Impact Wrestling Results – 10/1/19





Impact Wrestling Results – 10/1/19
Las Vegas, Nevada
Sam’s Town Casino
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Don Callis


We start with a slideshow hyping up the wedding of Brian Cage & Melissa Santos

Gabby greets Gail Kim at the wedding reception & says Melissa will make a stunning bride

LAX music hits as Josh is confused

When The North comes out dressed in LAX gear to mock them, look more like the Homicide & Hernandez version then Santana & Ortiz’s though

Page says he understands the fans were expecting someone else, but he read the paper that said the best tag team in the world was coming down the ramp and they got what was advertised. Josh says they walked down the ramp dressed like morons and the fans still cheered for them, they dressed like a bunch of losers and the fans still cheered for them, Page says he’s going to give the fans a bandana so they cosplay as them too and called them a bunch of losers, Josh says he’s never been so embarrassed in his entire career and coming out dressed like this makes him sick. He says LAX, Konnan & every other tag team in Impact is beneath The North then stomps on the LAX gear. He says The North will be the one and only longest reigning Tag Champs because when the history books are written the fans will forget about all the other teams. Page says LAX is never coming back because The North made sure of it, he doesn’t care how much power Konnan thinks he has in the streets.

That brings out Konnan

He was chilling in the back when he saw 2 bitch-made walking talking glory holes making complete jackasses of themselves. Page says the only reason they look like jackasses is because they dressed up like Konnan’s boys. Konnan tells The North that they’re bush league and they couldn’t be stars if they were thrown by a ninja, they couldn’t tear up a chicken at a luau. Josh says Konnan is standing in their ring right now. Konnan calls them geek & leprachaun and tells them he has a lot of friends in Impact, a lot of old time friends that would like to come out there and bust that ass. Page wants to know who, they beat Daga and sent LAX packing and doesn’t care who his friends are, they’re not The North so they’re not the best. Konnan calls them minor league hos and says let’s see if they can beat these 2 guys because they’re pretty extreme so maybe North’s heard of them.

Rob Van Dam & Rhino come down and we have a tag match


RVD with Rolling Thunder, delayed pin on Josh for a 2 count, Rhino with a Shoulder Block on Page for a 2 count, RVD with a Spinning Legdrop for a 2 count, Page with a Big Boot for a 2 count, Josh with a Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Rhino with a Side Belly to Belly on Josh for a near fall, he looks for the kill, Josh pulls the ref in front of him as Page blasts Rhino with a Superkick, Josh with a Rolling Elbow, but RVD makes the save, RVD takes Page to the floor with a Cactus Clothesline, Josh grabs one of the Tag Belts, but Konnan gets into a tug of war with him, Josh finally gets it, but he turns around and is broken in half with a Gore, RVD up top & finishes Josh with The Five-Star Frog Splash for the win


Backstage with The Desi Hit Squad, Gama is sick of his team not being able to produce in the ring and says losing to The Deaners was the lowest point in his career, so he went back to India to find someone to uplift the image of their country and found someone, in the returning Mahabali Shera, he tells the other 2 to start producing or they’re replaceable

Gabby greets Eddie Edwards, he’s interrupted by Reno Scum, Luster distracts Eddie while Adam spikes his drink with some sort of pill. Then Johnny Swinger introduces himself and Gabby clearly has no idea who he is


Desis cause a distraction, Shera hits a Rydeen Bomb then follows with a World’s Strongest Slam for the win


Cody wants a piece of Shera, but Rohit & Raj turns it into a 3 on 1 & Shera with another World’s Strongest Slam on Cody

Gabby introduced TJP & Fallah Bahh next, TJP told Bahh formal, but Bahh thought he said comfortable and then says TJ looks like he’s in a Korean Boy Band, Gabby asks another question & Fallah reverts back to speaking only Bahh, TJ says he can talk English when a very drugged Eddie stumbles in and thinks Gabby is Melissa


Tenille with a Basement Dropkick for a 2 count, Rayne tries to leave, but Tenille stops her and drives Rayne’s face in the mat, Elevated Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Rayne counter A Taste of Tenille and sends her into the corner, Elevated Lungblower for a near fall, series of Knee Strikes for a 2 count, Sliding Lariat for a 2 count, Tenille ducks the Buzzsaw Kick and rolls Rayne for a near fall, Madison with A Chance of Rayne for a near fall, she goes up to the second, but Tenille avoids the Dropkick, Taste of Tenille for a near fall, Lariat for a near fall, Butterfly blocked, Rayne with a Step-Up Enzugiri then a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall, Cross Rayne blocked, Tenille with a Neckbreaker then finishes Rayne with The Spotlight for the win


Gabby greets Rob Van Dam & Katie Forbes and ask if they’re next to get married, before they can answer Willie Mack & Rich Swann come over to give him props for beating The North, both parties disagree with who will be the team to take the belts from The North with each promising a title shot to the other if they get them first

enille & Taya is made official for BFG

Impact’s original World Champion Ken Shamrock is back and makes his way to the ring

