Impact Wrestling Results – 10/8/19






Impact Wrestling Results – 10/8/19
Las Vegas, Nevada
Sam’s Town Casino
Commentary Team: Josh Matthews & Don Callis

oVe are shown arriving with security, Gabby tries to get a comment after what happened last week, Dave says the comment will be made in the ring, he’s asked about the security, Dave asks if she’s seen the size of Cage that’s why the security and says she can join them as we go to our opening


Tenille with a Butterfly Suplex on Kiera for a 2 count, Kiera holds Tenille for a Tope Suicida, but Tenille avoids it & Rayne hits Kiera, they set Tenille up top, she fights them off with a Double Noggin Knocker then hits a Sit-Out Powerbomb on Rayne on top of Kiera for a near fall, Tarantula on Kiera, Drop Toehold on Rayne, she stacks them both up, Double Taste of Tenille for a near fall on Rayne, Rayne deflects The Spotlight & hits a Step-Up Enzugiri, Kiera hits Face the Music on Tenille, but both of the frenemies want the pin & are now arguing with each other, Tenille shoves Rayne into Kiera, O’Connor Roll for a near fall, Tenille blocks another Enzugiri & hits The Spotlight on Rayne for the win


Johnny Swinger was walking backstage & slaps the ass of what he thinks is a female bent over, when he leaves it’s revealed to be Jimmy Jacobs

Eddie Edwards is shown talking to Tommy Dreamer asking for help, Dreamer says he needs a lot of help as he was pretty messed up at the wedding last week, Eddie says Reno Scum drugged him, Tommy asks how he knows, Eddie says he watched the show last week and saw it. Dreamer says he always has his back and offers a handshake, Eddie says thanks then grabs kenny (who he was apparently talking to and not Dreamer) as he says hi to Dreamer on the way out after choosing a kendo stick to be his partner for later


Swinger with a Falling Headbutt to the nuts, make that a pair of them, he rakes the eyes across the rope, back rake, he rips at the hair on Travers chest then chokes him with his bandana, he chokes Travers across the middle rope then rakes the face (apparently during his hiatus, Swinger went to Bad Guy 101 school) he avoids a Yakuza Kick from Travers then finishes him with, what else, a Swinging Neckbreaker (because of course he would) for the win


Gabby is standing by with The North, Page says he fought Rich Swann & Willie Mack last year at BFG, but fate brought his best friend into Impact, they had a point to prove and they proved it, now he has a personal point to prove against Swan & Mack as this time they’ll be facing the real team

Gabby says that’s great, but they’re defending the Tag belts agains Rich Swann & Willie Mack AND Rob Van Dam & Rhino, Page tells Gabby she needs to leave now, Josh says they know who to blame for this

Gabby asks Tessa Blanchard if she’s surprised by his actions last week. Tess asks how many accidents have to happen before people realize how dangerous Callihan is, ask Tommy what happened to his arm, Eddie about his eye. Sami’s a scum-bag, he’s an internet troll that doesn’t care about anyone but himself, not even his own brothers when it comes down to it. She knows Brian is upset & maybe he wants his hands on Sami more than her at the moment, but she’s been on a mission since Slammiversary. Sami likes to say if come after one member of oVe you come after all of them, that’s fine because each one of them now have a target on their backs

Impact Plus Moments of the week, Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode from Bound for Glory 2013

Ace Austin wanted to talk to Alisha about what happened at the wedding, he’s concerned that Eddie has substance abuse problems, Alisha says that’s not the problem, Ace says if she ever needs anything, he’s only one call away & can always help


Eddie ties Kenny to the tag rope, Adam with a Dropkick for a 2 count, Eddie with a Blue Thunder Driver, Luster with a Elbow Drop for a 2 count, Pity City as Luster rubs Eddie’s face in Adam’s armpit, Eddie makes the tag to Kenny and canes Scum, Luster grabs Eddie, Eddie avoids Adam’s Superkick and he hits Luster by mistake, Eddie with a White Russian Legsweep on Adam then canes Luster, Tope Suicida wipes out Luster, Adam puts the badmouth on Kenny then Luster slams Eddie on Kenny, Scum goes up, Eddie gets his knees up on Adam’s Splash, then canes Luster, he goes for the kill and finishes Adam with The Boston Knee Party for the win


