AEW Dynamite Results – 11/27/19








AEW Dynamite Results – 11/27/19
Chicago, Illinois
Sears Centre Arena
Commentary Team: Jim Ross & Excalibur

JR welcomes us to Dynamite in Chicago.

There is a marching band performing on the entrance ramp. The ring is set up for a big “Thank you” celebration, and Soul Train Jones has the mic. He introduces the greatest of all time, Chris Jericho.

Out comes Le Champion with a little bit of the bubbly, to a raucous ovation. The audience chants “Thank you Jericho.” The champ tells them to sit down and shut up, and the cheers quickly turn to boos. Tonight he will get his well-deserved “Thank you” from the AEW brass.

He offers some 50 cents coupons for his merch before moving on to the reveal of the official “A Little Bit of the Bubbly”, which you can order now. Jericho and Jones share a toast.

Here comes Sammy Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz down to the ring.

Guevara offers Jericho a gift, a cardboard cut out depiction of Jericho and Guevara hugging. Santana and Ortiz offers him some home flu remedies, among other items from a neighborhood gift basket. They give him A Little Bit of the 40, and Jericho is loving every bit of this.

Now Jake Hager is out, with a real live Jerigoat, though there may be some confusion as to whether it is a male or female goat.

Santana and Ortiz now open up a giant box to reveal Chris Jericho’s dad sitting inside, wearing a New York Rangers jersey. His dad says it’s great to be here in New York City, and the Chicago crowd boos while chanting for the Blackhawks. Jericho’s dad gloats about how often he and the Rangers beat up on the terrible Blackhawks, who will always be wimps. Personalized New York Rangers jerseys are handed out to each member of the Inner Circle.

Le Champion now brings in Justin Roberts to read the official thank you note that was written to him by the AEW brass. Jericho doesn’t know Roberts’ name, and Roberts says he’s from the Chicago area.

The note talks about Jericho’s exemplary service to AEW and thanks him for being Le Champion. Jericho didn’t appreciate Roberts’ tone in reading the note, and now the entire Inner Circle goes after the announcer and knocks him to the mat, stripping his suit jacket.

The marching band storms the ring and clears the ring. Soul Train Jones is left in there to take a beating from the marching band, which happens to be the members of SCU!

Tony Schiavone is out on assignment this week with his Georgia Bulldogs, replace on commentary by Marco Martinez.


Bros assault the Friends before they can make it to the ring, Orange up top in the turkey suit and wipes out Fenix, Trent with the Ever-Lasting Gobstopper on Fenix for a 2 count, Bros with a Double Whammy then a Cassadora Splash for a 2 count, Taylor with a Half Crab on Pentagon, but Fenix breaks the hold, Taylor with a Tope con Hilo, Trent looks for a dive, but Fenix with a Superkick, Pentagon follows with a Destructor de Mexicano for a near fall, they look for the kill,, but Orange up on the apron, Trent rolls Pentagon up for a near fall, Fenix goes for the Barrel Roll, but Trent catches him & counters into Crunchy for the win



Shida sets up the chair, Sakura sets down, Shida shoves her out & hits The Three Count on the floor, Shida sets Bea in the middle turnbuckle then Suplexes Sakura into her, Step-Up Enzugiri, Bea blocks and hits a Release German Suplex, Shida back up & hits a Three Count then brings in Kris, Oklahoma Roll for a near fall, Sakura hits Smash Mouth on Kris, Sakura Emi 60kg, Bea with Flawless Victory to the back, Kris avoids the Moonsault, Shida with The Three Count on Bea, Falcon Arrow, Kris with an Electric Chair Facebuster followed by an Ax Kick, but only gets a near fall, Michinoku Driver II, but Bea makes the save, Sakura with the mic stand behind Bryce’s back, Bea with a Backdrop Driver then Sakura finishes Kris with a La Magistral for the win


Jon Moxley refers to himself as napalm death who will eventually come to get you. Mox is calling out anybody who has a death wish or wants to be a hero to step up and try their luck


Knicks with a kick to the ribs, Cody answers back with the Rhodes Family Uppercut, Springboard Imploding Ace Crusher, he throws his weight lifting belt into the crowd & locks on the Figure 4 & Knicks taps out


