January 2020

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PW 24/7

January 2020

Brandon Thurston on WWE Lawsuit

PW 24/7

January 2020

Happy New Year P Dubbers.  The Group is back and ready to learn.  Wrestlenomics analyst and co host Brandon Thurston attempts to make sense of the current lawsuit against Vince McMahon and the WWE.  If you’re confused, you’re not alone, Brandon breaks it all down.  Plus Kevin Kross has been granted his release from Impact Wrestling, Ivanito sick from something called “Countdown” and Boobs thinks the Christmas Song “Baby it’s cold outside” is getting a raw deal.

Plus, TNT and All Elite Wrestling have extended the contract and it’s adding another program of AEW to the TNT lineup.  Nick with an unfavorable opinion believes it’s not a great idea for the Promotion.  Nick brings up the hours of,  for the most part unwatched WWE Programming and what it means by “Less is More”.

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