Today on the Show 1/16/20

TNT has decided to give AEW more TV time.  Here’s why I feel this is a bad idea.  What are the reasons we bitch and complain about WWE at the moment?  Story lines, progression of talent and way too much programming.  This may not be the most favorable opinion but look.   AEW is doing really well keeping us fans hanging on and being must watch TV on Wednesdays.  Hell, I haven’t missed one episode of the show.  It’s 2 hours in and out of good Wrestling and it leaves us hanging on.  Not giving too much and spoiling the anticipation.  Think about this, WWE with it’s hours and hours of programming every week, then add in Pay Per Views, it’s overwhelming at times to the point you just don’t want to watch.  Gone away are the days of Sunday Night PPVs and anticipating RAW on Mondays, those days are as gone as Alex Cora in Boston, that scum bag.  AEW starts adding more and more programming and more and more available they’ll start feeling watered down and pushed down our throats.  Okay, yea I understand it’s “Best For Business” and TNT has thrown a ton of money their way and 2023 I believe the contract is up.  So AEW will be around for some time, yea I get that.  However will it be in this same anticipation and excitement, especially with the formation of more content so easily available.

Plus, It’s Harry “The Boobs” Bobb Birthday.  We have a ton of Harry stories and guest coming on to wish Harry a Happy Birthday.

January 16, 2020