AEW Dynamite Results – 2/26/20








AEW Dynamite Results – 2/26/20
Kansas City, Missouri
Silverstein Eyes  Centers Arena
Commentary Team: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Taz & Excalibur



PAC counters One-Winged Angel into The Brutalizer, but Omega falls back into the turnbuckle to break it,, Leaping Hurricanrana, PAC rolls to the floor, Omega with The Rise of the Terminator Tope con Hilo, back in the ring with a Kotaro Krusher for a 2 count, You Can’t Escape, but PAC avoids the Moonsault, Omega answers with a Dragon Rush, he looks for the V-Trigger, but PAC rolls to the floor, Omega goes after him, PAC with a Quebrada, Omega catches him, but PAC turns it into a Satellite DDT on the floor, PAC back in, Omega up top, but PAC meets him, Omega blocks, PAC right back up & hits an Avalanche Brainbuster, PAC back up top, Missile Dropkick, for a near fall, PAC with a Slingshot Ace Crusher gets a near fall, Omega with a pair of V-Triggers then a Tiger Driver ’98 connects, but only gets a near fall, One-Winged Angel blocked, so Omega converts instead into Croyt’s Wrath with Jackknife pin, but only gets a near fall, V-Trigger connects, Electric Chair & goes up to the second, but PAC counters into an Avalanche Sunset Flip, back up top, but Omega counters into an Avalanche Alley-Oop, Dragon Rush, V-Trigger, but only gets a near fall, PAC rolls to the floor & blasts Omega with a chair to the side of the head to cause a dq & a second shot

Omega’s on the board with 14:06 left

PAC with a Pump Kick, up top, Black Arrow connects & gets on the board with a little over 13 minutes left

They battle on the apron, PAC with a Falcon Arrow off the apron to the floor, PAC rolls back in, Paul Turner checks on Omega as the doc comes to check on him, but PAC Dropkicks him off the apron into both the doc & Turner, with the ref down PAC pulls out a table, PAC sets him on the table, up top, Shooting Star Press through the table to the floor, Turner is back in the ring and both PAC & Omega are down, PAC back in at 9, Omega barely makes it in with an assist from The Bucks, PAC sets up Omega & goes back up, Black Arrow, but Omega gets the knees up, V-Trigger, and a second one, Ura-Nage for a near fall, V-Trigger, One-Winged Angel countered into a Poisoned Frankensteiner, Satellite DDT then locks in The Brutalizer, Omega tries to turn it into a flash pin, but PAC rolls back over, but Omega makes it to the rope, he goes back for it, but Omega is blocking it, Brutalizer back on, but Omega pushes the shoulders down for a near fall, PAC releases & re-applies it, but time expires and it’s a draw

PAC decks Paul Turner with a Forearm

Justin Roberts informs the crowd the match continues under sudden death

Omega with a Rain Trigger then The Kamigoye, but only gets a near fall, Omega with the Electric Chair & hits The One-Winged Angel to win it 2-1 in sudden death overtime


Tony Schiavone interviews PAC about his loss.

PAC asks him what he’s trying to achieve, if he’s joking or what. Tony begs off but Orange Cassidy comes out to save him from his own awkwardness. The Bastard says this must be a joke, and Cassidy takes his glasses off… PAC BLASTS HIM WITH A FOREARM! Putting boots to Orange, agents swarm and separate them

An interviewer is backstage and knocks on Chris Jericho’s dressing room door.

Jake Hager answers and stands silent before shutting the door in her face


Tail Whips take down PnP, Boy with a pair of Tope Suicidas, then Saurus elevats Stunt, but Ortiz catches him & sends him into the barricade, Circle with a Double Stomp/Powerslam/Moonsault combo on Stunt, PnP with an Elevated Cannonball on Stunt, Sammy with a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a 2 count, Fossilizer on Santana, Chokeslam on Ortiz followed by a Standing Moonsault, but Sammy makes the save, Triple Team Superkick, Boy & Saurus with a Kudome Valentine/Ax Kick combo, but the pin is broken, PnP with an Elevator Slam, Sammy with a Standing Shooting Star Press, but Stunt makes the save, Saurus wipes everyone out with an Arihara Moonsault off the apron, Sammy grabs the madball, but Darby takes it away, & Boy hits a Frankensteiner on Sammy for the win


