Impact Wrestling One Night Only: Zero Fear Results – 6/15/18






Impact Wrestling One Night Only: Zero Fear – 6/15/18
Don Kolov Arena
Mississauga Ontario, Canada
Commentary Team: Josh Mathews and Don Callis


Xavier with a Sunset Flip for a 2 count, La Magistral for a 2 count, Sydal with a flash pin for a 2 count, Matt with a version of Mariko Yoshida’s Spider Twist, but Dezmond turns it into a flash pin for a 2 count, Sydal with a Half Crab, but Xavier gets back to his feet, Dezmond with a Dropkick for a 2 count, strike flurry into an Ace Crusher for a near fall, Standing Shooting Star for a 2 count, X19 then goes up top, Sydal hangs him in the rope, Dezmond recovers and hits a Leaping Enzugiri, then goes for the Jocay-le, but Sydal counters with a Roundhouse Kick to the ribs during the back-flip, Matt has the Double Wrist-Clutch, Chemical Imbalance II finishes Xavier for the win



(Ace was trained by CZW, while Atlantis mainly competes in Canada most notably MCW – Magnificent Championship Wrestling )

Ace makes an Ace card appear in Atlantis trunks to mess with him then hits a Springboard Tornado Kick for a 2 count, Atlantis with a Lariat then a cocky one foot cover for a 1 count, Fireman Carry Slam he covers Ace while doing push-ups for a 2 count, now just leans back on him again very cocky & Ace counters into a Crucifix Pin for a near fall, Atlantis with a Stalling Suplex for a 2 count, Ace with a Spinning Heel Kick then a Running Blockbuster for the win


Eli Drake interviewed backstage by Alicia Atout: He says you can’t have a main event without him, he personifies main event, the star of the main event, the one, the only, Eli Drake. He says Moose is going to come out and talk about how he’s Mr Impact Wrestling, Eli’s beat him already took his case from him, then go down the road to Pentagon Jr, Mr Halloween, Mr Impact & Mr Eli Drake. So here he stands and maybe Pentagon got one over him, so how can he make this work. He has to find the greatest luchador, he’s got to go to Mexico and have the quesadillas, the quesadoras, and if he’s looking at a pentagon he’s going to have a quadrilateral & a rhombus. Yeah! Now that he thinks about it he’s going to walk into that ring and do it One Night Only and sees 3 parts. 2 parts fluff Moose & Pentagon and the meat, what makes it all work, the man in the middle Eli Drake, it ain’t anybody else. And that’s not an insult, THAT is just a fact of life. YEAH!


(I think a few people may have heard of Gama’s nephew Raj Singh Dhesi aka Jinder Mahal)

Gama says if we don’t know who they are, by the time this night is over we will. He comes from the greatest country in the world, they’re the smartest people with the best-looking women and they have the best wrestlers in the world. They have the 7th wonder in the world, the Taj Mahal. What wonder does Canada have? Wondering when the snow’s gonna melt? Their national symbol is the elephant, the lion & the cobra. What is Canada’s the maple leaf? So why don’t the fans shut their mouths, set there and listen while he introduces his boys: Rohit Raju & Gursinder Singh

Quicksilver with a Northern Lights Suplex on Gursinder for a 1 count, Silver with a Slingshot Elbow for a 2 count, Gursinder with a Dropkick on Prince for a 2 count, Rohit with a Back Suplex on Prince for a 2 count, Pendulum Backbreaker for a 2 count, Silver with a Pumphandle Neckbreaker, but Gursinder makes the save, Silver with an Enzugiri on Gursinder for a 2 count, Prince up top looking his 450, Gama distracts the ref as Rohit pushes Prince off the top, Rohit with a Ripcord Knee then Gursinder finishes it with a Rydeen Bomb for the win


Alicia Atout interviews Moose: In one corner you have The Namer of Dummies, in the other The Breaker of Bones, no he’ll be more factual. You have 2 former World Champions in the ring against Moose, so it would seem like he’s the underdog, but no as he is Mr Impact Wrestling and they are in Toronto which means Toronto is Moose Nation and one thing’s for sure & two things are certain. The nations will chant Moose, Moose, Moose.


