Heating Up The Hall of Fame

Dave ‘Meltdown’ Meltzer is an idiot. He has proved this time and time again. This time he finally showed his true colors. His recent statements about Harlem Heat’s induction is the WWE Hall of Fame are so asinine. Utter lack of any ability to understand the true nature of the business.

Booker T. summed up my feelings pretty well when he stated,

“And the — what’s his name? — the Dave Meltzers. I can’t even remember the guy’s name. He doesn’t understand that kinda stuff. And I hate even giving him a plug on my show because that’s what kind of dirtbag he is.”

What is there about two of the best tag team wrestlers ever that Meltdown has an issue with? Their accomplishments alone should garner them entry into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Ten time WCW World Tag Team Champions. Three times The Ebony Experience held the GWF Tag Team Championship. Pro Wrestling Illustrated Tag Team of the Year in 1995 and 1996. Plus the singles accomplishments of each man. What would posses anyone to believe that they are not deserving of the honor?

I am only an analyst, but on analyzing the facts and looking at the history and accomplishments of Booker T. and Stevie Ray as a tag team, they are among the best the business has ever known.

Leaving a mark on the business means something and if being pioneers and leaders for, as Mr. McMahon put it, people like them!

If that isn’t leaving a mark on the business then what is?

Anyhow that is my opinion…and it’s the only one that matter.

Harry ‘The Boobs’ Bobb
Pro Wrestling 24/7