Fixing WWE’s Blunder, RETRIBUTION & Their Reasons


Over the course of the summer, WWE introduced a new faction intent on taking down the company called RETRIBUTION. Composed of T-BAR, MACE, SLAPJACK, RECKONING & RETALIATION. We now know the leader is Mustafa Ali, but who are the others & why do they want to take down the company?

I’m going to do what WWE lacks the ability to & break down the RETRIBUTION members and their reasons & what I’m hoping is at the end of this you’ll have a stronger understanding of their characters & why they have an ax to grind against the company.

Mustafa Ali:

This has been building for almost 2 years now. Remember originally Ali was supposed to be in the Chamber, the same Chamber that launched KofiMania and Kofi to defeating Bryan to win the WWE Title at Mania, until Orton injured Ali. With the man responsible for causing that now getting a title shot at Hell in a Cell, don’t be surprised if Ali & RETRIBUTION get involved in that match & Ali gets his long awaited revenge on the man responsible for taking away his moment AND solidifies his different path to getting to the belt. Also with Kofi now on Raw, he’s another prime target as other than Orton, Kofi would be the man Ali has the most reason to hate.


Other than Mustafa Ali, Dio Maddin has the strongest motivation to be apart of RETRIBUTION more than anyone and has a strong case. He joins the RAW commentary team, does a well enough job, stands up to Brock Lesnar on behalf of Lawler, then is attacked, F5ed and immediately replaced.


Shane Thorne and Brendon Vink were called up to Monday Night RAW and associated with MVP as his new group. After a few weeks, MVP kicks them to the curb and starts to formulize what was now to be The Hurt Business.


This feels very personal because Dijakovic stood up for his friend and got annihilated by Kross for it. Picture this in his head. After Keith fails to avenge him, he seemingly shows up to RAW like nothing occurred, essentially abandoning and forgetting about him.

Not to mention, Keith and Dominick’s matches put NXT TV on the map in 2019 however it was Keith that had the Survivor Series moment, it was Keith that appeared in the Royal Rumble against Brock. It was Keith that was NXT’s first double Champion. Where was the moment for Dijak?

Lastly, remember T-BAR said that superstars were whores for their contracts, right? Within a day, Keith changed everything, from his gear to his theme to even his finisher from the Big Bang Catastrophe to the Spirit Bomb. In his eyes, Keith became the very thing that he hated.

(I’m going on the assumption that Mercedes is still part of the group as there hasn’t been anything, but speculation to say otherwise. If she’s not then you can cut out the last part of this)


Both Mia Yim & Mercedes Martinez appeared in this year’s Royal Rumble back in January. And in more-so, the WWE Universe’s involvement in their aim towards destroying WWE. You can say that they both are cut from the same cloth, paving their way around the world for years and years, honing their craft, even at times as adversaries against one another, both even competing in the MYC for both 2017 and 2018.

Now for Yim, her issue can be firmly targeted towards the WWE Universe’s that’s mocked her for who she is, made cruelty towards her accomplishments on a continuous, daily basis with little lack of sympathy or remorse. The starting point mostly beginning with NXT TakeOver: Toronto. During the course towards their match in Toronto as well as the lead up, many in the WWE Universe questioned her actions in regards to taking out Shayna’s thugs, DESPITE the numerous interference caused by them. It was somehow questioned to be even criticized when she took them out.

Now, this is where she fails to capture the title. Over the course of the match, there were some boos aimed towards Yim and her actions to defeat Shayna, despite Shayna doing similar tactics in the past to even ridicule to how she was defeated. And this is only the start.

Enter: War Games. Where she was attacked and taken out of the FIRST ever Women’s War Games much to the disappointment of the audience..the same audience that later again cheered LOUDLY when the individual revealed to have taken her out was Dakota Kai.

The meaning of Reckoning is the action process of calculating. RECKONING’s inevitable attacking WWE, especially the WWE Universe who’s judged her, who’s LABELED her, has been building up to a boiling point which has completely festered over and she’s out..for RETRIBUTION.

Enter: RETALIATION. Mercedes Martinez whom shed bucket amounts of blood, sweat and tears for close to two decades around the world, whom briefly retired even from the business had finally gotten her break after all the hurdles, all the hoops in 2017 as a part of the Mae Young Classic.

After 2 ground breaking back to back stints in the MYC; Mercedes would make her presence known in NXT as a member to The Robert Stone Brand in their encounter with Rhea Ripley. Robert Stone; whilst not business savvy was whom Martinez saw as someone to further her career.

However, after losing to Rhea, Stone would effectively give the boot to Mercedes from the Robert Stone Brand. This would prove to be the catalyst that shifts Mercedes towards gaining..RETRIBUTION.

Robert Stone wasn’t the reason or even the problem but effectively a match to light the flame. A example for many others whom passed over Mercedes for those 17 years. A catalyst for so many that overlooked and underappreciated what The Latina Sensation had gone through to make it to WWE.

Hence: RETALIATION. She’s looking for payback. She’s coming to collect her 17 year long due for her sacrifices, for what she gave that was essentially reduced to nothing by whom was the representation of the system that is WWE management. The same management which overlooked her.

In closing, whether you define them as heroes, villians, anarchists, or even something more, its just labels. Its their actions that matter. Its about their justice. Its about righting the wrongs that were done to them.

Its about their…RETRIBUTION.