Rayne with a rollup for a 2 count, Headscissors into a Sunset Flip for a 2 count, Spinelli kicks the rope into Madison’s larynx, cover for a 2 count, Sidewalk Slam for a 2 count, Multiple Elbow Drops for a 2 count, Spinelli with a Delayed Suplex dropped into a Northern Lights Suplex for a 2 count, she tells Callis he’s going to need a new play-by-play announcer as Josh will be busy attending his wife’s funeral, this taunting gives Madison a chance to cut KC in half with a Spear, Step-Up Enzugiri then a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall, Diving Crossbody, but KC catches her and turns it into a Cat-a-Tonic for a near fall, KC evades the Yakuza Kick, she has Madison in the Inverted DDT that’s the set-up for her version of the Final Cut which she calls Two Scoops, but Rayne counters into a Victory Roll for a near fall, KC looks for a Samoan Drop but Madison counters and hits Cross-Rayne (Last Rites/Roll the Dice/Testdrive/Spin Doctor/Cross Rhodes etc) for the win


Backstage with action, adventure superstar Stone Rockwell. On his travels there’s been very few things he detests. One thing he can’t stand is a bully, hazers. The Fraternity are 2 of the worst culprits he knows, so tonight he’s recruited a friend of his from the Philippine Islands, who somewhat resembles a panda bear. Ladies and gentlemen, Fallah Bahh. So Fraternity fo One Night Only, Stone Rockwell & Fallah Bahh will put an end to bullying. Did someone say adventure? Fallah Bahh follow him


Stone grabs the mic: Introduce yourself Mississauga. He is your first & only action, adventure superstar Stone Rockwell. Adventurer. Allow him to introduce his panda-esque partner, Mr Fallah Bahh. Mr Bahh please listen, Stone has a bit of rapport with this audience. They do a little thing here. Allow him. DID SOMEONE SAY… Bahh interrupts with No, No, No! Stone says no, no this is the thing, quiet. DID SOME… Fallah grabs the mic BAHH! Stone says his rotund friend is not understanding this. Shall we compromise? Let’s compromise ready.. and Fraternity jumps them

Stone & Bahh with Hip Tosses then Stone grabs the mic again: As we were, let’s compromise. Bahh, Bahh, Bahh, Bahh! ADVENTURE! now the match officially begins

Bahh wipes out Decker with a Crossbody, then Slams Gibson before hitting The Steamroller on both of them, Decker with a Drop Toehold, Gibson with a Diving Elbow Drop, Decker into the cover for a 2 count, Stone runs across both of the Fraternity then hits Decker with a Senton for a 2 count, Fraternity with an Electric Chair/Enzugiri combo for a 1 count, Bahh with a Samoan Drop, but Gibson tries to break it up and ends up Splashing Decker, Fallah with a Belly to Belly Suplex for a near fall, Gibson with a Diving Ace Crusher & Decker makes the cover for a near fall, Bahh crushes the Fraternity with an Avalanhce then he and Stone finishe it Stone wit a Spiral Bomb on Gibson & Bahh with The Manilla Sunset (Banzai Drop) on Decker to get a double pinfall and the win


Alicia Atout backstage with Eddie Edwards: She says we’ve seen a massive change in Eddie’s personality as of late and asks him how it will come into play against Trevor Lee. Edwards is silent then takes the mic: Hahaha Trevor Lee they’ve done this dance before, but the difference is what you see right here, what you see in front of us. this is a different Eddie Edwards. He’s not The American Wolf, he’s not Die Hard, it’s not about Anything is Possible, it’s about him, it’s about Eddie Edwards. Tonight Trevor Lee discovers that this new man you’re looking at it’s not just about One Night Only. Hahaha this is Eddie’s life.


They go up in the crowd & Eddie hits Trevor with a can of Pringles, back in the ring, Trevor with a Suplex for a 2 count, there’s a ‘Let’s Go Doritos’ chant as Lee hits a Caveman Punch for a 2 count as the fans ‘Wants Popcorn’ Eddie with a Blue Thunder Driver for a 2 count, a fan comes dow an hands Eddie a bag of popcorn which he hits Trevor with then eats it off the mat, Trevor with a Dropkick for a 2 count, Trevor counters The Chin Checker into a Deadlfift German Suplex for a near fall, Eddie blocks the Leaping Mushroom Stomp then hits a Future Shock (a DDT which is a message for Tommy Dreamer) for the win


Alicia Atout interviews Rich Swann who has a massive opportunity when he faces Austin Aries for the World Title and asks how he feels heading into the match: he’s known A Double for a while & tonight One Night Only, a huge opportunity for him. The stakes have never been higher & he’s ready to show Aries what he’s all about tonight because with the stakes so high he’s got to show what CART is all about & CART is Charisma, Athleticism & Raw Talent. By end of the night he’s going to make an impact & he’s going to take the World Title and party all night long.