The North find Konnan who takes a swig of tequila as The North closes the door

Konnan has been laid out as Jimmy Jacobs calls for help

oVe makes their way to ringside with security in tow

Sami says last week there was a horrific accident, what happened to Melissa was a tragedy, Impact management demanded he come out here and issue a statement, so from the bottom of his heart each and every word he means: To whom it may concern, namely Brian & Melissa Cage, last week I Sami Callihan shattered a champagne bottle across Melissa’s skull, contrary to belief I didn’t take any pleasure at the new bride laying at my feet or the sound of the glass shattering across her skull, despite the fact that I have a match with Brian Cage I have no interest in interrupting the sanctity of marriage on their wedding day, this is the case of an error in judgment and a gift gone wr

Brian Cage has heard enough he decks the rent-a-cops, Powerbombs Jake on the apron, Metalingus on Dave, Thrust Spinebuster on Fulton, Callihan escapes through the crowd, Cage in pursuit, a fan slaps Cage on the back and Brian rips him out of his seat & slams him on the hard wood floor, Cage realizes it was a fan now & is beating himself up over it, Scott D’Amore is out there, Las Vegas cops cuff Cage, D’Amore asks what they’re doing saying Cage is a wrestler


Daga wipes out Bey with a Tope Suicida, back in the ring for a 2 count, Snap Suplex for a 2 count, Running Single Leg Dropkick for a 2 count, Bey with a Shotgun Dropkick then a Tope con Hilo, back in the ring, Slingshot DDT for a near fall, Daga with a Superkick to take the legs out then hits an Elevated Lungblower for a near fall, Bey with a Chris Kick, he leaps off the middle rope & catches Daga with BomBey (Crucifix Bomb) for a near fall, up top, but Daga meets him with an Avalanche Spanish Fly for a near fall, he finishes Bey with a Butterfly Inverted Lungblower for the win (this is interesting, this puts him in the Ladder Match for the X Title at BFG, that’s not what makes it interesting though, his girlfriend Tessa Blanchard is also in that match)


Jake confronts Daga, Dave runs down and The Crists beat down Daga, but Tess (speaking of his girlfriend) runs down for the save, she takes down Jake and wipes out Dave with a Back Elbow, Tess & Daga fend off The Crists and the brothers want no part of that couple

TJP is with Fallah Bahh, he says they’ve been in the gym and went over all the angles and asks if they’re good. Fallah answers with Bahh. TJP says this isn’t the first time he’s stepped in there with heavyweights so he’s got this

The Crists say they tell Sami they ran into Tess, Sami says of course they ran into Tess and tells them to get in the car

Video package on the Moose/Shamrock match

James Mitchell is berating Havok for trying to kill Su Yung, he told Havok to still away from her, to leave her alone & now they’re screwed. Not only has she unleashed a tsunami named Su, she pissed of you know who, he asks Havok if she thought he would let her destroy his favorite bride without looking for a little payback. Havok needs to start showing remorse, it is time for her to show humility and get down and grovel and figure out how to fix this before they all go straight to hell

Taya walks in on them as she’s still looking for someone to do her dirty work, if Havok takes out Tenille she’ll get the title match at BFG and maybe their boss won’t be so upset with them. Mitchell says she’s right he does like shiny trinkets, but why should they go through Tenille, Taya’s never beaten Havok so why doesn’t she take the belt from her right now. Which sends Taya scurrying away.


TJ goes after the leg, but he blocks the hold, O’Connor Roll for a 2 count, Wrecking Ball Dropkick, Cannonball off the apron, but Elgin catches him & Powerbombs TJ on the ring apron, back in the ring, Bridging German Suplex for a 2 count, TJ with another Wrecking Ball Dropkick, Diving Crossbody for a 2 count then floats into the Fujiwara, but Elgin makes it to the rope, TJ tries a Juji-Gatame, but Elgin counters into a Deadlift One-Arm Powerbomb, Rolling Lariat, but only gets a near fall, he looks for the kill, but TJ counters into a Hurricanrana, Elgin goes to the floor, Tope Suicida, but Elgin catches him & turns it into a Powerslam on the ramp, Deadlift Stalling Falcon Arrow back in the ring for a near fall, elbow pad removed, TJ counters a Lariat into a Juji-Gatame, but Elgin powers up, Deadlift One-Arm Bucklebomb, Uraken, then finishes it with a Revolution-Style Elgin Bomb for the win


Melissa on the phone with her mother saying she’s on her way to bail out Brian when Sami shows up, he tells Melissa’s mother that her daughter & son in-law are in great hands, they got a lot of people that care about them, Callihan tells Melissa that they’ve got to get something straight, last week when she got him with that bottle that wasn’t meant for her, if her meathead husband hadn’t put his hands on him none of this would’ve ever happened, this wasn’t Sami’s fault it was a freak accident, but he’d be lying if he didn’t say that when she got hit in the head with the bottle that it felt really, really good and tells her to go bail out her meathead husband. Melissa glares at Sami as the show ends