Impact Wrestling Results – 1/11/19




Impact Wrestling Results – 1/11/19
Nashville, Tennessee
The Asylum
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Don Callis

Johnny Impact makes his way out to the ring to a lot of boos & We want Cage chants. He says the title is important to him, but nothing is more imporant to him than his wife & she spent the last few days in the hospital after what Kross did to her. A thank you Kross chant breaks out. He wants to know what Kross’ problem is & all he can think about is what he’s going to do to him when he gets his hands on Kross

Brian Cage storms down to the ring. He asks Johnny if that’s all that’s on his mind not that Cage had him beat & Johnny’s Survivor buddies saved his ass, Cage is the rightful champion & he wants his rematch right now.

Johnny says is not the time or place his wife is, Cage doesn’t give a damn about Johnny’s wife because Johnny doesn’t give a damn about Cage’s family. Johnny says he wants it right now?

Killer Kross calls Johnny the great imposter & says Cage had him pinned for the count of 10 which means he had him beat 3 times, he doesn’t care about Cage’s baby girl, he doesn’t care about his fiance Melissa Santos & he may care about his wife, but Kross says when Taya returns he’s going to put her right back in the hospital, Johnny wipes out Kross with a Tope con Hilo then Cage attacks Johnny, Kross with a Lariat to Cage, but Cage is right back up & grabs the title to let Johnny know that they’re not done yet

Johnny being checked out by the docs, Cage attacks the docs, Johnny says everyone knows Cage wants his rematch & asks that he lets him handle Kross tonight & he’ll have the next title shot, he has his word. Cage tells Johnny not to screw him

Rowdy crowd tonight in Nashville as you can barely hear Josh & Don


Rascalz with a cavalcade of kicks, Wentz with a Double Stomp to the head of Fenix for a 2 count, Fenix wipes out Wentz with a Tope Suicida, as Pentagon wipes out Dez on the other side, Dez sent back in for a Double Superkick, Bros with a Wheelbarrow Splash, but Wentz breaks it up with a Senton Atomico, Dez with a Jocay-Le on Fenix, Pentagon looks for the Fear Factor, Rascalz with the Double Team Rain Trigger & look for the Moonsault, but Fenix with a Superkick, Pentagon has both of the Rascalz up, Fenix with a Superkick to Wentz then Pentagon drops them both with a Spinal Shock/Fear Factor combo pinning Dez for the win


GWN Match of the week: Michael Shane vs Frankie Kazarian vs Chris Sabin in the first Ultimate X Match from weekly ppv 58

Kross says it’s good that Mackenzie is speechless that would be an authentic reaction. Johnny’s made it clear that he wants to hurt him tonight, but does he even know how to because causing pain & hurting someone is 2 different things & promises to liberate Johnny from his prison of skin tonight. It’s over John. Tick Tock

Josh welcomes the new X Division Champion, Rich Swann & asks how he’s feeling. Homecoming marked one of the biggest moments of his career in The Asylum there was a vision of a division, guys like Ki, Sabin, Joe, Styles changed the entire industry & he stepped into the ring with 3 of the top X Division stars today & came out on top and says he’s the No-Limit Soldier of the X Division and is ready to take on all comers

This brings out Sami Callihan, he waits out you suck chants & boos, he & Swann have a very long history, but the fans haven’t learned at that point and says that family is everything & tells Rich to do the best thing for him & accept the offer and gives him an oVe shirt & tells him to put it on & come on home to Ohio where he knows he wants to be

WIllie Mack goes after Swann, Rich pulls off Sami then shoves Callihan & pulls off Mack as well