They show a couple promos for Slammiversary, one hyping Johnny Impact’s return then go to the press conference where they bring the #1 Contender to the World Title at Slammiversary, Moose. He talks about his football background and how he’s worked his entire life for this moment. He says he’s still young in pro wrestling saying he thinks it’s his 5th year in the business (he was originally trained back in 2012 by Mr Hughes, so that’s close, think its 5-6 ish) Each year in the NFL got him ready for this moment, he has a lot of respect for A Double, but come Slammiversary that goes out the window as he’s standing in the way of what he’s worked his entire life for & guarantees at Slammiversary to become the World Champion.

That brings the Champ for his response. He’d like to say its an honor for them to have him here today, because as the Champion his schedule’s very busy, but he couldn’t pass on the opportunity to match verbal wits with his opponent Moose. They called Moose a former NFL player, because that’s the only thing he has on his resume. Aries is a former 6-Time X Division Champion, a forme World Tag Team Champion, the current Grand & World Champion because this is what he’s been doing for 18 years, this isn’t his second career after he failed his first. He makes the announcement that he’s decided to merge the Grand & World Championship into one Undisputed World Title, so he’ll go down as the last Grand Champion and the Grandest World Champion in history.

Callis & D’Amore are asked about Sami Callihan and his comments regarding the Jeri-Cruise and they say they’re open to working with any company out there mentioning they’ve licensed footage to WWE, their relationship with RISE Women’s Wrestling, Destiny and so many other groups. AAA stepped up, Lucha Underground stepped up, in September they meet the best of the UK and come October they WILL be on the Jeri-Cruise. Aries says maybe you should also thank that man that’s been going to other promotions mentioning specifically challenging for the ROH World TV Title, their vision is one of the same to reach out & grabs hands to bring the wrestling industry together which is why its so important for him to still be World Champion after Slammiversary.

Aries is asked about merging the titles, he mentions the Grand Title was introduced with different rules when people had a different idea of what the wanted then says the Grand Title lost all value when it was put on Josh Mathews waist, so he tried to breathe a little bit of life back into it, but there needs to be one man with one top prize. He mentions Impact is becoming home of the miscasts, the misfits, that guys that have been counted out, not taken seriously. There’s a lot of guys that have come from other places that have things to prove that have some chips on their shoulder, there’s so much talent that A Double understands he’s the hunted, but he doesn’t back down from anyone so line them up.


Katarina with a rollup for a 2 count, Katarina with a Hurricanrana off the apron to the concrete, back in and a cover for a 2 count, Yung with a German Suplex into the turnbuckle, Inverted Neckbreaker while Katarina is tied to the Tree of Woe for a near fall, Katarina with a Samoan Drop for a 2 count, Su with a Headscissors into the turnbuckle for a near fall, Katarina blocks the Panic Switch & hits a Spinebuster then stacks up Su for a near fall, Yung has the clove on the left hand, Katarina up top, Su with a Shotei then takes Katarina off the top with The Panic Switch for the win


oVe cam: Sami says he is the guy, he is the draw, he’s the Worldwide Desperado, the Callihan Death Machine & he is professional wrestling. Tonight he goes one-on-one with Josh Alexander, he’s known Josh for years and this match has never happened, he says this is somewhat of a dream match, but it’s going to turn into a nightmare for Alexander because Sami’s coming at him with everything he’s got. The Callihan Death Machine is in a bad mood & the Callihan Death Machine is ready to do something to piss somebody off. Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down.


(Alexander was 1/2 of The Monster Mafia along with Ethan Page former PWG World Tag Team Champions)

Sami gouges the eyes then hits a Piledriver on the apron, Sami goes for a Tope Suicida, but Josh catches him with a Deadlift Suplex on the apron, both men back in, Alexander with a Capture Backbreaker then a Finlay Roll, Diving Knee Drop for a 2 count, Sami with a Cheeky Nandos Kick then a Powerbomb, stacks him up for a 2 count, Boston Crab, converts to an STF then a Rings of Saturn, but Josh makes it to the rope, Sami gouges the eyes again, then hits a Piledriver, but only a 1 count, Sami finishes him with The Get Out of Here for the win


Alicia Atout interviews Austin Aries: A Double says Bye Alicia then takes over the interview himself. He says Swann may be a newcomer to Impact, but not to him, many years back a young Swann just a kid stepped into the ring with A Double in New York City in front of a packed house and they tore down the roof. Rich isn’t that kid anymore, he’s a grown man and that smile that he once had that youthful exuberance it’s gone. It’s been taken away from him, because much like A Double, he’s had people make assumptions about him based on what they think. He’s had public perception cost Swann in his career & his life. So when Aries heard Swann was coming to Impact he couldn’t have been happier because this is the place where people come who’ve been miscast that are misfits that have been bet against, that have been counted out. This is the place where people come to redeem themselves, the place where they take that chip and they knock it off their shoulder and prove that they are what they know they are in their heart not what people say they are with their mouths. So now that Swann has come to Impact Aries sees the smile has returned to his face, he sees that youthful exuberance that he used to have, that energy, that life has returned. Which is why it’s going to hurt Aries so much more tonight when he has to crush it, when he has to crush Swann’s spirit, because he can not & will not let Rich take his World Championship, but don’t worry Rich this will just be a bump in the road, but its’ going to be a painful bump none the less.