He has great memories of being the first Champion & he’s back & he’s back thanks to the support of the fans, he and Cage had been ribbing each other when Moose chimed in and starts talking about how great he is and then disrespecting people and that pissed him off, so he came here to shut Moose’s mouth, he spoke to Scott D’Amore and said he wanted Moose in the ring, D’Amore said to come on down they’d love to have him, so he’s here to put Moose in his grave, but Moose isn’t here, he looked all over, he came here for one reason to beat Moose into a living death so he’d beg Shamrock to put an end to him, he’s not going anywhere until Moose gets his ass out there so Shamrock can put him in his grave

Moose is in Shamrock’s gym, he does what he wants when he wants, he could tear the whole gym down if he wanted to, but he doesn’t because he’s classy, he’s not afraid of Shamrock he says that’d be like an elephant being afraid of an ant, he goes to get in an octagon, someone stops him & he decks him, then beats the shit out of a couple of Shamrock’s students, he says at BFG he’s going kick Shamrock’s fucking ass because he’s the World’s Most Dangerous Man, the Legend known as Moose

Taya goes to see Rosemary, she wants Rosemary to help her get rid of Tenille, Rosemary said there was a time when they would have relished working with her, 2 warriors side by side, they caught a glimpse of that warrior at Slammiversary, but alas that was only a fleeting moment. As the warrior was replaced once more by the bleach-blonde coward that now stands in their presence. Taya should be meeting battle head-on like a true warrior not groveling to them want them to do her dirty work. The answer is no. Until Taya regains what she was then they have nothing but contempt and the respect that once was there is gone just like Taya needs to be now. Taya gives Rosemary a matching dress which she just throws down on the ground wanting nothing to do with Taya.

Moment of the week: EY/ODB Wedding

Cage is with Rich Swann & Tommy Dreamer, Cage says he’s nervous, Tommy tells him to be and it will be a day he’ll remember for the rest of his life just like his & Beulah’s wedding, Rich says he’s married too (so I guess that must mean that Su survived that lynching at the hands of Havok last week) Cage’s brother Ryan Cage comes in, he says Brian got the muscles, but he got the looks

Madison tries to tell the other bridesmaids how to walk & gets into a fight with Kiera, Taya then tries to recruit all of them to get rid of Tenille


Tess Backdrops Dave to the floor, Baseball Slide to Fulton, Fulton grabs Tess, but Jake pulls him off her, ref ejects Fulton, Dave misses a Chop & hits the post, back in the ring, she goes after the injured hand, Jake grabs her leg, but she kicks him off, Dave rips at the eyes, Forearms to the back of the head, Jake chokes Tess behind the ref’s back, he spits in her face & now Tess is pissed, Tess with a Drop Toehold in the rope, Running kick, Dave avoids Magnum, he blocks The Buzzsaw, and hits a version of Go to Sleep for a near fall, Dave blocks an Elevated Double Knee Facebreaker, Tess avoids the Double Stomp & hits The Buzzsaw for the win


Tess becomes one of 4 challengers for the X Division Title in a Ladder Match at BFG

Jake tries to attack, she wipes out Jake, she crotches Fulton, but Fulton overpowers her and hits a pair of huge Chokeslams on Tess

Alisha was looking for Eddie, unable to find him, she goes in with Ace Austin

We see The Rascalz coughing up smoke, Havok scares away some people only to be joined by The Deaners, she tries to scare them away, but it’s not working, Jordynne leaves when Katie Forbes is adjusting her umm very ample breasts in her top, Rosemary teleports in next to Fallah Bahh, freaking Bahh out, The Desis are shown with Gama threatening to slap Rohit for crying, Taya has words with Rosemary about wearing a different dress, she tells Taya that she’s lucky they showed up at all, Swinger tells Gail to set on his lap, she tells him to get the hell over

Taya interrupts to object to the party, wanting it more to HER liking, The North objects with the way the company is being run and how they treat their talent, Page says he’s opening the first ever Wrestler’s Union and the Champs should be paid like top stars & wants to know where their royalty money

Ryan asks if there’s any objections to the actual wedding, Eddie stumbles in, still drugged and pukes on Ryan, he takes a shot at Ace, but hits Ryan, Tommy helps Eddie out then asks if there’s anyone who can officiate the wedding naming off various professions before reaching Minister

Enter the Sinister Minister James Mitchell

He ends it with by the power invested in him by The Church of Satan, Tommy whispers in his ear, & the State of Nevada pronounces Cage & Melissa, husband and wife now

Melissa tells them to join them for the reception in the ring

Brian & Melissa Cage make their way down to the ring for their first dance

They’re interrupted by Sami Callihan, he tells Bryan he’s not here for a fight, he’s here for a party with a champagne bottle in hand. He says his feelings are kind of hurt, he tried to get into their wedding with oVe, but the security stopped them at the door, he brought them a gift, but he was so hurt, he kind of drank it. He says people may not know about their past and says at one point they all used to be friends, but then somewhere across time things kind of got messed up & he’s sorry for that, at BFG after the Cage’s consummate the marriage, he wants Bryan to get back to training because he doesn’t want to beat a has-been at BFG he wants to beat The Machine Brian Cage. So wants to do a toast for the bride & groom, he hopes they have an amazing marriage, healthy set of children. That his toast from The Draw to The Bride & The Bitch

Brian wasn’t going to stand for that and spins Sami around, Callihan takes a shot with the bottle, but he misses Brian & it shatters across Melissa’s head

Sami is saying he’s sorry, Brian kneels over his fallen wife as the show ends