The crowd chants for Cody. He grabs a mic and calls out MJF. A masked wrestler rises up from a hole in the ring mat. He takes out Cody and removes the mask. The commentator calls him The Blade (Pepper Parks/Braxton Sutter), and then The Butcher (Andy Williams) also emerges from the hole in the ring mat. Allie also comes up from the hole, and is referred to as The Bunny by commentary. The Blade, Butcher, and Bunny stand tall over a wounded Cody (I would assume this is penance for Brandi & Kong’s actions, taking a piece of Allie’s hair, so Cody is now paying for the sins of his wife)


Omega with a Dragon Rush, Bucklebomb, Rydeen Bomb for a 2 count, PAC rolls to the floor, Omega follows with The Rise of the Terminator, he sends PAC back in, PAC goes after Omega and brings him back in, PAC blocks a Dragon Rush, but Omega hits it the second time, they battle on the apron, PAC knocks Omega down & hits an Arihara Moonsault to the floor, Omega with a trifecta of Polish Hammers for a 2 count, Fisherman Buster for a near fall, PAC blocks You Can’t Escape, Omega with a Pump Knee, PAC answers back & decapitates Omega with a Lariat, he sets Omega up top, Avalanche Falcon Arrow for a near fall, back up top, Omega avoids The Black Arrow, V-Trigger, PAC counters the One-Winged Angel, Omega with a Crucifix Pin, PAC reverses it, Omega turns it back around & also hooks a leg to keep PAC down for the win


Dynamite Dozen Diamond Ring Finals

Page with a Tope Suicida, up top & follows with a Moonsault to the floor, back in the ring, he ‘s sizing up MJF for The Buckshot, but MJF uses Bryce as a shield, MJF with an eye poke, Page with a Rolling Lariat for a near fall, Page blocks The Heat Seeker & hits The Buckshot Lariat, but Wardlow puts MJF’s foot on the rope, Page has words with Wardlow, MJF distracts the ref as Wardlow blasts Page with a right hand, MJF grabs Page in an Inverted DDT clutch and hits the ugliest looking version of The Last Rites you will ever see for the win


DDP comes out to present the Dynamite Diamond Ring to MJF. (Makes sense as this whole thing was basically a new version of Battlebowl & DDP was the last winner of Battlebowl in WCW) DDP is a friend of the Rhodes family, so I’m sure this will go well.

The crowd chants “asshole” at MJF as he takes the ring from the box. DDP begins to lecture MJF about how disappointed he is by MJF’s actions. Yet he still offers MJF a handshake. MJF disrespects DDP, which brings in Wardlow to get in the middle of them. DDP says Wardlow better watch out, because he’d look real stupid getting his ass kicked by a 63 year old man in Chicago. Officials get in the ring to break up the escalating situation

Dustin Rhodes is in the ring for an interview with Jenn Decker. He talks trash towards Jake Hager and says he is out for blood. Santana, Ortiz, and Guevara quickly hit the ring and beat Dustin down to the mat like a pack of jackals. The Young Bucks join the fray and all three faces join in on a superkick party. The Inner Circle are set up for three separate Shattered Dreams in the corners. All sets of nuts are kicked in with authority, and it looks like Jericho might not have these guys backing him up during the main event.

We cut to another Dark Order recruitment video, this time a little bit creepier than the one from last week. This one shows an actual meeting of the Dark Order and all of their potential pledges.

AEW World Championship

Scorpio with a Sunset Flip for a 2 count, Slingshot Ace Crusher for a near fall, he goes for a Diving Dropkick, but Jericho grabs him & turns it into The Walls of Jericho, but Scorpio makes it to the rope, Jericho gets in Aubrey’s face, Scorpio with a Jumping Ace Crusher and floats into The Dragon Clutch, The Cruncher is here, Scorpio knocks Hager off the apron, Jericho with a rollup for a 2 count, Cruncher is up on the apron again, Kaz pulls him down, he & Daniels fight him to the back, Jericho goes for a shot with the belt, Scorpio ducks and hits The TKO, but only gets a near fall, Leaping Hurricanrana, Leaping Enzugiri for a near fall, Leaping Ace Crusher blocked, Scorpio goes for a dive, but Jericho counters into a Codebreaker for a near fall, Jericho looks to unsheathe the Judas Effect, but Scorpio catches it & turns it into a Backslide for a near fall, Jericho catches a kick & turns it into The Liontamer & Scorpio taps out


Jericho isn’t done yet. He goes back inside the ring and puts Sky back in the Lion Tamer.

Jon Moxley menacingly glares at Jericho from his perch high up in the audience. Mox now heads down towards the ring!

He only takes a few steps, and halts, continuing to stare a hole into the champ as the show ends