Mack with a Sambo Suplex on the apron, Sami sends Mack into the steps, Mack was looking for a Sambo Suplex on the stage, but Sami goes to the eyes & hits a Piledriver on the stage, Callihan goes back into the ring, Mack back in right before 10, Mack with a Yakuza Kick he looked for a Cannonball, but Sami counters with a right hand, Lariat countered into a Samoan Drop, Mack back up & hits a Standing Moonsault for a near fall, Sami bites Willie’s hand, Pepsi Twist for a near fall, he looks for a Lariat, but Mack counters into a Rydeen Bomb for a near fall, up to the second, but Sami takes him down with a Powerbomb then follows with a Knee Strike for a near fall, Mack with a Pop-Up Forearm then a Runnign Seated Senton, Stunner countered, but Sami gouges the eyes, Piledriver countred, they dtrade flash pins for near falls, Sami tries the Piledriver, but Mack backdrops him, Sami holds on, but Mack hooks the leg (the Bulldog/Bret Hart Sunset Flip counter from SummerSlam ’92) for the win


LAX clubhouse, Konnan says he doesn’t feel bad, but he was wrong about LAX/Bros and people are talking about it saying it’s match of the year & now they’re going to go celebrate

Scarlett is shown getting ready & says she was born ready

LAX run into oVe, Konnan calls them the Ohio inbreds, Sami says they don’t want any of this and says they’ll do it right now calling Konnan an old man as LAX just keep walking

Scarlett Bordeaux comes into the ring & next week she’ll announce the winner of her talent search, she wants to celebrate the debut on Pursuit and she loves Nashville she was going into a strip tease when the Desi Hit Squad comes out

Gamma tells her she needs take a seat & listen to her, he says to save it for the winner next week which he knows will be him & his boys and says no one wants to see her naked, Rohit says he thought Gamma wanted to see her naked which got him slapped. Gamma went back to talking

Enter, Scott Steiner

He came to watch the debut of Impact on Pursuit then plugs there hunting and fishing shows, Rohit tries to attack Steiner , but Scott takes them down with Belly to Belly Suplexes then locks in a Double Steiner Recliner on the Desis

Scarlett says she came here to put on a show if Steiner wanted a front row seat than all he had to do was ask, he sets in a chair as she dances for him

Steiner then says that this goes to all his freaks out there, Big Poppa Pump is your hook-up. Holla if ya hear him.


Tessa gets ‘kill a bitch’ chants

Tess with a Forearms then grinds her face into the rope, Running Dropkick to the back, Vertical Suplex, one foot cover gets a 2 count, she was thinking of going for The Buzzsaw, but instead sends a message finishing Cali with Eat Defeat for the win


Eddie said he did what he said he was going to do, he ended it with Moose & now he’s ready to move on with his life, he and kenny are ready to move on. Eli Drake interrupted him and asked after Abyss & Tommy Dreamer dropped the hardcore flag if he really wants to be the one to pick up and carry that flag.

Allie & Su Yung backstage, she says Rosemary’s back looking for her bunny, but that bunny is gone, she sold that bunny to him. The lights go out and on the coffin is a message, one more chance resting in the shadows


Kross takes Johnny off the top with a Lariat to send Johnny to the floor, Johnny slams Kross’ head into the guardrail then hits Flashpoint against the guardrail, Johnny brings out a table, steel chair, but Kross punches the chair back into his face, Kross gives Johnny a chair necktie then ramps it into the post, the ref gets in his face , so he grabs the ref, Kross crotches Johnny on the guardrail then delivers a chairshot to the back as ‘Kill Kross Kill’ chants ring out once again, Kross grabs the steps, he puts Johnny’s head on the steps & looked to crush his skull with a chair, but Johnny evades and wears out Kross with a chair, he asks for more chairs as the fans give Johnny a mountain of chairs to bury Kross under, then grabs a final one and hits a Chairsault (Moonsault while holding a chair, yeah I’m improvising on names here) off the steps onto Kross, Kross is back up & they both fill the ring with chairs before going back in, they each grab a chair and duel it out, Johnny tosses one Sabu-style at Kross then drives it inot Kross ribs and sets one up in the ring, Triple Facebreaker in the chair, Nitro Blast as Kross continues to laugh, Johnny with a chair to the face and lays chairs ontop of Kross, hammering him with another chair, he grabs one more and goes up, but Moose shoves him off the top through a table to the floor, he throws Johnny back in the ring, Kross-Jacket & Johnny is out, Kross wins by submission


Kross finally releases the hold as he & Moose hug standing over Johnny Impact as the show ends