Posted on January 16, 2020


Today on the Show 1/16/20

TNT has decided to give AEW more TV time.  Here’s why I feel this is a bad idea.  What are the reasons we bitch and complain about WWE at the moment?  Story lines, progression of talent and way too much programming.  This may not be the most favorable opinion but look.   AEW is doing really […]

Posted on January 1, 2020


Back From Holiday Jan 2nd 8est/5pt

January 2nd 8pm est/5pst Pro Wrestling 24/7 is back from holiday. Ivanito is recovering from death. He went to something called “Countdown” for New Years Eve. We will bash him for that I’m sure. Wait til you hear his voice. The Boobs on the other hand still thinks the Christmas Song “Baby it’s cold outside” […]

Posted on October 8, 2019

Scott Zaraki

Impact Wrestling Results – 10/8/19

          Impact Wrestling Results – 10/8/19 Las Vegas, Nevada Sam’s Town Casino Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Don Callis oVe are shown arriving with security, Gabby tries to get a comment after what happened last week, Dave says the comment will be made in the ring, he’s asked about the security, […]

Posted on March 22, 2019

Harry Bobb

Heating Up The Hall of Fame

Dave ‘Meltdown’ Meltzer is an idiot. He has proved this time and time again. This time he finally showed his true colors. His recent statements about Harlem Heat’s induction is the WWE Hall of Fame are so asinine. Utter lack of any ability to understand the true nature of the business. Booker T. summed up […]

Posted on January 29, 2019

Ite Lemalu

When Wrestling Fans Become Elitists

The wrestling world is buzzing over the arrival of All Elite Wrestling. This new promotion was founded by Shahid Khan and his son Tony, and envisioned by Cody Rhodes and Matt and Nick Jackson – the Young Bucks, after the success of the ‘All In’ event in September 2018. ‘All In’ was created by Rhodes […]