & it lit a fire under him, he was going to speak on his future when The King of Sleaze interrupts

Joey Ryan puts over Shamrock’s accomplishments and tells him he has one more mountain to climb, Shamrock doesn’t know who he is, Ryan says he’s the guy that makes wrestling fun again, Shamrock says you’re that dick guy, Ryan asks him if he’s a fan, Shamrock says he laughed at it, but he’s a real fighter and Joey is just a gimmick, Ryan asks if he’s just a gimmick why is he afraid to touch it, it it because it will tap him out faster then a Gracie Choke

Shamrock isn’t here to retire, he’s putting Impact on notice that he’s back full time and he’s not going to play Joey’s game, but if Joey wants his ankle snapped then Shamrock will oblige

Ryan offers a handshake, Shamrock takes it then blasts Joey

Video package on Tessa Blanchard


Eddie ducks the baton swing and takes out Ace with a Tope Suicida, Eddie brings out a pair of trash cans, Ace hits him with the baton, Eddie with a Back Suplex on the apron, trash can lid to the head of Ace, and another, Ace gets his hands up though, Ace chokes Eddie with a shirt then pulls out a table, then pulls it back out of the ring, steel chair, but Eddie with the trash can lid to the dome, Eddie brings the table in, Ace with a trash can lid then sets up a table in the corner, Eddie with a Superkick, Reno Scum are out, Eddie sends Adam through the table with a Belly to Belly Suplex, Ace with a Twisting Legdrop onto a trash can for a near fall, Ace sets up a chair, but Eddie slips through and slams the chair into the back of Ace, Avalanche Back Suplex, Eddie grabs the kendo stick, but Ace blocks it with the X Division title and blasts Eddie with the belt for a near fall, Ace with a cane shot then breaks the cane over his knee, Eddie counters The Fold and traps Ace in a trash can, Eddie with chair shots to the trash can trapped Ace, Eddie brings out another table, he stomps the trash can and frees Ace, he sets Ace up top, but Ace rips at the eyes, he loads his arm with a steel-loaded wrist brace then hits an Avalanche Fold through the table for the win


Flashback of the week: Havok lynches Su Yung and left her hanging for dead, but Su isn’t so easy to kill from a few weeks back

Susie (Su without the paint) shows up, The Deaners ask what she’s doing there, she says she doesn’t know why she’s here, but feels like she should be there and says it was nice to meet them, The Deaners say she’s creepier than before and that she’s hot now

Johnny Swinger is talking to Alicia saying he heard Don Owens is looking for some ladies in Portland and he can get her booked, Ace Austin chases him off and convinces Alicia to go to dinner with him, she makes sure he understands that it’s just dinner though nothing else

Video package on the Sami Callihan/Brian Cage feud

Impact World Championship

Cage Powerbombs Sami into the cage, he throws Callihan all around ringside, Sami jumps into the steel cage and locks the door, but Brian scales the cage and and leaps in, the match officially begins, Tornado Claw blocked, Sami iwht a baseball bat to the side of Cage’s face & Brian is busted open, Sami goes right after the cut with a Headbutt, he digs his teeth into the open wound then smears Cage’s blood on his face, Sami with another bat shot and yet another one, Cage is enraged, Sami drives Cage into the mesh, Sami counters the Tornado Claw with a Pump Kick, multiple slaps, Lariat for a near fall, Sami charges with another Lariat, cocky cover and only gets a near fall, Cactus Special, but Cage powers out at 1, Cage with a Pop-Up Powerbomb, Bucklebomb into the steel mesh, Drill Claw countered into a Small Package for a near fall, Sami with a barrage of 7 Basement Superkicks, Cactus Special, he holds on, a second, a Trifecta of Cactus Specials, but only gets a near fall, Cage counters another into a Concrete Slam, Tornado Claw, but only gets a near fall, Cage up top, but Sami cuts him off with a Shotei, they trade Headbutts, Sami with an Avalanche Cactus Special for the win & Sami has won the belt


Tessa Blanchard marches down to the ring, she wants a piece of the new Champ, Tess is coming for Sami’s belt as the show ends