Darby Backdrops Sammy on top of PnP

Video package on the Cody/MJF feud


Friends with Sole Food/Half & Half Suplex Combo on Blade, Trent? with a Pescado, but Blade catches him & puts him into the barricade, but Blade with a Spear, Bunny & Orange are both in the ring, Bunny takes Orange’s shades, she goes for a nut punt, but he blocks and then takes her rabbit ears, Blade tries to take Orange’s head off with a Lariat, but Orange ducks & he takes out Butcher with a Tope Suicida then Friends finish Blade with Strong Zero for the win


Tony Schiavone announces a new match has been added to Revolution PAC vs Orange Cassidy, (this will probably be the one where PAC pushes Orange to his breaking point & people will see what he’s really capable of)


Shida with a rollup a Swole for a 1 count, Swole with a Small Package for a 1 count, everyone trades flash pins for 2 counts, Swole goes for a Slingshot, but Shanna catches her with a Superkick, Swole with a Slingshot Ace Crusher on Shanna, but only gets a near fall, Shida with a Missile Dropkick, but Yuka breaks it with a Sliding Lariat, Shanna with a Double Tree of Woe Double Stomp, Perfection Injection blocked, Swole with Dirty Dancing, Shida with a Falcon Arrow on Yuka on top of Swole then finishes Swole with The Three Count for the win


We get a Dark Order promo about how Evil Uno and Stu Grayson are gonna show SCU the Dark Order’s true power and Christopher Daniels is going to be OBSOLETE (Broken Matt is coming)

Sitdown interview with Jim Ross, champions Hangman Adam Page and Kenny Omega, and their challengers the Young Bucks.

They talk about their relative positions as tag teams and their friendship, and of course Page is aloof the entire time, and eventually the Bucks explode on him, talking about how he was a jobber in ROH when they took him under their wing to make him a part of Bullet Club and on Being the Elite. He leaves when his glass is empty and that concludes the interview.

There’s a scale in the ring and Gary Michael Cappetta is introduced.

He emcees our weigh-in and introduces Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho. Mox enters by himself, bandage removed and a simple eyepatch remaining, while Jericho enters with the rest of the Inner Circle.

Gary sets the ball a-rolling but Y2J objects, saying with his technique it’s no surprise that WCW went out of business, and in his world, the Painmaker always goes last. Cappetta apologizes and bids Moxley to start. Jon strips his boots and hoodie off and gets on the scale, weighing in at a crisp 234 pounds.

Jericho up next, he draws it out, taking his sunglasses off, his bandana, he gets on the mic and tells Kansas City to shut their ass, and that gets them doing the Chop. Back to slowly stripping, jacket off, pacing… MOX HAS HAD ENOUGH AND HE ATTACKS! THE INNER CIRCLE SWARM HIM AND PUT BOOTS TO HIM AND IT TURNS OUT Y2J GOT BUSTED OPEN BY THE HEADBUTT!

Blood pouring down the bridge of his nose… DUSTIN RHODES MAKES THE SAVE, TAKING HAGER OVER THE TOP WITH A CACTUS CLOTHESLINE AND BRAWLING HIM INTO THE CROWD! JERICHO POUNDING ON MOXLEY! Rhodes and Hager fighting out onto the concourse, Jake putting him into the wall and then the Dippin’ Dots booth! Back to the Inner Circle beating on Jon… AND DARBY ALLIN MAKES THE SAVE! GUEVARA CUTS HIM OFF AND WALLOPS HIM WITH HIS OWN SKATEBOARD, BREAKING IT OVER HIS HEAD!

Mox still has fight left in him, he staggers to his feet and stares Jericho down! ODE TO TAKAYAMA! Off the ropes, boot… SANTANA WITH A LOW BLOW! JERICHO UNSHEATHES THE JUDAS EFFECT! Underhooks over the scale… Y2J HITS A PARADIGM SHIFT ON THE SCALE! HE STANDS TALL WITH A FOOT ON MOXLEY’S BACK AS HE HOLDS THE TITLE UP!