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Look, if you’re looking for a show to breakdown WWE RAW, Smackdown, NXT or Impact Wrestling, you came to the wrong place.  If you want that, go to Busted Open or any of the zillion other Wrestling Talk Shows.  I here Jim Ross does a great job doing that, enjoy it.  However if you want Wrestling Talk with unsolicited, non caring, unbiased Wrestling Talk that is evolved, then NBC Sports Radio Pro Wrestling 24/7 should be your downloaded podcast.

This week, The Dynamite Kid kicked over at the age of 60 and the Wrestling Universe is going ape s*&t over it.  Is everyone forgetting how much of a total dick this dude was?  It goes back to the whole Roman Reigns thing and his leukemia.  So now some tragic thing occurring and we should forget are disdain for him? FICKLE!

Hey, now that Sports Illustrated has recognized Johnathan Cena and all his appearances on “Ellen”, does this mean that the mainstream is now okay with calling Pro Wrestling a sport?

You remember when if the ratings on RAW got so low would mean Vince was about to make someone join a particular club?  You remember Vince would be livid hearing of low ratings.  You feel now it’s like the norm, like it’s accepted almost that ratings are bad and no one in the E or Impact for that matter cares.  What’s the excuse programs alike not just Wrestling Promotions are throwing out now, “well fans watch differently nowadays”, is that it?  I guess that makes up for bad programming.

Speaking of, is Roman Reigns that big of a draw on RAW?  Since he’s been gone the brand has been in a free fall.

POC and Brody King sign to Ring Of Honor as Joe Koff tells us Cody and the Bucks won’t be resigning.

Rhyno will be just find by the way, relax, its apart of the show, I’m being told.

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