Aries with the Swing-Out Neckbreaker for a 2 count, Aries hangs Swann in the rope then rake the back, he goes for multiple covers for 2 counts, Figure 8 (Figure 4/Stump Puller combo) then turns it into a pinning combo for a 2 count, Rich with a Penalty Kick from the apron back in & hits the Five-Star Swann Splash for a near fall, Aries with the Shin Breaker/Back Suplex combo he goes for the IED, but Swann counters with a Big Boot, Swann with a 2nd Rope 450 Splash for a near fall, Aries with a Death Valley Bomb on the apron, back in the ring for a near fall, Last Chancery, but Swann makes it to the rope, Aries grabs the title, but Swann with a rollup for a near fall then a Trio of Swann Songs (Spinning Heel Kick) for a near fall, he goes up for the Pheonix Splash, Aries evades and locks on the Last Chancery & Swann taps out


Hype video for Pentagon Jr

Eli Drake waits out an Eli Drake sucks chant before speaking: He didn’t ask the dummies. Let him talk to us. He’s only been here once before, one time he’s come to Mississauga. What happened after the one time he came there, they named him the man, they named this the town that Eli Drake built. So now Mississauga’s adopted son standing in the middle of the ring, it wasn’t the easiest trek getting here, but they don’t understand he had to get to Mississauga.

Last week he was on his way to the airport, he’s driving his beautiful black corvette down the street & dummy. YEAH! She backs out of the driveway & BAM! smashes into his car & it’s totaled. Late for the flight almost didn’t make there & the lady on the phone, the All-State insurance lady she said you need a rental car? He says of course he does dummy. She said dummy? He said YEAH! He told her that she didn’t understand he had to get to Mississauga.

So his agent hits him up & said hey Eli Drake and he said yeah dummy. He said dummy? Drake says YEAH! He said huh? Drake said YEAH! He told Drake they needed to have a meeting, he had a project in mind for him, they’re gonna meet on Sunday night we do there. Drake said no, no, no dummy. He said dummy? Drake said YEAH! Drake said he didn’t understand that he had to get to Mississauga.

So he’s hanging out with his girl & she wants to get a little lovey, she wanted to get a little taste of that kavorka. He said that’s going to have to wait, he’s got work to do. She said what does he mean. He said she didn’t understand that he had to get to Mississauga.

So now he’s here, he’s standing in Mississauga & he sees a sea of 40-year old virgins & basement-dwelling idiots. Dummies, YEAH! Cross-eyed half-wits the whole bunch and now 2 guys about to walk out that door right now, we’re looking at Mr Impact, Moose & this other Mr Halloween idiot come out here, Pentagon Jr. Cero Miedo. He wants to talk about zero fear, that’s where he’s standing right now, but he’s not talking about zero fear, he’s talking about Eli Drake. He says to bring both of them out here, because neither of them have enough tingle in their loins to dance the dance with Eli Drake and that’s not an insult. THAT is just a FACT OF LIFE


Moose with a Bucklebomb on Drake into the steel post, the Pentagon wipes out Moose with a Tope con Hilo, Pentagon with Lanza, but Eli breaks it up, Drake with an Inverted TKO, but Moose breaks the pin, Moose with the Go to Hell on Eli, but Pentagon breaks it up, Moose with a Pop-Up Powerbomb then a Running Senton on Pentagon for a near fall, Pentagon & Eli with a Double Superplex to Moose, Pentagon goes for an Inverted Lungblower, but Moose holds on, Pentagon slingshots off the ropes into a Destructor de Mexicano for a near fall, Drake with a Crucifix Bomb for a near fall, he gets in the ref Johhny Bravo’s face, Drake with the Quebrada, but Pentagon evades it, he looks to take Eli’s arm but he blocks The Sacrifice, Moose hangs Drake in the rope & right into Pentagons’s clutches and he finishes it with The Pentagon Driver for the win


Pentagon celebrates to end the show